Thursday, February 21, 2019

Why Some Of Us Respond Negatively To Love

In your dating experience or past relationships, have you ever noticed that there are people who just respond negatively to love? It could be someone you’re interested in, but it did not work out because of his or her issues. Or, it may not even be someone you are romantically interested in. It might be a family member or friend.

Some Of Us Respond Negatively To Love Because Of Past Hurts

If you think about it, it’s quite ironic to say that people respond negatively to love which normally brings about feelings of happiness. When you’re in love, you can’t help but smile all the time. However, there are reasons why some of us can’t seem to accept the happiness we’re given:

1. Love brings about painful feelings from the past.

As mentioned, when we have been hurt in the past, these feelings could come up when we are with a new romantic partner. How we have been hurt could be repeating in our minds. This fear hinders us from receiving the love we are given.

2. Identity Crisis

When you’re with someone, it’s common for you to change who you are. There are people who don’t want to change. Whenever they feel in love, they entertain the thought of not knowing themselves while in a relationship. What they don’t realize is that you get to discover new things about yourself when you’re sharing your life with another person.

3. It threatens psychological defenses we have built.

Lastly, love may be threatening the defenses that we have already built. It’s like the first item on this list which permits fear to make decisions that are supposed to be made from the heart. We do not want to give up our defenses. It has been working for us ever since. As a result, we push love away instead of inviting it in.

Our past hurts keep us from receiving the love we deserve. However, we should remember that we have power over what we feel. If we allow the pain to control us, or even hinder us from opening up to someone we truly care about, then we will never find true love. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Surprising Changes In Your Love Life That Happen During Winter

You definitely have to buckle down during the winter season, especially in your dating or love life. You might think that the relationship you have with the person you’re seeing or with will remain the same, but the cold will bring about changes in your love life that you would have never expected.

Be Ready For Major Changes In Your Love Life Caused By The Extreme Cold

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes during winter? The same effect will take place in your love life. Here are a few of these changes that you have to prepare for:

1. The Lack Of Sun Can Make You Feel Down

It’s scientifically known that a lack of sun can translate to a lack of vitamin D in our body. Yes, we do get this vitamin from sunshine. If we do not get enough of it, we might feel sad, down in the dumps, or we may not have a good outlook of life. Update your routine. Go out as often as you can or get your vitamin D from food or supplements.

2. Dull Date Nights

Who wants to go out during winter? All people want to do is sleep. Since everyone goes into hibernation mode, date nights can become dull. What you can do is try something new with the person you’re dating. Even though you don’t feel like going out, you have to do so. Trying something new for date night can make you feel excited.

3. Feeling Of Loneliness

Even if you’re living with your partner, you can still feel down and lonely. Focus on doing engaging or activating activities like exercising. Try a new sport like skiing. Try hiking when the weather isn’t too intense. You can also do exercises you can do indoors, like yoga or weight lifting.

These changes are very real. You have to try your best to get your mood up. Go out, try to have fun with the person you’re dating, and don’t forget to try activating activities. You and your partner will get through it. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

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