Friday, October 21, 2016

How To Make Someone Fall in Love In With You?

What do you have to do to make someone fall in love with you? The process is different for each person because what makes people fall in love is subjective. What’s interesting, however, is that there have been numerous studies on how to fall in love and what makes people fall in love, suggesting that you can make someone fall in love with you using different techniques.

Here’s Some Help To Make Someone Love You

Interesting, isn’t it? This begs the question: is it really possible? Or, will it really be effective because it is based on research? Let’s answer these issues by the end of the list. For now, here are different love techniques that you can apply to your offline and online dating life:

1. Spend as much time as you can with the person.

A lot of dating blogs in the past have suggested that you play hard to get first because doing this will make a person chase you more. Well, the phenomenon that’s called “Mere-exposure Effect” that has been studied since the 1960s says something different. This effect is a psychological phenomenon where people develop a preference because of familiarity.

What this means is if you want to make someone love you, you just have to spend more time with them, so they become familiar with you. The more you are around, the higher the chances that they will develop a liking for you.

2. Step back a little.

After spending numerous times with the person, the next technique says that you have to step back and not be around the person as much. This step is based on Robert Cialdini’s principle of scarcity – “perceived scarcity will generate demand.” The less available you are, the more the other person will want to spend time with you now that they have developed an attachment to you from the first step.

3. Don’t spoil them. Let them spoil you.

If we want to make someone fall in love with us, we do a lot of favors for the person. It is definitely natural for us to want to do something for the people we love – bring them food, drive them somewhere, surprise them with a gift and so on. Psychology today says that the more we give, the more we see the person we’re giving something to under a positive light. Giving also makes us feel good about ourselves because we are shifting our focus towards other people or the world. If you’re on the receiving end of this situation, all the positivity will be focused on you.

Make someone fall in love with you by applying these techniques to your dating life. Let’s see how effective these are! Do let us know what it worked out for you on the comments section below. Don’t forget to check out our blog for more helpful posts on how to make someone fall in love.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

What Dating Looks Like All Around The World

Different countries have different dating dynamics. In Western culture, for example, dating is very prominent. Although unwritten, most people in Western society are familiar with different dating rules like, call or text three days after a date so you don’t seem eager and desperate. There are no dating rules similar to this in other countries. In fact, in Asia, it is the opposite. The sooner you call or text after a date, the better because it’s one way to show that you are interested in a person. Not doing so, let’s say, the day after, means that you no longer want to see the person.

There are also countries with unique dating practices that may seem strange to the rest of us. In Russia for example, you always have to pay attention to the number of flowers you give to a Russian lady. A bouquet with an even number of flowers is bad, odd is good. Russian people usually give a bouquet with an even number of flowers to those who have passed away.

Dating Differences Around the World

Interesting, isn’t it? If you’re wondering how dating works in other parts of the world, check out this infographic brought to us by

dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-1 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-3 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-4 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-5 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-6 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-7 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-8 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-9 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-10 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-11 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-12 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-13 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-14 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-15 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-16 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-17 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-18 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-19 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-20 dating-etiquette-from-around-the-world-21

Which Dating Practice Did you Find Interesting?

Comment below which country and dating practice you found most interesting. If you have a dating practice you’d like to share, don’t be shy to leave a comment. Don’t forget to visit our blog for more interesting posts about love and dating.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When Is The Right Time To Say I Love You?

“I love you” is the universal expression of affection and care for a person. We say it freely to friends and family, but when it comes to saying these three little words in a relationship, things can get a little bit complicated. This is because saying those three magic words too early or too late can affect a romantic relationship, and often negatively. The timelines differ for genders, but what’s interesting is that there is a hidden meaning to when a person says “I love you.”

Different Times To Say “I Love You” And Their Meaning

When is the right time to say “I love you” is one of the major worries a new couple has. There’s always that fear of the other person not feeling the same intense emotions you do. Yikes! Whatever the case, men and women have a different approach to their “I love you” timelines, and that’s what we’re going to look at today.

Who says it first?

Here’s a surprising discovery: men have the tendency to say the three magic words first because they fall first. Women, on the other hand, tend to postpone saying it because of a natural protective mechanism. Research says that women first assess the mate value of a man before they seal the deal.

What it means for Men

Studies indicate that when a man says the three magic words at an earlier stage of the relationship, he may want to increase his chances of getting intimate. Don’t take it personally because most men do it unconsciously.

Another reason could be because men tend to have an over-romanticized view of a relationship. And, they say women are emotional. But it’s true! Men say it quicker because they buy into the whole falling in love at first sight bit.

What it means for Women

Women are no fools. As mentioned, women have this innate sense of security. An alarm goes off whenever a man says the three magic words too soon. Women can almost always tell when a man is just saying things to get what he wants. As a result, women stretch their “I love you” timelines out to see if a guy will stick around or not.

Studies revealed that women don’t throw the magic words around when in a serious relationship. Women tend to say it when they feel it, and for them to feel it, they need to have the intense emotions plus the security.

