Thursday, February 15, 2018

Best Advice For Getting Dates Through A Dating App

It’s not just through dating websites that we meet people nowadays. Everything has been made convenient and handy through technology. If you don’t always have your laptop around, you can use your phone to download a dating app and start dating online.

How To Get Dates Through A Dating App

Despite the ease and the luxury of mobility (you can date online anywhere as long as you have your phone and internet), most people find it hard to get dates through dating apps. The main reason could be because they’re missing the point. They might be approaching app dating differently. Ideally, here’s how you would want to approach it:

Don’t Ask What Someone Is Into

When you’re on a dating app, or even if you’re online dating through your laptop, don’t ask someone what they’re into. Why not? Because they’ve likely said it in their dating profile. Always read someone’s profile before you send them a message so you know whether you match or not.

Keep It Moving

When you’re chatting through dating apps, the simplest guide that you need to follow is this: if someone asks you a question, answer them. Then, ask a question back. This is how you keep the conversation moving.

Be Consistent

The worst thing that you can do while you date through apps is to lie. You can never keep up your consistency when you tell a white lie every time you chat with the person you’re interested in. Be honest so you can be consistent. Also, don’t forget to keep your promises. Consistency can also translate to reliability.

Follow The 3-4 Days Rule

If you’re not familiar with this rule, then this may be your problem. You’re waiting too long to ask someone out or you’re asking too soon. You have to chat with someone for 3-4 days, then you ask them out. This is enough time to get to know each other but not so much as to spoil everything before you meet in real life.

All these app dating tips are pretty simple to do. This is great for you because this means that you can easily apply them to your dating game. For more tips on online dating, read the rest of our blog.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Red Lipstick On These Beauties Is The Best Invite For Valentine’s Date

Have you ever wondered why a woman who wears red lipstick is so attractive and alluring? It could be because the color itself represents passion and love. But, there’s also a bit of a scientific explanation to why men find women who wear red lipstick as attractive.

The Allure Of The Red Lipstick

Based on research, red on the lips could indicate a woman’s capacity for reproduction. Men’s primitive instincts kick in and it’s not just because the color itself is attractive. Let’s test this theory out, let us know how you find the following Anastasia Date ladies wearing red lipstick:


Alona20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Alona says that she is the only child in her family. She received plenty of attention from her parents. This is why she feels special, like a princess. Her goal is to find a man who can give her as much as attention as she has received. Could you handle this?


Tatyana24 - Anastasia Date Lady

Tatyana is the glamorous type. She likes to dress up and go out with friends. Every experience she encounters, she always aims to have a good time. If you have a date with her, it could be one of the best nights of your life.


Anastasia23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Meet Anastasia. Although she describes herself as an open-minded woman, she still believes in the old-fashion idea of love. She’s very traditional when it comes to the heart. Marriage is in her future plans but she would like to meet someone who is a possible suitor.


Nikol19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Nikol says that most men are intimidated by her confidence and femininity. She admits that she can be a handful sometimes. This is why she’s looking for someone who is patient, open-minded and knows how to handle her mood swings.


Marina23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Lastly, we have Marina who admits that she’s a bit of the shy type. Although she may not open up during your first few chats, she’s the kind of person who will always be honest. She prides herself on being a sincere person.

So, what did you think about the ladies we have on this week’s list? Did their red lipstick catch your attention? For more lists similar to this, check out the rest of our blog.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

This Is How You Should Celebrate Valentine’s

V-day is coming. Do you have any ideas as to how you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s? Usually, men in relationships feel a bit of a pressure during this time of year. Why not, right? There’s a bombardment of chocolate and flower ads. And, romantic comedies practically play on every channel. Most men feel like they have to do something grand.

Celebrate Valentine’s With A Bit Of Unexpected Romance

Despite all the suggestions the media is throwing at you, your partner may not want to celebrate Valentine’s in the usual way. Look at your relationship’s current status. How is your bond with your partner lately? If it’s great, then good for you. But, most likely, a bit of the romance may have already flown out the window. So, this Valentine’s Day, don’t go to restaurants, don’t buy flowers nor chocolates. Try the simple suggestions below to put some romance back into your relationship:

Go To A Date Spot You Haven’t Been To In Ages

Think back to when you were just a new couple. Which spot was the most memorable for both of you? Revisit the spot on Valentine’s Day so that you and your partner can be reminded of the days when your love was more than passionate.

Take A Class Together

Has there ever been an activity that you wanted to do as a couple but didn’t get around to doing it? V-day could be the day. Whether it’s a cooking class, or yoga class, as long as you’ve both been wanting to experience it, go and reserve a slot.


This one is a no pressure date idea. If both of you don’t really want to leave the house, why not give each other massages. This should give you and your loved one some intimate time together.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is to spend it reconnecting with the love of your life. Valentine’s Day reminds us that it’s all about love. It’s more than just the flowers, chocolates, or other fancy gifts. For more posts about love and relationships, read more on our blog.

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