Thursday, October 4, 2018

This Is How A Woman Can Tell That You Are A Cheap Date

If there’s one thing that you never want a beautiful woman to assume, it is that you are a cheap date. You may strive to hid your cheapskate ways, but a woman can always tell just by reading in between the lines.

A Cheap Date Always Shows Off Subtle Yet Recognizable Signs

Please know that there is nothing wrong with saving money. In fact, being frugal is an admirable trait to have in a man. However, when you take your frugalness to the next level, it becomes a bit ungentlemanly, especially if you’re going on a first date. So, how can women tell?

1. Always Coffee, Never Dinner

Coffee is great, but a woman will wonder why you may always be taking her to grab a cup of coffee instead of a meal. She’s going to think that you don’t want the dating to progress.

2. Splitting The Main Course

It’s romantic to share a dessert with the person you’re dating. However, it is unheard of to split the main course. This is definitely a tell-tale sign of a cheap date.

3. Automatically Assuming That The Bill Will Be Split

Going dutch can be done on dates where you already feel comfortable with the person you’re with. During the first few dates, however, the man has to pay especially if he did the asking out (which is the usual case).

4. He’s Always Asking For Discounts

Discounts are great, of course. We all love a good sale. But, when you are in a restaurant, deliberately complaining to get the waiter to give you a discount, you’re putting your date in an uncomfortable situation.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few bucks, but it can seem awkward when you are in the stages of first getting to know a person. Being a cheap date isn’t attractive at all.

Does this mean that women you’re dating are only after your finances? Not at all. It just means that ladies love to be treated as ladies. There’s nothing wrong with paying the bill on the first few dates. On the next ones, your date may offer to pay for herself. For more dating tips, make sure to read reviews and posts on the blog.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ask These Ladies What Their Idea Of A Perfect Fall Date Is

If you’re planning the perfect fall date with a lovely lady, then you’re going to need ideas. The fall season is upon us. The leaves are slowly going to turn red or orange, and then fall down. The air is going to be filled with so much romance. You need to be prepared.

Their Ideas For A Perfect Fall Date Will Be Your Clue

Get inspiration from the ladies on this week’s list if you have no idea how to do fall dates the right way. Here are five fall date ideas that will allow you to appreciate both the season and your time with a special someone.


Juliya20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Juliya looks like a fun girl because she is. She always wants to go on adventures. This is why the perfect autumn date for her would be to take a hike and then camp in the woods. It’s going to be chilly so a romantic night around a bonfire would be perfect for her.


Valeriya26 - Anastasia Date Lady

Valeriya doesn’t want to be complicated. She loves going on picnics during fall because it is when she can appreciate the scenery the most. She is easy going and describes herself as an introvert. However, she is open to meeting other people.


Ekaterina22 - Anastasia Date Lady

Ekaterina is the hopeless romantic in the list. Her perfect fall date would be a home-cooked dinner, eaten in front of the fireplace. With a little bit of wine and candles, and maybe chocolates, she would set. If you add great conversations to the mix, you will be giving her an unforgettable date.


Juliya21 - Anastasia Date Lady

Juliya is into local coffee shops and cafes. To her lingering in one with a good book or a good companion would be enough to make a perfect fall date. If you’re up for something local this fall, then Juliya would be glad to show you the best spots in her city.


Elena21 - Anastasia Date Lady

Elena is a lady who loves to cook. This fall, she is hoping to have baking classes. But, she is going to need some company. If you do a class with her, it’s going to be a bonding experience that will link you closer together.

So which fall date sounds good to you? If you want to ask more questions about the ladies’ ideas, you can message them directly by clicking on their names and visiting their dating profile. For more lists similar to this, read other posts on the blog.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Why Men Who Are Average Looking Get More Dates Online

Men who are into online dating post the best photos of themselves to attract ladies like this. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, because it is suggested that you present yourself in the best light to find a good match. However, you may want to choose a photo that doesn’t make you look too handsome because you could get more dates online.

To Get More Dates Online, Upload Average Photos Of Yourself

This tip may sound contradictory, but a study done by experts from the University of Oxford Internet Institue found that average-looking men get more responses and dates. Researchers analyzed over ten years of dating data.

Men who rate their looks a five or six out of ten receive more messages than those who rate their looks as ten over ten. We always think that the best-looking guys get all the girls, but they’re actually not that popular.

The ideal attractiveness score for men is either a six or a seven. While, for females, it’s an eight or a nine, based on the research.

Why A Six Or A Seven?

In theory, men with average looks (a rating of six or seven) come off as more realistic and relatable. For example, if you look like Brad Pitt and you post your photos on your online dating profile, ladies online may think that you are merely grabbing someone else’s photos.

Great-looking men, from a lady’s perspective, don’t need to be dating online since they are probably popular with the ladies offline. Of course, this is just a theory. But, with the hundreds of catfishing stories we come across every day, the result of the study isn’t surprising at all.

Heed This Lesson

So, what can men learn from this study and the result it provides? It’s simple. The main lesson is here is not to focus on looks too much. If you’re worried that you’re not as good-looking as some people, stop worrying. You might just be more popular than the other guys that you’re so worried about.

Be yourself. Learn to accept and love your looks as they are. If you can enhance the way you look with some exercise and healthy eating, then great. But, you shouldn’t worry too much about trivial things like baldness, a receding hairline, a crooked nose and the like. For more tips on how to get more dates online, read other posts on the blog.

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