Thursday, September 13, 2018

Using This Word Makes A Lasting Relationship

We don’t usually watch what we say because we feel that our words don’t have an impact on anything. All this is about to change. We should rethink the way we think about the words they utter because they do cultivate change in our surroundings. For example, when dating, did you know that saying one certain pronoun can make a lasting relationship?

A Lasting Relationship Is Eminent If You And Your Partner Use “We” Often

A new research took a look at 30 studies. Researchers analyzed the way participating couples did the “we-talk”. It’s basically when a couple uses collective pronouns such as “we” or “us” versus singular pronouns such as “I”, “me”, or “you”.

It was found that couples who did the “we-talk” more exhibited better relationship behaviors, habits, and outcomes. One partner tended to be more empathetic towards the other. The couple tended to compromise and handle situations better. Because of this, there was a higher satisfaction and commitment level in the relationship.

Those who did the research explained that because the connection is there, there’s a shift of attention that happens – from one’s self to more relationship-oriented motivations.

What Can We Learn From This?

The study makes it clear that a shift in our focus has to happen. When we are serious about a relationship or a person, our focus should change from improving ourselves to improving our relationship. Isn’t that the whole point of finding a partner? To have someone you can share your life with?

To clear things up, it’s not just the use of the pronoun “we” that’s going to make a lasting relationship. It’s more of setting a good foundation and making the effort to improve your connection with your partner.

Make Or Improve That Connection First

To establish or improve your connection with any person, you have to be more mindful of your actions and words, for one. Aside from doing this, consider these tips:

  • Do something new together.
  • Do small gestures of kindness.
  • Say thank you more often.
  • Work on your communication skills.
  • Have fun in your relationship.
  • Don’t undermine the importance of touch – hug or kiss your partner, tap him or her on the shoulder.

There’s so much you can do. Remember to focus on making that connection. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

These Ladies Take Next Level Dating Profile Pictures

Taking good dating profile pictures is a must. Most people who are into online dating just upload whatever photo they have without giving it much thought. But, it’s true that photos are worth a thousand words, especially when making first impressions on potential matches online.

Dating Profile Pictures Are As Vital As The Descriptions You Publish

Just ask the ladies we have on this week’s list. They have taken next level dating profile photos that catch plenty of attention on Anastasia Date:


Margarita20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Margarita may not look she does a lot of sports but she is actually very active. She likes boxing, riding the bicycle and even motorcycles. She opted to make herself more feminine in her dating profile pictures for a change.


Veronika20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Veronika is really into literature. More specifically, Russian and Ukrainian literature. Aside from books, she also loves going to the cinema and watching world premieres. Despite this, she doesn’t sluggishly stay at home with a book all the time. She keeps herself active by engaging in sports.


Alena26 - Anastasia Date Lady

Alena has very specific traits she looks for in a man. She says that she wants to meet someone calm and caring. According to her, she’s always up for new adventures, but when she meets the one for her, she’s willing to just stay at home and be with him.


Inta39 - Anastasia Date Lady

Inta wants a relationship that’s uncomplicated. She wants a man who can take walks and go to the beach with her. She’s also down for just staying at home for a romantic homecooked meal which she will cook herself.


Aleksandra23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Aleksandra is a social butterfly. She loves to meet new people, go to parties, and fashion. She wants to meet someone who is as social as her. To be honest, she said that shy guys are not her cup of tea so be sure to show your confidence when you say hello.

Dating profile photos are crucial because they will be the first things that your potential match will see. Your content is important too, but usually, online daters read the content after taking a look at the photos you’ve uploaded. Of course, you don’t have to take the same kind of photos as the ladies on this list. Just make sure that your pics are updated, presentable, and that they are a good representation of your personality. For more tips on dating online, read other posts on the blog.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Signs Of Mutual Attraction You Should Watch Out For

We all want to know if there’s mutual attraction before we pursue somebody because there is a lesser chance of getting rejected. However, apart from asking plain out, how do we know if the feeling is mutual or just one-sided?

Your Date Is Also Into You If You Spot These Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Look out for these signs of mutual attraction on your first date. These will give you an idea if your date would be interested to go on another date with you:

Their Method Of Interacting

You can make conclusions based on your date’s behavior. If they do not make eye contact or their eyes are always checking out somebody else, or they are always on their phone, then most certainly, there is no connection. But, if you are getting appropriate responses to your words and actions and you are engaged in good conversation, then there is definitely some attraction.

The Color On Their Cheeks

Blushing is something that can give one away because nobody can control this involuntary action. When people are attracted to someone, they would definitely be prone to blush because of the surging emotions.

Dilation Of The Eyes

When we are interested in someone, our pupils naturally dilate. And since he or she is engrossed in you, they will most likely look you in the eye. Then, you will be able to see their eyes. If they are dilating, then most likely there is attraction. However, pupils also dilate under low light, so be careful not to mistake that with feelings.

Movements Of The Feet

When we like someone, our feet would involuntarily be facing towards the person. This works both ways. You are interested in that person and all of your body parts are leaning towards the direction of where the person is.

The Voice

Women’s voices naturally increase in pitch when they are interested in the man. On the other hand, a man’s voice drops if he likes a woman. This makes them appear manlier and more attractive to the woman. We cannot control these reactions in our voice chords. They just happen naturally when we are excited because we are interested in somebody.

Mutual attraction is not so hard to spot now that you are aware of what to watch out for. Even without words, you will know if you the other person is interested in you. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

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