Friday, November 30, 2018

After A Bad Fight, This Is How You Can Fix Your Relationship

When you are in a relationship with a passionate person, fights are bound to happen. It’s impossible to be in a relationship where there’s no fighting or no arguments. It’s simply natural for these things to happen. The important thing is you know how to fix your relationship right after.

Fix Your Relationship So You Can Grow Stronger As A Couple

Every couple is tested by time and circumstances. There are those that come out of these challenges victorious. But, there are also those who came out broken and hurt. For you and your partner to avoid the latter, you have to handle things in a healthy way:


Definitely, you have to apologize to your partner. It’s not enough that the fight or the tension has already calmed down. You have to be mature enough to accept your faults, and your partner has to do the same.


As your partner apologizes, and as you apologize to your partner, there should be forgiveness. Believe that the other person did not mean to hurt you with his or her words.

Think Of Your Relationship First

For you to fix your relationship, the actions that you do right after your big fight should be beneficial to you and your partner’s healing. For example, if you fought about not having enough time for each other, then do not go out with your friends the next night.

Do things that your partner likes. Maybe you can surprise him or her with food as a sort of amends for what had happened between you two.

Future Talks

You cannot move forward unless you have a solid plan. What are you and your partner going to do so you can prevent this from happening in the near future? Will you agree on always telling each other the truth? Will you both agree on speaking gently despite your anger?

Remember that every couple has their own fights to handle. How you deal with everything after your fight will speak a lot about how you care for each other, and about the level of maturity you have. For more tips about making stronger relationships, read other posts on the blog.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Ukrainian Winter Is Coming, These Ladies Need Warming Up

Winter is a great season to cuddle with your loved one. But, what if you visit a place where the winter can reach temperatures of 10 to 20 below zero? Ukraine is a good example of this. The Ukrainian winter can be very harsh, so locals have to take precautions before it comes. It will definitely help if you’re coupled up with someone special during the long winter nights.

These Ladies Are Far From Being Cold Like The Ukrainian Winter

Although temperatures can reach several degrees below zero, the ladies we have on this week’s list are from being as cold as the Ukrainian winter. They are warm, approachable, and are looking for true love:


Valeriya22 - Anastasia Date Lady

According to Velriya, the best part about winter is that she can cook all of the recipes that she couldn’t. She cooks stews and soups very well, so she is looking forward to the snow. She would love it if she can meet someone she can share her cooking with.


Inna23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Inna is a person who is good with her hands. She loves to draw and create different arts and crafts projects. She mostly makes small things to decorate her house with. In a man, she is also looking for the same handy trait in a man,


Elena30 - Anastasia Date Lady

Elena is someone you can have the best times with. She’s into dancing, traveling, and snowboarding. As soon as winter hits, you can plan trips and vacations together.


Valeriya24 - Anastasia Date Lady

Most of the time, Valeriya is perceived to be a woman who is snobbish and unfriendly. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Victoriya22 - Anastasia Date Lady

According to Victoriya, she’s a lady whose eyes are filled with fire and whose heart is filled with love. She’s very good with words, isn’t she? She says that this comes from her love of reading and poetry.

Winter is coming, but maybe it won’t come for you because you’re all warmed up in the arms of the lady you met on Anastasia Date. Remember that you can get to know more about the ladies by clicking on their name and visiting their dating profile. For more lists similar to this, read other posts on the blog.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Tips For Dating Locals When Abroad

Usually, when you are planning a vacation, the main purpose is to relax and not meet interesting people. However, if you think about it, why won’t the possibility of meeting or even dating locals enter your mind?

Before You Start Dating Locals, This Is What You Need To Remember

If you go to places like Ukraine, Russia, or other places in Eastern Europe, you will definitely have a hard time just looking forward. You will see beautiful women here, there and everywhere. But, before you jump into dating locals, you have to understand the following first:

1. Establish clear expectations.

Before dating someone while you’re on vacation, you have to know what your intentions are. Are you doing it just for fun? Or, are you doing it so you search for a serious relationship? When you know the answer to these questions, make sure that your date knows it too.

2. Try adapting the language.

Adapting the native language of your potential date will allow you to communicate more effectively. Aside from this, you’re also showing some effort. Doing this says that you care for your date’s culture.

3. Make sure you don’t exoticize the person.

Instead of believing every stereotype that’s going through your head, make a conscious effort to get to know your date as a person. His or her nationality may have influenced his or her behavior, but ultimately you should be getting to know the person.

4. Never continue the date if you’re not sincere.

When the time comes that you need to pack up and go home, don’t tell your date that you will continue to communicate if you’re not sincere. It’s as simple as that. Remember to do the first item on this list where you make your purpose clear to your date.

Dating locals is fun. What new love isn’t, right? But, keep in mind that there should be a limit to what you’re doing. As much as possible, set clear boundaries and never lead someone on if you’re not serious about dating the person you’ve met. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

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