Thursday, April 12, 2018

This Is How You Can Reverse The Bad Relationship Habits You Picked Up

Whether we want to admit it or not, we can’t hide the fact that we have picked up some pretty bad relationship habits as we grew up. We got it from our parents, our friends, and some we learned through different situations.

Different Ways You Can Unlearn Your Bad Relationship Habits

As a result, these bad relationship habits affect our partner, friends, and family in several negative ways. Despite this, we still need to look at the brighter side of things – it’s reversible. It’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s not impossible to do:

1. Practice Expressing Your Wants

Almost everyone is guilty of not expressing what they want out of a situation. We expect our partners to read our minds. If they don’t, we end up throwing a fit and feeling like our partners don’t care about how we are feeling. Well, its time that we reverse this bad habit. Practice saying what you want, but remember to do it in a non-aggressive way.

2. It’s Not Always About You

Most of the time, we forget that our partner actually has needs too. We’re so focused on ourselves that we forget that our partner might be feeling under the weather, or they might need a specific emotional response from us to feel better. We need to stop and think about the other person from time to time.

3. Don’t Forget To Have Your Own Life

Another bad relationship habit we have is that we focus too much on making our partner the center of our world. There’s nothing wrong with making our partner feel that they are important to us. However, we need to have our own life to preserve our individuality.

4. Manage Jealousy

Do you know that small jealous feeling you get from seeing your partner hanging out with other people? You don’t mind it at first, thinking that it will just go away. But, it never does. Instead, it increases to the point where it makes you feel like your head’s going to blow up. As early as possible, you need to address how you feel by talking to your partner.

Because these bad relationship habits have been stuck with us for years, we’re going to need to put a good amount of effort into breaking them. Don’t worry. The more reversing you do, the quicker you will kick the habit. For more tips on relationships and self-development, check out the rest of our blog.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

European Ladies With The Sweetest Faces

Commonly, women with the sweetest looking faces are the girl-next-door types. You’re already probably familiar with the characteristics this type of ladies possesses. Just from looking at their sweetest faces, they appear to be friendly, down-to-earth, open-minded, familiar, and fun to hang out with. If you want to meet European ladies who are the girl-next-door types, you’re in luck because this is what this week’s list is all about.

European Ladies Who Are The Girl-Next-Door Types

In movies, the girl-next-door types are the ones you are proud to bring home to your mom. This is probably why most men prefer this type of woman over the ones who look like supermodels. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with stunning models that grace the runways and magazine covers, but there has always been something special about the girl-next-door. For this week’s list, Anastasia Date is introducing you to some of the ladies with the sweetest faces and attitudes:


2 - DianaMaria19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Diana-Maria is your typical girl-next-door. She describes herself as behaved. She has no bad habits and she is proud of this fact. Most would say that this is a bit boring, but Diana-Maria doesn’t care because she wants to be who she is.


1 - Viktoria26 - Anastasia Date Lady

From Viktoria’s perspective, life is short. Now, this may sound a little sad, but it is precisely this perception that has allowed her to have more passion for life. She says that she is hungry for more, and because she is young, she’s looking forward to the rest of life’s surprises.


3 - Ekaterina23 - Anastasia Date Lady

The best phrasal word that Ekaterina used to describe herself is easy-going. She loves to focus on just the positive because she doesn’t want to have any worries in her life. She has a good sense of humor, and she likes to think that she has great interpersonal skills. Is she the one you’re looking for?


4 - Valeriya20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Valeriya loves to dress-up and put makeup on. She says that she has always been very girly. Ever since she was young, she has always been attracted to feminine things. Right now, she is doing well in her job as a Manager, but this isn’t her main focus. She tried online dating so she can meet the person who can accept her for all her sugar, spice, and everything nice.


5 - Galina19 - Anastasia Date Lady

The most attractive characteristic about Galina would be her sense of awareness. She says that most people go through their lives not being fully awake. She says that she notices everything around her and aims to strike a balance between all the aspects of her life – love included.

If you’d like to get to know these European ladies more, just click on their names and visit their profiles. For more lists similar to this, do check out the rest of our blog.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

You Better Stop Believing These Marriage Lies You’ve Been Taught

We’ve been taught so many things about marriage. From our grandparents to our parents, to our teachers, and even our friends, they always have some sort of input about tying the knot that they feel like we absolutely need to learn. Well, did you know that some of those lessons are actually marriage lies?

It’s Time To Separate The Marriage Lies From The Truths

Yes, not all the lessons that we were taught are actually true about marriage. Today, we are going to separate the facts from the fiction by going through this list of marriage lies:

1. It’s going to be 50/50.

This lesson seems legitimate, doesn’t it? The truth is marriage is supposed to be 100/100. You give 100% of what you have and your partner gives 100% as well. That’s how it works. The whole point of marriage is for man and woman to become one. How can two become one if one is holding off half of him or herself?

2. Marriage is hard/easy.

A lot of people say that marriage is either the easiest thing in the world or the hardest. They take it to extremes! Actually, it’s true that marriage can be easy and hard, but we all need to remember that it can also be somewhere in between. In most cases, it is in the middle – a mixture of easy times, and hard times.

3. Everything will change once you’re married.

Let’s say you’re experiencing a lot of relationship problems before getting married. Some people say that if you go through with the marriage, things might change for the better because the dynamics of your couplehood will change. This isn’t true. If you can’t fix the problems that are already in place, you won’t be able to do it when you are already married. Marriage won’t make things better. It is the conscious decision of the two people in the relationship to take proactive steps that will make the relationship last.

This is a short list but it will get you started in approaching marriage with the right mindset. If you go into it with realistic expectations, you are ensuring that you and your partner will last a long time. For more advice on relationships, read other posts on our blog.

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