Thursday, December 1, 2016

Three People We Fall In Love With In Our Lifetime

How many times have you fallen in love in your life? Well, it’s been said that we fall in love only three times in our lifetime.  Can you believe it? As unpredictable as love can be, not a lot of people will find that we only truly fall in love three times in one lifetime.

Do We Really Fall In Love Only Three Times In One Lifetime?

Let’s see if you can agree after reading the entire article. They say that each time we fall in love, it is for a specific reason and with a specific type of person.

1. Prince or Princess Charming

The first person we fall in love with is Prince or Princess Charming. This person is good-looking, perfect and worships the ground we walk on, according to the stories we’ve read or heard.

This kind of love tends to happen when we are really young. We don’t know much about the world yet, so we only have fairytales to base our perspective of love. To put it shortly, this kind of love is idealistic. This kind of love with this kind of person never really works out because the person we fall for won’t turn out to be the person we thought.

2. The Heartbreaker

The heartbreaker is the second person we fall in love with, and, as you might have guessed, this kind of person is the first to cause us a heartbreak. That sounds really bad, but you have to admit that every painful moment we’ve had turned into a lasting lesson.

The second person we love may break our hearts into a thousand pieces, but it is this same person that will teach us the most valuable lessons we will ever learn. We’ve always thought that the heartbreaker would be the one, but this person is called the heartbreaker for a reason.

3. Mr. Or Ms. Unexpected

Mr. or Ms. Unexpected is just what their name suggests. They appear out of nowhere, and they are the type of person that contradicts everything that we thought we wanted in a partner. This kind of a guy or a girl is definitely a pleasant surprise, and it is likely for us to end up with this kind of person forever.

So now, what do you think of the theory that says we only fall in love three times in one lifetime? Leave your comments below and let’s get a discussion going. Also, don’t forget to check out Anastasia Date if you’re looking your very own Ms. Unexpected.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Irresistible Five: Stunning Girls With The Desire For Adevnture

Do you like to travel? The irresistible five on this week’s list also have the case of the wanderlust. Travelling can be an eye-opening and horizon-broadening experience. But, it could get lonely when you’re always travelling alone. Make your experience better by travelling with one of these gorgeous ladies from Anastasia Date who also have the spirit of adventure in them.



Darina is a beauty which embraces the active lifestyle. She likes to ride bikes, art and photography. She mentions on her profile that she likes to visit warm, tropical countries where she can appreciate interesting places and meet interesting people. Take her to a museum when you travel because she loves visiting museums!



Elina loves to go on adventures. She’s probably had too many on her own that she doesn’t want to go on any more adventures if it is not with the man she loves. She wants to meet someone who has the same spirit as her and is also an animal lover like her. A few tips guys, she loves horses and loves horseback riding.



Anastasia does have the case of the wanderlust, but she dreams to be a dentist soon. For the mean time, she concentrates on her hobbies: dancing and travelling. She’s already visited several cities in Ukraine, but she does want to see the whole world. She can, however, be a great tour guide if you want to visit Ukraine any time soon.



There are two sides to Irina – one side wants to be a housewife, but the other a business lady. She can probably do both because she is a smart woman. Some of her hobbies include attending fitness classes, running, swimming and, of course, travelling and discovering the world.



Victoriya loves to listen to music, but sports and travelling are really her life. She goes to the gym regularly and loves to spend time outdoors, hiking. She someday hopes to learn more about the cultures of the world as she travels with her man.

Want more of Anastasia Date’s irresistible five lists? Well, you’re going to have to wait until next week. For the time being, why not check more posts on our blog for dating tips and relationship advice.


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Monday, November 28, 2016

How To Know If You’re More Than Friends

It’s difficult to determine where the line of friendship ends and the one for potential romantic relationships begin. It’s especially true if you’ve been friends, or more than friends in this case, for years! If you feel this way about a particular friend of yours, some signs tell you there could be more than just friendly feelings in the air.

Signs That Tell You You’re Actually More Than Friends

Take a look at how you treat each other and how you move within your friendship. See if you can spot the following signs:

Communication On The Daily Basis

Your commitment to staying connected should already tell you something. If you text, call, chat or talk to each other in person every day, it could mean that you want to be in each other’s presence all the time.

A Lot Of Secrets

Do you know secrets about each other? If both of you have been opening up to each other, it is a sign of a deeper connection. Best friends also share secrets together, but you’ll know that you’re more than friends when you share flirty secrets, not just ones from your personal life. For example, do you know if your friend is sleeping in the nude? People who are attracted to each other can’t help but flirt.


When do friends become jealous of people you date? Maybe sometimes if you’re not spending time with them anymore, but they get over it. You’ll know that you’re more than friends if you cannot get over who your friend is dating right now.

You Go Out On Dates All The Time

Well, you may not realize that you go on dates because you label it as “hanging out”. But, when the attraction is almost palpable between you two, it is a date even though you won’t admit it.

Your Other Friends Think You Have Something

How many other friends have told you that you have a special type of connection? If it’s not just you who is noticing that there may be something, it’s likely that romantic feelings are bubbling up.

If you spotted all the five signs, what do you do? It’s up to you. You have to consider your friend’s feelings also. If all signs point to yes, then go for it and make it official. For more dating tips, make sure to check out more posts on our blog.

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