Thursday, May 11, 2017

How Loving Someone And Being In Love Are Two Different Things

Love is such a strong word, and it is also so frequently and widely used that we often get confused, mistaking loving someone with being in love with her. If you’re not 100% sure you can tell the difference, read on.

What Does Loving Someone Mean?

To begin to understand the difference between loving someone and being in love with her, we need to attempt to define the two.  To love someone means to deeply care about her, to want what’s best for her, to be willing to make sacrifices in order to help her in any way that you can.

Like a mother cares about her child unconditionally, like you want what’s best for your siblings and go out of your way to assist your friends whenever you feel it’s necessary, love asks for nothing in return.

What Does It Mean To Be In Love?

Being in love is a different story, however. When you’re in love, you don’t just want the best for your partner, you admire her and you’re passionate about whatever she is passionate about. While love is unconditional, being in love is a lot more selfish: you desperately want her to reciprocate the feeling; you lose sleep when you don’t hear her voice and your heart sinks when she fails to call.

Being in love is not comfortable either. Your heart races when you catch a glimpse of her, your mouth dries and you lose the ability to think rationally- instead, you stutter, you daydream and lose focus because she is the only thing on your mind. Where love may just be platonic, being in love makes you want to be as close to your object of desire as possible. You crave her and worship the land she walks on, you even turn blind to her negative sides, adoring even her worst attributes just because they are part of her. When you love someone, you see those sides but choose to let the good traits of someone win because you know they outweigh the negative ones.

When Being In Love With Her Turns Into Loving Her

Being in love is intoxicating. The butterflies in your stomach are a sweet torture, your racing heart is the strongest reminder you’re alive. But it’s a fleeting feeling every time. For some, being in love lasts for years, for others, it’s a matter of days before they fall out of love. But if you are really lucky and willing to work together towards building a strong relationship, however, what follows is real, profound and rewarding kind of love which will stay with you forever and guide you towards a happy life.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

These Hilarious Comments Shed New Light On Long Distance Relationships

inPeople tend to take relationships very seriously, but it’s such a lovely break when we take some time to have fun with life. Even though long distance relationships can be hard work, like all relationships, Buzzfeed took some of the funniest tweets of people in long distance relationships and made us smile.

The Funniest Long Distance Relationships Tweets

Enjoy some of the tweets of people who refuse to give up on their long distance relationships and have such a great sense of humor that they really made our day.

Buzzfeed makes us laugh with the sweetest long distance relationships tweets.

Twitter user OFELIE is probably too familiar with having to deal with the different time zones between herself and her significant other.

A funny tweet about technology failing us in long distance relationships.

Amber, on the other hand, seems to be struggling with technological failure in her own long-distance relationship.

A funny tweet about spending time apart when in long distance relationships.

Mikayla’s tweet about the way your mood changes when you contact your long distance partner after some time apart needs no explaining.

A funny tweet about the ways we try to connect with our partner in long distance relationships.

Bri tweets about her extensive use of technology in trying to connect with her boyfriend.

A funny/upset tweet about not being able to see a pic of your loved one in long distance relationships.

Twitter user vimto mami is not too upset about her LDR to joke about it.

A funny tweet about the way long distance relationships have changed with the advancement of technology.

Julie Alexander makes a funny, if a little exaggerated, tweet about the Snapchat revolution not just in long distance relationships, but generally.

A tweet of a guy who's got his long distance girlfriend's photo in his pillowcases.

Imaginative Mae tweets a photograph of a guy who has his girlfriend’s pic printed on his pillow cases. Next best thing to sleeping by your loved one’s side?

Even Minnie Mouse is employed in tweets about the pains and the beauty of long distance relationships.

Chayce uses a sweet cartoon character to demonstrate how happy she is when her guy says they’ll meet in a week. Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

People in long ditance relationships use even Voldermort memes to show how they feel.

Do you turn into Voldemort when you finally see your long distance girlfriend after a long spell apart? Twitter user @jackjackfletch does (sort of).

Why long ditance relationships work for some.

Johnny McNulty is honest enough to admit that long distance relationships are the perfect situation for some.

A funny pun on long distance relationships.

@elamin88 made us smile with this cute pun (geddit?)

Both long distance relationships and those we form when we are near our partners can have good times and bad, it is up to us to work towards making things work, setting goals and having fun. With technology on our side, even the most difficult long distance relationships can be something to joke about.


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