Thursday, December 28, 2017

European New Year Traditions You Can Do With Your Girl

How many European New Year traditions do you know about? Well, the holiday is just around the corner. If you have a European girlfriend you met online, it would make the occasion extra special if you do some version of a new year tradition from her country.

European New Year Traditions You Need To Know About

Below is a list you can refer to. If some of the new year traditions are impossible to do, then you can make it into a topic for conversation. Either way, your girl will be more than happy that you made the effort to get to know her culture better:


From December 25th until January 7th, a traditional winter festival called Kaliady is celebrated. Unmarried women gather and place a pile of corn in front of them. A rooster is, then, let go. If the rooster stops on a specific woman’s pile, it means that she will get married in the new year.


In Bulgaria, a dish called banitza is prepared on the first day of the new year. It resembles a cheese pie with a lucky charm inside. People would put coins or messages of good fortune. Whoever finds the charms inside the pie is believed to be blessed during the new year.


Moldovans take part in a dance called Ursul during New Year’s Eve. Ursul means “Bear Dance”. Locals would dress up as bears and dance around. In the past, a real bear was said to be involved. The practice was said to purify the soil for the year to come.


In the morning of the first day of the New Year, Romanians farmers would head to their barns and talk to their animals. Romanian believe that on this one day, the animals have the power to express themselves through speech.

There are plenty more new year traditions that you can search on the internet. This list, however, should get you started. Which tradition is the most interesting to you? Don’t forget to practice the traditions that you think you can do to make your girl happy. For more cultural posts, check out more from our blog.

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Ladies Who Want To Find New Love In 2018

With only a few days left before 2018, we need to realize that another year will soon pass. It’s the perfect time for us to reflect on what we have accomplished. Also, we need to reflect on what lessons we have learned in 2017. Maybe, it’s also the right time to open ourselves up to dating and finding a new love.

Meet Anastasia Date Ladies Who Want To Find New Love

We’ve compiled ladies who are also opening up to the idea of dating and finding a new love they can be in a serious relationship with. If you have the same goal for the new year, you need to meet the Anastasia Ladies on our list:


Karolina21 - Anastasia Date Lady

This is Karolina. She’s 21 years old. Despite her age, she has a good sense of direction for her life. Next year, she has decided to search for a guy who is serious about being in a committed relationship. She’s tired of boys who are always playing around. She wants honesty, commitment, and security.


Olga20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Olga says that she has two sides that you need to discover. There’s the side that’s very trusting, but there’s the side of her that likes to take risks. She continues by saying that her personality will be a lot to handle. However, it will be one thing that can spice her future relationship up.


Kristina24- Anastasia Date Lady

Kristina purposefully wore red on most of her photos on her dating profile. She believes that red is the color of love and passion. The same color is going to get her a date. And hopefully, a man who she can care for as the new year arrives.


Luiza25 - Anastasia Date Lady

Luiza says that she has had a bit of trouble in her dating life this year. She has met a lot of guys, but most of them were not impressive to her. The kind of guys that she attracts are too confident and are not into serious relationships. Next year, she wants to meet men who are more down-to-earth and laid back.


Viktoria31 - Anastasia Date Lady

Viktoria wants to dial down her life in the coming year. She says that she’s going back to the basics and she’s extending it into her love life as well. When it comes to the traits she likes in a man, she doesn’t have a lot to specify. She just wants someone who can appreciate the small things in life with her.

Get To Know Your Potential New Love

Remember that you can get to know more about the ladies on this list by visiting their profiles. You can do that by clicking on their names. For more lists, check out the rest of our blog.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Seduction Techniques Every Girl Will Appreciate

When it comes to seduction techniques, we all have our go-to strategies we apply every time we have a date. The main question, however, is if our strategies actually work or not. Let’s admit that, most of the time, we don’t always hit the bullseye but that’s all going to change after reading this post.

Seduction Techniques For Every Woman

Today, let’s talk about useful seduction techniques that could actually work on every woman. These techniques have been used by several internet users and most of them have reported back with positive results. Let’s see what these seduction techniques can do for you:

Create Value

We don’t want to quantify people’s worth but there is such a thing as perceived value. It’s defined as how important you are in the eyes of other people. In order to catch a woman’s attention, you need to create value for yourself. A woman has to see you as “valuable”, so to speak. You can do this by ignoring her, initially. Do not pay attention to the woman that you like.

Of course, this technique will work better when you are randomly meeting a woman. When you are on a date that you have already set up, you can create value by not paying too much attention.

Hook & Reel

The hook and reel technique is very interesting. The strategy is that you create value for yourself, you hook the attention of the woman for a while, and then you reel it back. You dial it back a bit so that she does the chasing instead of you.

In Demand

Here’s another way of creating value. When a woman sees that other women flock towards you, she will have to do the same. Psychologically, there’s just a certain allure about a man that every woman wants. Make friends with as many women as possible.

These are just three strategies but the more that you practice these seduction techniques, the higher the chance that they will work for you. Do let us know how it works for you. We have a lot more posts that you can learn from. Check out more posts on our blog.

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