Friday, June 29, 2018

The Healthy Way Of Dealing With Your Partner’s Emotional Triggers

We are just humans and no matter how eager we are about finding love or being in love, we will be prone to emotional triggers that will lead to meltdowns. If your partner is experiencing an emotional moment, what should you do?

Learn How To Read Your Partner’s Responses To Emotional Triggers

The best thing to do is to learn about your partner’s emotional triggers and learn how to deal with them. One thing you should not do though is to fight fire with fire. You should approach the situation in a way that’s healthy:

Notice Bodily Reactions

The very first thing that you will notice from your partner would be the bodily reactions to emotional triggers. It could be a change in facial expression, a defensive tilt of the head, or movements in the shoulder areas. Sometimes, it’s as subtle eye movements. When you notice these changes, it is best that you think over what could have triggered these and withdraw from the triggers (i.e. do not pursue the topic, etc.).

Take Note Of Words And Situations That Result To Intense Reactions

There are trigger words, situations, or even locations that bring about painful memories and stir up emotional responses. Take note of these things so that you can avoid emotional meltdowns in the future. Or, you can help your partner get over them – if he or she is willing to work on it, that is. The thing is, you cannot force the issue. You have to wait for your partner to be ready to face them.

Notice The Happenings Before The Emotional Meltdown

Sometimes, you are in a party or even the park, and suddenly your partner’s mood turns sour. You can ask what is wrong but more often than not, you will not get a straight answer. Check the happenings prior to the change in your partner’s behavior. You can deduce from there. Perhaps he or she saw somebody from a painful past?

Hard as it may, you cannot be upset when your partner is having an emotional meltdown. Be the better person who understands and gives comfort. As long as your partner is not destructive, you just have to wait it out until the emotional episode has passed. When he or she has calmed down, then you can have a heart to heart talk. Check out more helpful posts about love and relationships on our blog.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Business Women Who Know What They Want

Most business women are intimidating because they are successful at what they do. If they’re not yet, they sure are aiming for that success. In most cases, men find it intimidating to be with a woman who is business-inclined because they are passionate, driven, and ambitious. What men don’t realize is that business women have the characteristics to be great dates and even greater girlfriends or wives.

Why Business Women Make Great Dates And Partners

To be honest, the stereotype of business women being tough and focused are mostly true. They have to be this way in order for their chosen businesses to survive and succeed. But, we still shouldn’t generalize. For example, the business women on this week’s list have chosen to open themselves up to date online:


Tatyana39 - Anastasia Date Lady

Tatyana is a big fan of traveling. When she is not working on her business, she travels and sees the world. According to her, she has traveled to more countries than she has fingers. Maybe, you can start a conversation by asking about which countries she has visited?


Valeriya29 - Anastasia Date Lady

Valeriya is very interested in music. She likes to play the piano, sing karaoke, and dance whenever she has free time. Her top two favorite dances as of now are Zumba and oriental dances. Care to show her your moves?


Svetlana33 - Anastasia Date Lady

Svetlana is someone who takes pride in self-development. She has already loosened the rails and allowed a manager to do most of the important things in her business so she can focus more on her improvement, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Kseniya24 - Anastasia Date Lady

To be a great business person, you have to be well humored, responsible, and creative. These are the top characteristics she has, according to her. It doesn’t just make her a great business woman but it also makes her an attentive girlfriend or partner.


Alena31 - Anastasia Date Lady

Alena is unlike most of the women you meet. She is cute, she loves animals, and is a student of music. She’s like a triple-threat – beautiful, caring, and talented. You’ll definitely love getting to know her.

They have dedicated their time to finding love so don’t hesitate to send a message and say hello. You can do this by clicking on their names to visit their profile. For more lists, do check out the rest of the blog.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

We Should Never Believe This Lie About Finding Happiness

Finding happiness, the true and lasting kind, seems to be the rage now. Many self-help experts and motivational speakers are jumping on the bandwagon. They say that we can choose to be happy, no matter what our circumstances are. Is it really true?

We Need To Wake Up And See The Truth About Finding Happiness

The truth is, finding happiness despite all the events happening around us is a big lie. As we live in this world, we cannot escape frustrations, disappointments, and of course grief over the loss of something or someone. We can’t fool ourselves into thinking that we can avoid these. So what are the simple truths about finding happiness?

1. We cannot always be happy.

Sad to say, that is the truth. We cannot always be truly happy. Of course, our reactions will depend upon us and our emotional capacities, but the fact remains that this is an imperfect world and life is not just a bed of roses. It is virtually impossible to be happy every single moment of every day and many people are becoming crazy because they cannot achieve this state of nirvana all the time.

2. We appreciate happiness more with other feelings present.

If you have watched the animated film Inside Out, we are given a layman’s explanation of how our emotions work. We cannot just keep on shunning sadness and everything else at the back seat. We learn to truly appreciate happiness if we have experienced sadness. You may not see it from a positive perspective, but we can appreciate our happiness more when we go through negative emotions like anger or frustration.

3. Allow yourself to grieve.

Let’s face it, nothing is permanent in this world. It can be a hobby, a pet, a job, or even the people closest to your heart. When we lose them because of death, do you really expect to maintain that bubbly feeling in your heart? Of course not. Instead, allow yourself to grieve. It’s during this time that the heart tries to accept while the mind tries to understand. After you have gone through the grieving period, only then can you return to pursuing happiness. And when you find it, you will surely find it to affect your deeper.

We cannot always have a perfectly happy life. Finding happiness is a good thing, but it should not be our master. There are just some things that we have to allow to happen in order to have a more meaningful life. Share this post and check out the rest of our blog for more tips.

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