Thursday, August 16, 2018

Reasons Why It’s Better To Tell Your Secret Crushes To Your Partner

We are humans and we cannot help but admire other people. Sometimes, there is even the feeling of infatuation. We experience these secret crushes even when we are in a relationship. You should understand that having these crushes is alright and completely normal.

Tell Your Secret Crushes To Your Partner, You’d Be Surprised At What Will Happen

While it is not wrong to have a crush on somebody, a lot of times, secret crushes remain a secret, because partners feel guilty about having such feelings towards another person. Some experts, however, advise that it can be a good thing for a relationship when you reveal your secret crushes to your partner. Here are the reasons why:


Starting a conversation with the “I have a crush on…” statement is not a common occurrence in two people who are in a relationship. However, being open about it can completely transform your relationship and actually bring you closer together, not farther apart. When you get to talk to your partner about such a topic where both of you don’t take anything personally, your trust in each other actually becomes stronger. And, both of you can actually know more about your partner’s fantasies and maybe act on them, too. It’s more exciting that way.

Honesty and Integrity

Talking about our secret crushes could make the biggest difference in how much trust, safety, and intimacy you and your partner can experience with each other. It brings your relationship to a certain level of openness where you have nothing to hide. It’s actually quite liberating.

The Downside

There is also a disadvantage to this, especially if the crush is somebody you both know, like a good friend. There is a danger when your partner is quite insecure over this person. When you are in a gathering, your partner might become paranoid and watch your every move around this person. It can become grounds for a violent fight. If you decide to tell your partner about your secret crush, make sure that you also behave when the other person is around. Avoid flirting, even as a joke.

Knowing about each other’s secret crushes can be a fun conversation topic. Just make sure that your partner is ready to accept these other names in your relationship. If not, no matter how you reassure him or her, they might feel insecure. For more dating tips, make sure to read other posts on the blog.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Most Gorgeous Reporters You Have Ever Seen

When you are in Eastern Europe, you’ll be able to see plenty of gorgeous reporters and journalists on TV delivering the 5 o’clock news. If you’re not in Eastern Europe, don’t worry because you can still meet beautiful reporters on the Anastasia Date website.

Gorgeous Reporters That You Will Love Getting To Know

Do you know what makes reporters so attractive? It’s their intelligence, their physical beauty, and their confidence. We’ve found profiles of some of the most gorgeous reporters on the site and you can meet them today:


Darina21 - Anastasia Date Lady

You will never be bored when you talk to Darina. This is because she describes herself as a cheerful person who is outgoing. She likes to have conversations with people, and most of her friends say that she is the life of the party.


Anastasia37 - Anastasia Date Lady

Anastasia may look intimidating, but wait until you get to know her. She’s kind, passionate, and loves the arts. During her free time, she likes going to the cinema and theatre to appreciate new movies and performances.


Alina21 - Anastasia Date Lady

You would have never thought about what Alina’s secret hobby is. She has recently been pole dancing as a form of exercise. She says that she is not good at it yet, but it is a workout, and she’s having while doing it.


Tamari21 - Anastasia Date Lady

It is all about traveling for Tamari. She says that it is a waste not to explore the different places that are so breathtakingly beautiful. In the romance department, she is also looking for a passionate traveler who is responsive and kind-hearted.


Kristina19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Kristina may be young, but she is confident in the skills that she has learned from school. She knows that she will go far in life and in love. Despite her ambitiousness, she wants to meet someone simple. He doesn’t have to be a duke or a model, he just has to love her and be responsible.

Remember that you can get to know these gorgeous reporters by clicking on their name, reading their profile, then maybe you can send a message when you’re ready. For more lists similar to this one, make sure to check out the rest of the blog.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

This Is What You Need To Avoid So You Can Enjoy Dating Online

We join dating apps and websites in order to find a date and eventually find true love. Of course, we want to enjoy the experience, but there are a couple of things that hinder us, not allowing us to enjoy dating online or app dating. What are we doing wrong?

Everyone Can Enjoy Dating Online When They Avoid The Tasks On This List

So far, we have learned some online dating dos and don’ts. These things keep us safe and also sane when we are actively dating online. But, if you want to really enjoy dating online or enjoy the experience of finding a date, you have to do a few things. One major factor that you must avoid is making the process into a routine, or else it is going to feel like a chore. Commonly, this is what we do to make online dating feel repetitive:

Being Efficient

You have been doing this several times that you have found an almost efficient way to handle every match who contacts you. Eventually, you have organized your dates on a spreadsheet or on a notepad, like a to-do list with notes at work. This system may be efficient at keeping track of everything, but it doesn’t mean that it is effective for dating. Do not keep track.

Not Staying Curious

Curiosity in dating helps you discover more things about love, dating, relationships, and of course, the other person. Even if the first date failed, you can find other people to go out with as long as you feed your curiosity. Keep discovering.

Not Making Things Personal

When you start chatting up a potential date, keep it personal. If you act like a secretary screening applicants, the dating game becomes like a factory line. Love and relationships are something qualitative and personal. Each situation should be approached differently because no two people are the same. So each dating experience will also be different.

Sticking To What’s Familiar

Probably you have had a few bad dates at first. How about trying something new? Seek out new experiences, visit places you have never gone to before, or even just try new cuisine. You can even consider meeting people you wouldn’t normally go for. When you do something fresh, you keep the date alive and exciting.

Enjoy dating online by making things personal and unique. Don’t give in to the routine because things will get boring fast. For more online dating tips, be sure to check out the rest of the blog.

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