Friday, December 1, 2017

The Most Detailed Insight Into Lives Of Unique AnastasiaDate Beauties

AnastasiaDate has grown to be one of the leading international dating platforms on the internet. As soon as you sign up on the site, you’ll quickly find out that there are plenty of interesting and gorgeous beauties that you can meet. This is what the website is all about – connecting people from different parts of the world.

Two people, miles away, can simply chat with each other online and make the connection. However, because the site has always strived for excellence, it didn’t just stop its efforts in developing its internal communication tools. It has leveled up the user’s experience through providing creative content. The latest of which are slews of videos that members and non-members can view. These videos are focused on getting to know the ladies and their culture.

A Peek Into The Lives Of AnastasiaDate Ladies

Sure, messaging and video chatting can allow a person to get to know a lady from the website more, but the videos are a fun way to engage members and spark the interest of non-member who are wondering what life could be like for an AnastasiaDate lady who lives miles away. The following are just some of the videos that from the ladies:

We Say Privet

This playlist has a number of videos that show off the culture of some of the ladies on the website. It’s a fun video series that allows the ladies to speak their mind and share their thoughts.

Their Story

Another playlist that viewers can check out is the one above. This list concentrates more on the stories of some of the ladies on the site. Think about it as a sort of introduction.

AnastasiaDate Basics

The last playlist is all about AnastasiaDate – what it’s all about, what it’s aim is, and how it works.

The videos are available on YouTube. As mentioned, even non-members can view each of the videos on the three playlists. If you want to know more about AnastasiaDate as well as its members, it’s a must for you to check the playlists out. For more articles on online dating and relationships, check out our blog.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Online Dating Email Tips You Have To Learn Today

Have you ever thought about improving your emailing skills? It might sound like something that’s beneficial for you professionally, but composing a good email will bring you success in other areas of life as well. More specifically, it might be the key to getting you more online dates. This is why you’re going to need these dating email tips.

Dating Email Tips To Improve Your Online Love Life

First off, let’s admit to the fact that we all write in a sloppy manner. We have to do away with this habit when we are composing an email to our potential online date. The dating email tips that we are going to list down focuses on giving your emails more organization and better content:

1. Use Punctuations Loosely

You need to remember that emailing is not like texting. You have to use whole words with the correct punctuations. Let’s try an example: How are you today? Were you serious about your dog being all active? I have a dog like that too…What are your plans this weekend?

If you analyze the lines above, they may not be detrimental but try this instead: Hi. Were you serious about your dog being all active? – It’s short, simple and not overwhelming because there aren’t a lot of punctuation marks.

2. Structure And Organize

We usually want to say a million things through email but it’s not a good idea. Make sure that your ideas are concise and that they are separated into paragraphs. This way, your email is easy to read.

3. Sell Yourself

How do you sell yourself through email? Well, mention something interesting that you’re doing. For example, “That’s it for now. I have to go to John Legend’s concert in a bit.”

By mentioning something interesting, you’re opening up the topic for further discussion. Your date’s going to likely ask you about the concert next time.

These dating email tips are just small changes that you can make. Despite them being small tweaks, they can impact your dating life greatly. Use them wisely and then let us know what the result is. For more tips on how to improve your online dating experience, read more of our blog.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Their Seductive Stare Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Is it possible for someone to stop you dead in your tracks with one seductive stare? You may have only seen this in movies but it could happen in real life as well, especially when the lady who is looking at you is drop dead gorgeous.

Their Seductive Stare Could Launch A Thousand Ships

Helen of Troy doesn’t have anything on the Anastasia Date ladies we have on our list this week. We’ve carefully selected lovely women with stunning photos that exhibit how irresistible their stares really are:


Marina26 - Anastasia Date Lady

First on our list is Marina who is a blonde bombshell. She’s a lawyer by profession. But, one of her biggest passions is traveling. She says that her passport is almost already full of stamps and marks from her travels abroad.


Alina31 - Anastasia Date Lady

Alina is a model who is currently residing in Prague. She tells us that her career is very exciting and it has opened a lot of doors for her. One of the most interesting hobbies she does is video creation. She loves it because, to her, a video is like a moving picture that tells a better story.


Olga23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Olga is currently working as a manager in Berlin. She describes herself as cheerful and positive. She tells us that she’s pretty satisfied with her life, but she’ll be even more satisfied when she has someone special next to her.

EUGENIAEugenia25 - Anastasia Date Lady

Eugenia can easily be mistaken as a model but she actually works behind the camera. She’s a photographer who likes fashion, makeup, and styling. She would like to meet a man who knows his purpose in life. In addition, she doesn’t want to meet someone who likes to brag about their material possessions. Instead, a man who is down-to-earth and loves life is the one for her.


Margarita28 - Anastasia Date Lady

There’s one thing that Margarita absolutely dislikes – it’s stress. She’s the kind of woman who lives life with a very positive outlook. She tries to de-stress herself through dancing, it’s one of her many passions. Through it, she can express her mood.

That’s it on our list this week. Did a lady catch your interest with her seductive stare? Remember that you can know more about a certain lady by clicking on her name and visiting her profile. For more lists similar to this, check out our blog.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Tips That Will Help You Get What You Want In Love

We don’t always get what we want in life. The best example of this is balancing your career and love life. Most people think that if you are successful in your profession, it’s likely that your love life may not be doing so well. When you turn the tables around, you may be lucky in love, but you’re having a hard time climbing the career ladder. Is there any way to help you get what you want?

How To Get What You Want In Love

Focusing on just love, most experts say that it all boils down to knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. It’s basically the art of negotiation. You go to your partner or date, you lay your cards on the table, and you wait for them to respond to your favor. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this:

1. Confident Mindset

To get what you want in love, you have to internalize your goal and feel like you can achieve it without a lot of effort. Having this mindset will boost your confidence. When you’re confident even before you make any negotiations, it’s likely that you will be the victor.

2. Know When To Walk Away

Since you already have your confident mindset, you have to identify if opportunities, or dates, more specifically, are worth your time. You have to know when to walk out. You must have the strength and insight within yourself to identify if someone is good or no good for you.

3. A Mini Mind Game Won’t Hurt

One expert suggests that a mini mind game is appropriate to get what you want. This expert explains a technique called “anchoring”. It is defined as “the use of irrelevant information as a reference for evaluating or estimating some unknown value or information.”

For example, you want your partner to go on a trip with you for your anniversary. You could say: “Hey hun, do you think it would be doable to go to Europe this year?” Your partner will likely say no. You can follow it up by saying, “You’re right, let’s go somewhere nearer instead.”

Because the second option sounds easier or better, your partner will likely go with that. It’s like in sales where you offer a product for $60, but then offer a discount of $10 when they buy the product within 10 hours.

To be honest, this is going to be a skill that you need to learn if you desire to get what you want in love. The more of these tips you practice, the better you will be at doing them. Try them out and see what happens. For more dating and relationship tips, check out our blog.

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