Friday, November 2, 2018

Why Human Touch Is So Important In Relationships

Commonly, when in a long-term relationship with a special person, we forget about the different ways to connect. For example, the human touch is very powerful in relationships, but we don’t see the value in it.

We Should Start Using Our Human Touch As A Means Of Connecting With Our Partner

It’s alright because we get caught up with other priorities. Life gets in the way most of the time, but we should still have the awareness to realign ourselves with things that can be beneficial for our relationship.

Our human touch, in particular, is one way to build a better connection with the person we love. In most cases, it is not hard to do, nor is it too time-consuming. Holding your partner’s hand, touching his or her shoulder, or even a peck on the cheek is not so hard to do. Other benefits of our human touch include:

1. Touching on the back releases oxytocin.

Did you know that oxytocin is also called the love hormone? Research has proven that it is released when a romantic companion touches one’s back. It’s a hormone that also promotes “pro-social” behaviors and a calming effect.

2. Touching the neck feels exciting.

Most of the time, touching your partner’s neck will evoke feelings of excitement. Instead of warmth or tenderness, it promotes connection through love, passion, and frenzy which could lead to physical intimacy.

3. Touching your partner’s leg or arm can make them feel supported.

Picture this: your partner feels bad. Then, you touch him or her on the leg, arm, or shoulder. It says that you are present for the person and that you want to be there for him or her for support. You don’t have to say anything at all to convey this message.

Of course, different situations evoke different feelings. For example, if you are using touch to work toward physical intimacy then any human touch can feel passionate and exciting. But, if the situation doesn’t involve passionate emotions, then touching certain parts of your partner’s body can make your partner feel cared for, loved, and supported. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Your Halloween Date Is Waiting For You

Usually, when you think about Halloween, you don’t really associate the day with going on a date with a pretty lady. You think about costumes, parties, pumpkins, and, of course, Trick or Treat. However, Halloween is actually the perfect time to find a date whether online or offline.

Going On A Halloween Date Is Different But Still Loads Of Fun

We never really think of Halloween as a time for love, but maybe we can change our perspective. During Halloween, almost everyone is in a celebratory mood. Because of this, it will be much easier for you to approach potential dates online and offline. In fact, you can actually meet ladies here who are already enjoying the atmosphere of Haloween:


Alisa22 - Anastasia Date Lady

Alisa is an attractive young woman who is into photography. Well, she doesn’t exactly know how to take photos herself. But, what she does is she loves to pose in photos. She usually gets invited by top photographers for photoshoots. Because of her busy schedule, she gave online dating a try.


Juliya24 - Anastasia Date Lady

Juliya loves to learn different languages. To her, learning the mother-tongue of other cultures allows her to understand that culture better. She says that it also comes in handy when dating online because she can talk to different people without worrying about the language barrier.


Darinka26 - Anastasia Date Lady

For Darinka, it’s crucial that one surrounds him or herself with people they can trust or people that are true. This is why Darinka has such a small circle of friends. She really sees to it that she is around good persons. Do you think that you will be good company for her?


Vladlena21 - Anastasia Date Lady

This lovely Doctor’s assistant has always appreciated fairytales when she was younger. This is the main reason why she loves Halloween. She gets to dress up in amazing Halloween costumes and pretend to be the damsel in the stories that she has read and heard.


Natalia29 - Anastasia Date Lady

Natalia wants someone who can be true to her. Most of her former suitors focused too much on giving her material gifts without showing their true selves. She would rather be with a man who is willing to be vulnerable to her.

Don’t be shy to send a message. These ladies are will appreciate it when you say hi. Compliment them on their Halloween costumes or talk about the one that you will be wearing yourself. Don’t let this chance pass by. For more lists and tips, read other posts on the blog.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Doing This Will Ensure That You Have A Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship with a person you truly care for is not easy, but when it works out it will be all worth it. Probably, the most common reason why most couples don’t have a successful long-distance relationship is that you don’t have an end plan.

An End Plan Will Ensure That You Have A Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Most often, couples who are in a long-distance relationship don’t really think about an end plan. Yes, the connection and communication through chat or video call may be good. However, if there’s no end-goal, you won’t be sure where the relationship will lead you. There are different kinds of end plans that can make a successful long-distance relationship:

1. When To Be Together Finally

Ultimately, the goal is to be together. It will depend on the couple on how they define this. For example, “be together” could mean get married and live in the same country, or just live together in the same apartment or house. Talk about when you and your partner foresee this happening.

2. How Long Should We Be Apart

Another end-goal that you can have is the frequency of which you and your partner see each other. Move to this item if the first one isn’t in your plans yet. For example, you and your partner could say that you have to see each other three times a year, with at least a week’s duration every time one visits.

What Happens When There Is No End-Goal?

Basically, there are only two main end goals for every long-distance relationship. You might be thinking that making an end-goal will just come later. Yes, definitely, in most cases it does. But, as mentioned, it’s best to couple goal-making with actions that work towards the goal so have something to reach for or look forward to together. When this is missing, it’s like as if you are going around in circles because you don’t have a map to guide you.


A successful long-distance relationship doesn’t happen overnight. The two people involved have to have the same commitment in order to reach the end-goal that they have set. For more international dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

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