This is a good lesson for everyone no matter what the gender. Saying those three little words should be something that we give a lot of thought to (even when we’re online dating where things are easily said). The meaning of the expression may change for a couple over time, but, ultimately, it’s still an expression of commitment. Do you find this post helpful? Don’t forget to visit the rest our blog for more posts like this one!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dating Sites: Let’s Put To Rest Those Insecurities You Have

You browse through one of the dating sites you’ve signed up to, and you found yourself looking at profiles of other online daters. This time, it’s not the ladies you’re checking out but your competition. You read each profile carefully, and you compare it with your profile.

As you read, you think that maybe you’re life isn’t as exciting as others. You think that your life isn’t interesting enough for people to take notice. Does this sound familiar? If yes, you need to STOP right now.

No Room for Second Guessers on Dating Sites

Comparing yourself to others on dating sites and deliberately allowing yourself to feel insecure is a nasty habit. Online dating and insecurity do not mix! Being insecure is a hurdle that you need to jump over if you want to online date successfully. It may take time, but here are a few tips that might help you speed the process up a bit:

Tip #1: Acceptance

No matter where you are in life, you have to accept that there’s always someone who’s going to be better than you. It does not make you less of a person, but you have to accept the fact that there’s room for you to grow and improve. And, that’s not a bad thing at all. Nobody is perfect, not even Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp.

Tip #2: Stop Reading Others’ Profiles

Stop reading your “competitor’s” profiles on dating sites. It’s counterproductive to what you are doing. Online dating is not about competition so why not concentrate on improving yourself and finding beautiful women to connect with? That’s the goal of online dating after all, isn’t it?

Tip #3: It Won’t Matter When You Find the Right One

When you find the right person, it won’t even matter. The right person will make you feel like you are enough. You don’t have to second guess yourself because you’ll feel secure and contented. The right person doesn’t need a blown up online dating profile, nor a rich and famous lifestyle or life story.

It’s okay to feel a little bit left behind sometimes, but don’t let it go to your head. There’s always something unique and special about you, and the right one will spot it no matter how plain you think your life is. Share this post with a person you care for. You can also check out our blog for more inspiring and encouraging posts about online dating and love.

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Irresistible Five Special Edition: Find Your Snow White

Well, all of our editions are special, but this week Irresistible Five brings something exclusively for those guys longing to find their Snow White.

Or, in more common and less romantic vocabulary, gorgeous girls who have that snow-whitey complexion, dark hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks and lips. The only thing missing are the dwarves, but we won’t include them in this story. Fine, we won’t include other parts of the famous tale either, just Snow White’s look-alikes.

So here they are – Anastasia Date’s own Snow Whites, ahead of the real winter. So you come prepared.


Tatyana22 Snow White AnastasiaDate

Tatyana is a 22-year-old Ukranian girl who is serious when she need to be. She has goals in her life and likes to dream big and make those dreams come true. She likes sports and everybody considers her to be a sporty woman. She thinks a real woman can be both beautiful and smart, and keep her body in a good shape.


Violetta20 Snow White AnastasiaDate

Violetta is 20 years old and a very open person. She is emotional and can not hide her feelings. People say that the eyes are a mirror of a soul, and her feelings can always be read in her eyes. She says child lives in her, and you’ll always know how glad or sad she is.


Nataliya21 SnowWhite AnastasiaDate

Nataliya is 21 years old, but she says the age of a man does not matter. The most important for her is to see a strong and caring man by her side. She wants him to be caring, loving, understanding, she wants him to treat her with respect and to appreciate her views and habits.


Karina24 SnowWhite AnastasiaDate

Karina is 24 and she treats people the way she wants them to treat her. She is very active and that is very important to her. Also, she is very loyal and thinks every obstacle can be overcome through compromise and understanding, which are among the most important character traits for her.


Aleksandra27 SnowWhite AnastasiaDate

Aleksandra lives in Ukraine and would like to meet a man who is honest and would like to enter a relationship based on trust. She prefers a man who has goals in life and will not stray in the wrong direction. He must be accountable not only for himself but also for her. She is looking for a man with serious intentions who wants to find the lady who will make every day of his life unusual and amazing.

Is that you? If you think you’ve found your match here, click on her name and tell her she’s your Snow White.






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Monday, October 17, 2016

Zodiac Signs And Dating: Find Your Match

We all have that natural, internal desire to know ourselves more. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the zodiac signs were born. Today, we mostly use zodiac signs to tell us our strengths, weaknesses as well as our characteristics, and sometimes fate, through online quizzes and horoscopes. But, they’re mostly just for fun.

There are those, however, who really take what their zodiac or horoscope says to heart. They even use the twelve zodiac signs to find a good match. That’s a fun idea, isn’t it? What if all you had to base on in choosing a perfect partner or an online date are the zodiac signs? What would that be like?

Dating the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Let’s dive into this fun idea a little more by briefly describing the dating or relationship habit of each sign.

Aquarius (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18)

Aquarians are complicated, to say the least. They over think most things in their life and they’re probably going to overthink dates too. The upside to this is the conversations; you’ll have great conversations with an Aquarian because they are deep thinkers, observant and insightful. A bit of a warning, though, they always like to be in control and can get pretty aggressive or moody when they aren’t.

Pieces (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20)

The Pieces zodiac is one sensitive sign. When it comes to being in touch with his or her emotions and being sensitive, you can count on the Pieces. It could get too emotional sometimes so watch what you say and do around them.

Aries (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

Those who bare the Aries zodiac are quite the adventurers. You’ll feel the energy when you’re with one. