Thursday, October 11, 2018

These Are The Laws You Must Follow For Love To Last

When you are with an amazing person, one main goal you might have is to work hard to allow the love to last. We never want to let go of someone who understands our inner being. When this person is around, we feel so safe that we no longer need to put up a front.

For Love To Last, We Must Practice Consciousness

The truth is many of our serious relationships don’t last as we expected them too because we don’t apply consciousness into our unions. We are not conscious of our partner’s needs nor of what we really need. To help us, the following are laws that we must follow for love to last:

1. Shared Vision

Where is your relationship going? Better yet, when you and your partner will be asked about your future plans, will you have a similar answer? You have to, first, be on the same page about your vision because you cannot expect for love to last if you have different plans.

2. Be Committed To Unconditional Love

When you say that you love a person unconditionally, it means that you will accept him or her despite the faults and mistakes made. This is a serious commitment to make. For example, if you found that your partner made a mistake with your finances, will it be a deal breaker? If your answer is yes, then you are not ready to love unconditionally.

3. Fulfilling Your Needs As Well As Your Partner’s

Relationship needs are a bit tricky to fulfill if you are online dating or in a long-distance relationship. However, if you’re really set on making it work, then it will be an obstacle that you will tackle together with your partner. If you are with each other, then be sensitive when your partner wants more time from you.

When you have followed all three of these laws, your relationship will last longer. Of course, there are other things that you need to do, but these should be enough to get you started. For more tips about dating and strengthening relationships, visit the blog.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

You Can Probably Tell What These Ladies’ Favorite Color Is

If you see a gorgeous woman wearing pink, what impression does that have on you? Most definitely, you will think that she is fun, feminine, and friendly. Just ask the ladies on this week’s list, and they will tell you that wearing their favorite color makes them feel the exact same way.

These Ladies’ Favorite Color Represents A Part Of Their Personality

Most ladies, not just the ones on this list, have pink as their favorite color because it represents a part of their personality. They can be loud and calm, colorful and muted. These traits may seem to contradict, but pink does have the characteristics of the calming white and the passionate red. Let’s see these ladies in their favorite color:


Anna20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Anna loves wearing pink because it makes her look more feminine. In actuality, she sees herself as a bit of a tomboy because she loves cars. This lady knows how to drive fast and hard. She even surprised her driving instructor. When you say hello, be sure to ask her about this story.


Maria28 - Anastasia Date Lady

Maria wears pink because it makes her feel determined. One part of her character, according to her, is purposefulness. When she wants something, she acts with purpose to attain what she desires. She is a psychologist by profession.


Juliya21 - Anastasia Date Lady

Juliya doesn’t really like bright shades of pink. She likes more subtle ones that border towards cream or white, just like the dress she is wearing on her photo. This particular shade makes her feel simple yet elegant, she says. She has plenty of clothes in this color.


Olga21 - Anastasia Date Lady

Olga works as an accountant. She says that she loves her job, but she prefers to do things during her free time that does not include numbers. As you can tell by the shade of pink she is wearing, this girl is a blast to be with.


Anastasia23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Elegant is one word that Anastasia would like to describe herself. Just like another lady on this list, she likes the subdued shade of pink because it makes her look chic. She is creative, open-minded, and has her own views about the world around her.

Which lady do you think wears her favorite color the best? Remember that you can pay the ladies a compliment by clicking on their names and visiting their dating profile. For more lists similar to this, as well as other dating articles, read other posts on the blog.


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Monday, October 8, 2018

There Are Only Two Rules For Arguments In A Happy Relationship

If you want a happy relationship with a special lady, you have to know how to handle arguments. Definitely, your relationship will have its ups and downs. You can navigate through the down times easier if you follow two rules for arguments.

Don’t Let Quarrels Get In The Way Of Love By Following Two Rules For Arguments

In most cases, we don’t really know how to handle arguments in our relationship. It’s because we are so overwhelmed with anger that we don’t know what to do. Next time, when this situation arises, it’s best to follow two simple rules for arguments:

1. Resolve Conflicts Immediately

This is basically common knowledge, but we don’t really apply it whenever we have a fight with our loved one. Whether you are online dating or in a relationship face to face, you have to find a way to resolve the argument quickly.

If you want to take a breather, do it. But, don’t wait too long. If you do, you might forget what you were arguing about, and the responses that you wanted to say may have escaped your mind already. The result? The conflict may have been swept under a rug but it doesn’t mean that it was resolved.

2. Have An Open Mind

The second rule for arguments states that you have to have an open mind when you are approaching a resolution. Consider that it’s not just you who wants to make a point. Even if you feel like you are in the right, you may need to push your pride aside and think about what your partner might be feeling.

Allow your partner to talk instead of cutting in right in the middle of a sentence. If you tell your partner, “This seems important to you. Tell me more,” you are showing your partner that you are receptive and that you’re trying to understand the other side of the story.

It’s Frustrating But It Works

Not waiting too long and approaching with an open mind are simple to say, but hard to do. If you’re already frustrated, you will have a hard time controlling your own emotions. However, if you give the two rules for arguments a try, you might see that your frustration can turn into a sense of empathy and understanding. For more tips to strengthen relationships, read other posts on the blog.

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