Thursday, October 19, 2017

Achieve Marriage Bliss By Doing These Simple Things

With all the stories about divorce circulating the internet, do you still believe that you can achieve marriage bliss? It seems like a big goal to take on because bliss means “perfect happiness”. One research implies that there’s an easy way for you to achieve this.

The University Of Toronto Studies How To Achieve Marriage Bliss

The study opens with saying that most women feel their relationship satisfaction diminishing when they view their parenting as unfair. Let’s all admit that women still do most of the house work. Women also primarily take care of the children. Even with a full-time job under their belts, they still do more than the men.

Certain Conditions That Lead To The Utmost Dissatisfaction

The results of the research revealed that women are most dissatisfied when they feel their parenting and house work get in the way of their career success.

Based on the findings:

  • Most women are forced to take on part-time jobs because of the high demands of maintaining the household.
  • These women felt like they are stuck in their role as mothers because they take care of the kids around the clock.

Implied Solution

It’s true that men of today do more housework compared to the men from the 1970s. However, the amount of work in the household still needs to be divided more equally, especially when your wife is the type who wants to have her own career.

To achieve marriage bliss, it won’t hurt if you help around the house. Wash the dishes, prepare dinner, make sure that the kids are bathed, and take out the trash.

Even if you do the bare minimum, you’ll still be helping your wife achieve fulfillment in another aspect of her life.

Lesson For Husbands

The results of this study should be a good lesson to husbands reading this now. If your wife is taking care of everything around the house so you can achieve success in your career, you should do the same for her.

When she reaches the point in her life where she wants to work or wants to open her own business, support her. For more relationship tips, check out the rest of our blog here.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

These Sweethearts Will Tell You Why Fall Is Their Favorite Season

A lot of people love fall. It could be because of the weather. It could be because of all the hues of reds and oranges on plants and trees. Each of us has our own reason why fall is our favorite season.

Ladies As Gorgeous As Their Favorite Season

The ladies on this week’s list also have their reasons why fall is their most favorite season of all. Could it be the season for love and dating to them? Let’s find out.


Polina 19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Polina is from Kiev, Ukraine. The reason why she loves fall so much is because she feels like the season represents her emotions and personality the best. To her, fall is loving, but a little bit cruel, passionate but a little bit withdrawn.


Alina 24 - Anastasia Date Lady

Meet Alina. Whenever she’s free, she loves to travel the world. She says that fall has made the countries that she has visited even more beautiful. Nothing compares to seeing cities and places during this special season, she continues.


Valentina 29 - Anastasia Date Lady

Valentia loves to draw and do yoga. She says that she draws most of her inspiration from her scenery, and what better scenery to capture than her city, Kherson, Ukraine, during fall. Plus, she loves doing yoga at the park during fall.


Ekaterina 24 - Anastasia Date Lady

This is Ekaterina. She describes her personality as complex, or with many sides and angles. To her, fall is the same. It’s not just one-sided. Behind the beauty of the leaves, there’s also the harshness of the winds and weather.


Sofiya 18 - Anastasia Date Lady

The reason why Sofia loves fall is plain and simple. She says that the season displays all of her favorite earth colors – from the leaves, the various displays in her city, to the color of the clothes that people wear. She’s very taken with hues of orange and red, with hints of green or brown.

Do you share the same love for fall as these ladies? If the answer is yes, maybe you have a lot more in common and not just the love for fall. Start a conversation by visiting the lady’s profile. You can do so by clicking on each of their names.

We will have more lists like this next week. For now, you can read the past lists we’ve made here, or you can check out more of our blog posts here.


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Monday, October 16, 2017

Is Online Dating The Best Way To Get Over Heartbreak?

How do you get over heartbreak? It’s a difficult question to answer because one solution might not be ideal for everybody. It’s not a one-size-fits all deal, but, commonly, our friends would tell us to jump into the dating scene, once again, so the next person we meet can distract us from our current heartache.

You Need A Rebound To Get Over Heartbreak

In other words, our friends are telling us that we, the broken heart-ed, need a rebound. Yes, it’s kind of mean because a rebound, in case you did not know, is a person you date so don’t feel so bad about your last breakup. Commonly, because one person in the relationship is emotionally unstable, the relationship with a rebound person doesn’t last long.

That sounds absolutely cruel, but a study made in 2014 revealed that people who engaged in new relationships not too long after their break up had more confidence in how desirable they were. These people even felt that the issues they had with their former fling were somewhat resolved. This was done by researcher Claudia C. Brumbaugh of Queens College in New York, and you can read the full study here.

Consider These Tips, First

Despite the seemingly positive impact, Dr Nikki Goldstein, sexologist and author of #Singlebutdating, says that there are still consequences from your decision to go back into the dating scene prematurely.  We really do want the best of both worlds. It’s like we want to get over heartbreak but we don’t want to hurt anybody. We have the following suggestions:

  • Before you decide, make sure that you are in a place where the level of pain you feel is acceptable. The more intense the pain, the higher the amount or quality of attention you need from your online date.
  • Once you’ve figured out tip #1, go ahead and start online dating. Flirt with a few people, but don’t hint them into thinking that you are looking for a relationship.
  • Be aware of how you are feeling and acting. It’s easy to get very emotional when you are hurt, but you need to draw the line somewhere if you are not yet ready to commit.

The bottom line is that you can get over heartbreak through online dating. You can’t really call it a rebound relationship when you are open to telling people you meet online that you are not ready for such. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think? For more dating and relationship tips, make sure you check out more of our posts on our blog.

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