Thursday, September 21, 2017

Will Your Love Last Forever? Here’s How You’ll Know

“Will my love last forever?” This is a common concern among couples who are in a serious relationship. Of course, when we are in it for the long haul, we want it to last. We want our relationship to stand the test of time. But, can it really?

Can Your Love Last Forever? Signs That Say Yes

We may not have the ability to tell you that your love will last for 100 years – no one can predict exactly how long a relationship will last. But, what we can tell you are surprising signs that indicate your relationship could be permanent:

1. You will NOT do everything for your partner.

The first sign could be a little surprising to you because when you love someone you’re supposed to be willing to do anything and everything. That’s what the media tells you. You should willing to do what you can, but you don’t need to bend over backwards just to give your partner what he or she wants.

2. You rely on yourself for personal growth and happiness.

Most of the time, we rely our growth and happiness on our significant other. To us, this seems normal because we have gotten used to our partner being our source of joy. Honestly, this is too much pressure for one person to handle. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you have to rely on yourself for personal growth and happiness.

3. There is an emotional, physical and financial connection.

Couples who do not last long usually connect either emotionally and physically, but not financially. Sometimes, it’s just financial and physical, but not emotional. You need to be involved in all three for the relationship to be balanced and harmonious.

By where the signs are going, you can probably tell the message we want to convey. The bottom line is, to make your love last forever, you have to maintain both your individuality and your togetherness to really strengthen your bond. Even if you fall out of love, as most couples naturally do after several years of being together, the relationship can still be worked on because you’ve maintained your singularity as persons while still focusing on strengthening your partnership and togetherness.

Can you spot any of the signs you’ve read in this article in your current relationship? We hope that you do. For more articles on relationships and dating, check out more of our blog here.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Anastasia Date: Gorgeous Runners Who’ll Run Straight To You

Running is a great way to keep fit. Science says it also gives your mood a boost because it releases happy hormones in your body. So, if you date an Anastasia Date runner, you’ll be dating a person who is healthy, gorgeous, and happy.

Meet The Anastasia Date Ladies That Has Made Running Into A Lifestyle

Well,  with the Anastasia Date girls on our list this week, it’s evident that they have made running their lifestyle – they look fantastic and their cheerfulness can be seen in their eyes and smile. Let’s meet them:


Daria - AnastasiaDate

Daria is our first runner on this list. She is from Ukraine, and especially likes to go on trail runs. She would like to date someone who also loves to run or hike. She mentions that she would someday want this special someone to visit her, and run the forests of Ukraine.


Angelina - AnastasiaDate

Angelina has more of a sensitive side. Aside from running, she loves to watch romantic movies. When she’s too into the movie, she says that she almost always cries at the end. Maybe, you should bring a hanky when you’re on your date.


Ekaterina - AnastasiaDate

You already know that Ekaterina loves to run, but what you may not know is that she also loves to dance. More specifically, she loves to go Latin dancing. The reasons behind this interest in Latin dances is because she thinks it’s the most passionate form of moving your body.


Vladislava - AnastasiaDate

Vladislava describes herself as cheerful. She says that the most important accessory any girl can have to make herself look beautiful is a smile. She would like to meet someone who is as positive as her one day.


Olesya - AnastasiaDate

Olesya is a real beauty, and it’s most likely because she runs almost everyday. But, aside from running, she also loves to take photos of interesting places and people. If you date her, be ready to go on several adventures so she can take the photos she wants.

We will have more lists for you soon! In the meantime, you can check out our blog for posts on dating and relationships. You’ll also find more lists of Anastasia Date ladies there.


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Monday, September 18, 2017

This Is The Unexpected Secret Ingredient To Better Relationships

Your parents have always told you not to watch too much TV, or else you’ll end up with a ruined eyesight. Well, that might be true. TV could be bad for our eyes, but what our parents did not tell us is that watching a lot of TV (or Netflix, in today’s era) could lead to better relationships.

Could Better Relationships Really Emerge From Hours Of Watching Netflix?

A research, published in the Sage Journals, seems to suggest that watching TV or Netflix is a great way to bond with your partner. The researched involved 200 couples who were in a committed relationship.

Researchers asked the couple only two questions:

  • How satisfied they were with their partner.
  • How often they exposed themselves to media (music, movie, social media) together.

The results of the research showed that couples who spend more time experiencing any form of media together are more satisfied with their relationship. And, it’s not just media too. The research suggests that any form of entertainment shared together by a couple can improve the relationship significantly.

How TV Can Result To Better Relationships

The result is surprising, to say the least, because how can two people watching TV shows for hours without talking to each other feel more connected? The improvement of the relationship will, actually, comes after watching the Netflix series. As soon as you turn to your partner and ask him or her, “So, what do you think?” you’re strengthening your relationship because you are connecting. Whether your opinions are the same or different, you still make that connection because you are communicating something that you are both interested in.

Movie Dates Are A Good Idea

So the next time you’re planning your date, why not go to the movies? All you have to do is make sure that the movie you’re interested in watching is of interest to your partner as well. After, talk about what you thought of the movie.

Who would’ve thought that Netflix, TV, or movies would result to better relationships? Test this theory out and see if does any good to your love life. For more dating and relationship tips, check out the rest of our posts from our blog.

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