Thursday, April 19, 2018

You’re Experiencing Relationship Trauma When You Spot These Signs

Not all relationships are perfect. Take your past ones as examples. With some of them, we cannot deny the fact that we experienced relationship trauma that we haven’t fully healed from yet. Most people call this baggage because we take the trauma with us to our new relationships.

Relationship Trauma Signs That You Should Never Ignore

Most of the time, the relationship trauma we experienced hinders us from reaching our full potential as a person. By extension, it also hinders our romantic relationship from moving forward. This is why we should be aware of the actions we make that could indicate that we’re carrying heavy baggage:

1. Commitment Phobia

Those of us who have undergone severe trauma in past relationships are afraid to take their current one to a more serious level. The thought in their mind could be that the situation in the past that has caused so much pain could repeat itself with the current relationship.

Fix: It’s time that you come to terms with the pain that you experienced before. To do this, you need to go to a therapist who will help you process your feelings.

2. Relief Followed By Guilt

As soon as you exited your former toxic relationship, you’ll have that “I’m finally free” feeling. But, as soon as the newness of the break up sets in, the feeling of guilt will creep up. You’ll find yourself asking whether the break up was your fault or not.

Fix: It’s best to confide in a close friend. This friend has to be someone who has seen how your relationship started, all the way to how it ended. A third perspective can make you see things clearly and will help validate your innocence or otherwise.

3. Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are those that disrupt your entire day, schedule, or train of thought. They are destructive because they could be major sources of stress. For example, in the middle of the day, you could suddenly think about whether the current relationship you’re in is the right one. You doubt yourself and your choices because you’ve made mistakes in the past. You obsess about this thought by analyzing every little detail about your current partner.

Fix: The best way to prevent intrusive thoughts from disrupting everything is by keeping your mind busy. Take up a hobby that focuses on self-improvement. Exercising is a good example of this.

It is never healthy to spot any of these signs in your relationship or self. However, you must remember that you can always do something about it. Read other posts on our blog for other tips on improving relationships.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Could One Of These Ladies Be Your Next Spring Fling?

For most cultures, Spring represents prosperity and new life. For some, Spring could represent new love. It is a scientific fact that animals have a mating season. Most often, that mating season falls in Spring. Surprisingly, humans seem to have a mating season, too, which falls in late spring and early summer. This could be why we have the expression spring fling.

Your Spring Fling May Just Be On This List Of Anastasia Date Beauties

This week, we’ve compiled the profiles of ladies on Anastasia Date who believe that spring is the best time to find a new love. They are always active on the AnastasiaDate website so that means that you can get to know them anytime if. Let’s meet them:


1- Anna26 - Anastasia Date Lady

Anna calls herself your savior. She that she has a bubbly and lively personality which can save anyone from boredom and loneliness. When you are with her, you’re never going to have a dull moment because she’ll make sure that the atmosphere is comfortable and fun.


2- Tatyana33 - Anastasia Date Lady

Tatyana wants to let you know that she’s the type of girl who has reached a more developed point in her life. She’s more mature than other women, she says. She takes her responsibility very seriously in terms of her work and familial obligations, but she does know how to wind down and have fun.


3- Valentina30 - Anastasia Date Lady

Valentina says that some of her best qualities are: trustworthiness, kindness, and being loving. She admits that she also has a weaker side. Most often, she easily trusts people without getting to know them fully. Despite this, she says that she would make a faithful partner who is both loving and caring.


4- Kristina19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Kristina might be young but she knows exactly what she wants. One of her daydreams includes her waking up early in the morning in the hands of her lover. This is why she’s trying online dating this Spring – she wants to make her daydream a reality.


5 - Aleksandra23 - Anastasia Date Lady

To Aleksandra, spring is a time for her to spend outdoors. She takes advantage of the great weather by going on jogs or exercising at the park. She leads a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, she says that she doesn’t mind men who are a bit out of shape because she likes guys who are chubby.

If you want to move forward with finding your next spring fling, it would be best if you contact any one of these ladies as soon as possible. For other lists similar to this, read other posts on our blog.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

The Ultimate Dating Cheat Sheet For Modern Gentlemen

You may think that you don’t need this dating cheat sheet anymore because you have everything covered. However, trust us when we say that you’re going to need this list when your next date is just around the corner.

Your Complete Dating Cheat Sheet To Wooing Women Of Today

For most men, their confidence comes from the feeling of preparedness. It makes sense since you feel more in control when you have mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the big day with a lady you like. You should think about this sheet the same way – a means to gain a bit of control and confidence before your date:

Remember To Be Chivalrous

Yes, you have to let your date know that chivalry still exists in the modern day. For you to show this, try the following suggestions:

  • Make sure to pick a place that’s convenient for your date to get to if you’re not picking her up.
  • If you are, then remember to count her preference in when choosing a time and place to meet.
  • A gentleman will confirm the date a day before it happens.
  • Treat her to a nice meal (forget about going dutch, for now).
  • Treat everyone in the restaurant or cafe kindly (don’t be proud and arrogant).

As the date is going on, you need to show her that you are interested. You don’t have to verbally communicate this, so the best way to demonstrate your interest would be through body language:

  • Face your date. Your knees have to be towards her. Body language experts say that this is a good indication of interest. Check to see if your date is facing you as well. It’s a good sign.
  • Maintain eye contact when appropriate. This one is a no-brainer. A good way to show that your paying attention is through eye contact.

Next, you’re going to need some conversation tips:

  • Don’t talk about your ex(s).
  • Focus on getting to know her.
  • Share details about yourself.
  • Put your phone down.

And, that’s a wrap! These are most of the things you need to make your date unforgettable. Remember to refer to this dating cheat sheet next time. For other tips on how to improve your dating skills, check out other posts on our blog.

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