Thursday, March 1, 2018

This Is What Higher Testosterone Does To Your Relationship

Do you think you have higher testosterone than average? You won’t be able to confirm unless you have tests done. But, once you find out that you do have higher testosterone levels, this could be the culprit behind your overprotectiveness.

New Study Suggests Males With Higher Testosterone Are Overprotective

This new study that has been published in the Journal of Physiology & Behavior discovered that males with higher than usual levels of the mentioned steroid hormone tend to exert more effort into keeping their partner’s faithful and in a relationship with them. The study labeled this as “mate retention behavior”.

Testing For Higher Testosterone Levels

The participants composed of 108 undergraduate males. Samples of their saliva were taken. They also had to complete a survey with questions about mate retention and intersexual competition.

Surprisingly, the connection between mate retention and a man’s testosterone levels was only modest. So, where did the overprotectiveness come from? Indirectly, men become more overprotective because of the connection between higher testosterone levels and intersexual competition.

The researchers, however, stated that further studies need to be conducted to solidify the claim.

What To Do About Your Overprotectiveness

Whether you have high testosterone levels or not, it’s important that you display your concern to your partner in a way that can be beneficial to the relationship. There are healthier ways to show that you want to protect your significant other.

Do not monopolize her, asking her not to hang out with friends or family. Instead, you can try the following ways to show your concern:

  • Drive your girlfriend to the place where she will be meeting friends or family.
  • Text her to see how she’s doing.
  • Talk to her so you have a good grasp of what her best interest is.
  • Remind her that she is loved.
  • Make her feel secure by being the best partner you can be.

Although higher testosterone levels can make you more protective, you should always look at your relationship from a bird’s eye point of view. Showing your partner that you care is great, but if you do too much of it, she could feel smothered and boxed in. For more tips on improving relationships, read more on our blog.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What Is It Like To Date A Nurse? You’re Going To Find Out

Do you know what it’s like to date a nurse? It could be the most wonderful thing that has ever happen in your life. Generally, nurses are caring, understanding, patient and kind. What more can you ask for in a woman?

Date A Nurse Online On Anastasia Date

Nurses are our focus this week. You don’t have to search hard to find a place where you can meet nurses who are beautiful inside and out. Let’s meet them:


Kristina20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Kristina’s friends describe her as the life of the party. Yes, she likes to go out and have a great time, but deep inside she is full of self-awareness. Kristina says that she has been lucky since she has such a great life. She hopes that her luck will also extend to her search for love online.


Victoriya20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Do you know what people love most about Viktoriya? She excels at whatever she sets out to do. She has a lot of hobbies like modeling, sports, reading and traveling. It seems that she is doing well in all of these hobbies despite her busy schedule as a nurse. Do you think she will succeed in finding love?


Marina23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Marina’s thoughts are always centered towards her family. She’s very family-oriented because that’s how she was raised to be. Currently, she’s looking forward to having a family of her own which she can love and care for.


Gabriela32 - Anastasia Date Lady

Gabriela is currently spending most of her time in the hospital. It’s mostly because of work. She is aiming to be promoted as the head nurse of her station. This is why she went for online dating as an option to meet people. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time for the people she cares for.


Alina24 - Anastasia Date Lady

In Alina’s point of view, staying positive and honest are two of the most important deeds a person can do. Just ask any of her friends. They will tell you that Alina is the kind of girl who will speak her mind and will say whatever she needs to with people. There’s no sugar-coating but she always speaks her mind with positivity and kindness.

Has this list convinced you to date a nurse? If yes, don’t forget to share it. We have more lists for you so make sure you check the rest of our blog.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Ways To Improve Romantic Relationship Based On Your Personality

We all have different personalities. That’s a given. The problem with most of us is that we don’t have insight into the type of personality we have. This lack of insight is especially evident when we are in relationships. If you identify what type of personality you have, you might just find it easier to improve romantic relationship.

Personality-Specific Suggestions To Improve Romantic Relationship

Below, we’ve listed down brief descriptions of the common types of personalities. Right below them are suggestions on how you can improve romantic relationship based on what your personality is.

1. Perfectionist

This is one is probably self-explanatory. You need everything to be perfect. You want everything to happen on a set schedule. The problem is that you want to control your relationship so you feel safe and stable.

Suggestion: Try diverting from your schedule every now and then. It’s good to have structure, but spontaneity spices things up.

2. Rescuer

It’s not that you rescue stuck kittens off of trees. You’re a rescuer when you always want to love and feel needed. As a result, you may be doing everything you can to please your partner.

Suggestion: It’s great to meet your partner’s need but you have to focus on yourself too. Work on meeting your own needs.

3. Accomplished

The accomplished personality type always wants to succeed. Failing is never an option, especially when it comes to life and your career.

Suggestion: Change your perspective about failing. There might be valuable lessons you can learn from your failures. Don’t sacrifice time meant for your significant other.

4. Romantic

The romantic is focused more on the lovey-dovey stuff that happens in relationships. Whatever this person see in romantic comedies, he or she believes that the situations are part of reality.

Suggestion: It’s good to have a romantic bone in your body but you still have to be grounded in reality. Your partner is not going to want to be romantic all of the time.

5. Secret Keeper

You like keeping secrets. Even if it is from your partner. The secrets that you keep are your hurts and weaknesses. You don’t want to open yourself up because you’re afraid of getting hurt.

Suggestion: Don’t be afraid to open up. It’s going to take you a while to do so, but always remember that your partner will be able to handle your hurts and weaknesses. He or she will accept you for who you are.

Hopefully, these suggestions will truly improve romantic relationship in the long run. For more posts like this, read more on our blog.

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