Friday, November 11, 2016

What To Do When She’s Playing Hard To Get

Let’s talk about those hard to get women. Think about how many times you’ve approached a woman who seems like she is not interested in you, but still keeps you on your toes. Now, how many times out of those have you gotten a yes for a date?

How To Talk To Women Who Always Play Hard To Get

If you have no clue what your answer is, it means that you need to improve the way you are approaching the women. What you need to remember is that women like to be chased. You need to apply a certain finesse to get a woman to say yes to a dinner or a cup of coffee. Take note of the following tips that can help you approach women better:

Dress Nicely

Dressing nicely doesn’t mean that you have to wear an Armani suit. You just need to look good and feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. You could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but please take note that wearing sweatpants is not considered “dressing nicely”.

Be A Confident Version Of Yourself

Be a more confident version of yourself. Women like a man who can take charge! The woman you want to approach might be playing hard to get to weed out men who are too shy and unconfident.

TIP: Women respond to a man who has swag. You get it from the clothes you wear and your confidence. It’s a word that can’t be explained exactly, but it has a similar meaning with style, especially in this case. Improve your confidence and try Googling “casual street style for men” to give you an idea of what looks good.

No Using Pickup Lines With Hard To Get Women

Whatever lines you’ve learned, drop them. Stop using pickup lines that have never worked before. Be creative, or better yet, just introduce yourself and ask her to go out for coffee.

TIP: Why not ask her out for dinner? The main reason is because she might not be ready for that yet. Having coffee is more casual and comfortable. It works best for getting to know each other before going on a more official date.

Other Tips To Remember

Except for the tips mentioned above, here are other tips that you need to remember with women who play hard to get:

  • If she’s not making eye contact, it most likely means that she’s not interested.
  • Take a closer look at her body language as she is talking to you. If she’s leaning in towards you or playing with her hair, her body is saying yes even though she’s telling you maybe. Go for it!
  • It could all be in your head! Women may not be playing hard to get at all.
  • If she rejects you, it’s no big deal.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Anastasia Date Tips: What Annoys Russian Ladies

Sometimes, men can’t help it if their annoying, obnoxious side is showing. It’s normal for you guys to behave this way, now and then, because, as the saying goes, boys will be boys. But this might be a problem for Anastasia Date ladies.

Anastasia Date Advises: Get On Her Good Side

If you want to date Russian women online successfully, you have to stay on their good side at all times, or at least try to. To do that, you have to know what to avoid. Anastasia Date will tell you exactly what NOT to do:

1. Make fun of her superstitious beliefs.

Did you know that Russian people are very superstitious? Yes, it’s part of their culture. The first time you hear Russian superstitions, you may think they are strange, but never make fun of them.

Anastasia Date Suggestion: Embrace the culture, and keep an open mind about things that you find strange.

2. More of your inappropriate jokes!

If you think she’s amused, think again. Inappropriate jokes make Russian ladies believe that you might be suggesting something sexual. These types of jokes may be funny to you, but it’s annoying the heck out the ladies you meet online.

Anastasia Date Suggestion: Learn the difference between flirting and making inappropriate jokes. Making rude jokes is also different from having a sense humor.

3. Talk over her.

Talking over someone is just plain rude. When online dating, one way to put your best foot forward is to listen to the person on the other line. Don’t interrupt and talk at the same time she is!

4. Talk about boring things.

One thing that annoys a Russian lady is a boring conversation. You have to improve your speaking skills for this one. You also have to be sensitive enough to know when the Russian girl is disinterested in what you’re talking about.

Anastasia Date Suggestion: Do your research and get some help from other posts on our blog regarding dating Eastern European women.

5. Preserve your unkempt appearance.

If you don’t take pride in the way you look, how would you attract a beautiful Russian female? Your appearance is something that can be overlooked, but it does show if you don’t take care of yourself well. Try to brush your hair and trim your beard before your video chat.

Remember, these are the things you need to avoid. Do this, and you’ll have a better chance at finding a Russian girlfriend online. What do you think of these Anastasia date tips? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to check out more posts on our blog.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Short Skirt, High Heels: Irresistible Five Dressed To Kill

Sure, the phrase Dressed To Kill might be a bit much, but we all know what it means, and after you meet this weeks’ Irresistible Five, you’ll have to agree that it fits perfectly.

