Thursday, August 3, 2017

AnastasiaDate: She Still Thinks Of You If She Does These Things

Did she break your heart by cheating on you? Were you the one who ended things for some reason or another? Did she maybe reject you, not giving your relationship a chance at all? For whatever reason you’re not together, it is possible that she’s still thinking of you. AnastasiaDate gives you the clues.

AnastasiaDate Describes The Signs You’re Still On Her Mind

Sometimes the decisions we make come back to haunt us. Especially when the person we didn’t manage to keep in our lives moves on with their life. This is when we think about them the most. Could she be regretting not being with you?

#1. Social Media Attention

Does she frequently like your photographs on Facebook and Instagram, or does she comment on your posts? Is she your number one follower on Twitter, sharing your messages the minute you post them? If she wastes no time following your updates on the social media, there must be a reason for it.

#2. She Hates That You Cut All Ties

Did you decide that her behavior was inexcusable, or did you feel like there was no other way to forget about her but to cut all ties and burn all bridges of communication with her? Maybe that wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. If she wanted you to be “friends” or keep your options open, you probably hurt her pride big time by severing ties. And that would have made her want your attention ever more badly.

#3. She Is Trying To Remain In Your Radar

Whether by hanging out in the same places you did, or by keeping contact with your circle of friends, if she is making an effort to still be in your life, it’s probably because she thinks she’d fit there perfectly.

#4. You Know She’s Not Seriously Seeing Anyone

Just when you thought she was with someone else, a little bird tells you that she’s very much single. Which leaves her with plenty of time to think about you. And her. Maybe even combined.

#6. She’s Asking After You

Do you have common friends/ acquaintances she’s asking about you? Has she asked them about your love life too? If so, it could be she’s interested not only in your well-being as a friend but in your relationship status too, as someone who’d like to be more than a friend.

#7. She Hasn’t Let A Holiday Go Without Contacting You

From your birthday to Christmas, to National Pet Day, she seems to grab any opportunity she can to contact you. In fact, she may even go so far as to send a wish to your family too, just to show you she hasn’t forgotten about you guys, and that she’s very much present.

At AnastasiaDate, we don’t like to make your decisions for you, but if she’s showing these signs it’s pretty obvious you’re still on her mind. If you are thinking about her too, maybe you could give things another go. But if you feel her behavior is not something you can leave behind, you can just enjoy her attention. It’s really up to you.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Habits Confident People Don’t Have

One of the greatest attributes people of both sexes should possess is confidence. It is also one of the most misunderstood, for there are many people who confuse self-confidence with arrogance and the most recent “swagger”. However, they way to tell genuinely confident people from those faking it is by noticing the way they live their life.

Confident People Hardly Ever Do These Things

We often see people with super low self-esteem trying to cover it up by adopting a behavior that’s full or gloating, intimidating others, even belittling their partners and making them feel insecure. But truly confident people wouldn’t be caught dead doing the following things.

#1. They are not attention-seekers.

Those who truly believe in themselves will not be loud; they won’t break their back trying to make a good impression. That’s because they know they can achieve these things just by being their genuine selves.

#2. They don’t constantly compare themselves with others.

A confident person doesn’t need to spend time and energy comparing his/ her achievements or deficiencies with those of others in order to measure his/her success.  The benchmark for a confident person is their own dreams and goals, not the achievements or failures of others.

#3. They don’t gossip.

Similarly, confident people are not into the habit of gossiping. If they mention other people, it is usually because they want to praise them or because they are inspired by them, not aiming to diss them behind their back.

#4. They don’t need other people’s permission.

Confident people may consult others, but they are ultimately the ones calling the shots. A confident person may take a friend’s or an expert’s advice into account, but they will proceed any way they see fit because confident people make confident moves.

#5. They make no excuses.

When a confident person acts, he/she is sure of the reasons for his/her decision. This is why they will rarely make an excuse, and this is also why they will take the blame for any mistakes they may have made. You will rarely hear a confident person shifting the blame, as confident people believe that they are the masters of their fate, and they willingly own their own errors, which they see as lessons.

#5. They aren’t quitters.

Confident people are goal-oriented and they have a plan. If their plan fails, instead of quitting they will most likely hone a different one, looking for alternative approaches in order to reach their target.

If you feel that some of the above-mentioned things are behaviors you’d like to adopt, you should make a conscious effort to gain self-esteem and become one of the confident people. Luckily, confidence is something that can be developed once you enter the right frame of mind. As the world-famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh put it: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

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