Because these girls will take your breath away with their fashion choices and you are not going to mind. In fact, you may even fall in love, if you are amongst those who believe in love at first sight. If you don’t, on the other hand, there’s always that safer road of clicking on her name and then getting to know her better through AnastasiaDate.

So go ahead, take a look, do you like their fashion (or life) choices?


Irresistible Five Karina

Karina from Moldova is a 20-year-old girl who can wear anything she wants since everything looks perfect on her. Part of the reason for that maybe the fact that she takes good care of herself. She says that she absolutely adores baths with rose petals and aroma oils. She keeps herself in good mood and shape with SPA, sports, and some other women’s tricks. Try asking her what they are, maybe she tells you her secret.


Anna AnastasiaDateFashion

Anna is a very creative person. She has a creative approach to all things, almost in all life situations. She likes everything beautiful (paintings, music, poetry and nature). Also, she is a romantic and a dreamy person. One of the most important things in life for her is love. She wants to love and to be loved.


Daria AnastasiaDateFashion

As you can see, Daria love to go to the beach. (She’s also beautiful from the front, but you’ll have to click on her profile to check that). She is lovely, communicative, and open minded person, very friendly and feminine girl, who thinks good family values are important. Those are also main things she is searching for in a relationship.


AnastasiaDateFashion Kristina

Kristina is a simple woman, but at the same time deep and complicated, easy going, open mind, and very honest, sometimes even more than she should be. You never know what life has in store for you, and what new lessons are you going to learn, what kind of people are you going to meet and in which way are they going to touch your heart, and that is the principle she tries to live by.


Tatyana AnastasiaDateFashion

And last but not least, a lady in red, Tatyana. She dreams of a kind and handsome man, with a strong inner power to reach his goals, family-oriented, attentive, faithful, honest. She wishes him to be with her forever because she believes that relationship is for a lifetime and the united work of two in a couple.

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Happy Couples Have A Secret – These Fights

Do happy couples fight? Of course! Whether it’s an argument about who always has the TV remote more or who forgot to pick up the clothes at the dry cleaners, a little bit of bickering happens here and there. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship! Despite the couple being so good together, there’s bound to be an area where they do not see eye to eye.

Kinds Of Fights Happy Couples Go Through (Plus The Resolution)

The following items on this list are common issues that happy couples fight about, plus simple resolutions on how a couple can resolve the problem at hand:

1. Familial Issues

Having family over can be great, but when one partner is not thrilled upon hearing that the family is coming over on Sunday, it could be time to set some limits. Family bonds are important, but you also have to prioritize how your partner feels.

How to settle this: talk about it, and make sure that the respect for one another, as well as respect for each others’ family, is there.

2. Financial Issues

Happy couples can also fight about their finances. The interesting thing about this is that it’s not about how much is spent, or if the couple can afford it. Fighting about finances has a deeper root – it’s more about having different values.

How to settle this: always be 100% clear about your financial goals. Talk to each other about it every now and again, to remind yourselves what you’re working hard to achieve.

3. Physical Intimacy Issues

Let’s be realistic! Even though a couple is happy, it doesn’t mean that they are physically intimate every day. One partner could have a lower drive than the other which can pose a significant problem. Experts say that this could be one cause for cheating.

How to settle this: both of you have to put an effort into spending time with each other romantically. At the same time, both parties have to be considerate of the needs of the other. A little bit of compromise is in order when it comes to physical intimacy.

4. Mundane Issues

Let’s not forget the matters of everyday life. It seems silly to fight over trivial things, but the scenario is that one person in the relationship always ends up doing more chores than the other.

How to settle this: always think about fairness. Chores might not be enjoyable to do, but if doing them results in a peaceful relationship, why not do them?

What’s great with happy couples is that, though they encounter problems or arguments, they always get out of it stronger. Communication is key. Do you agree with our list? Don’t forget to share this post and to check out more posts on our blog.

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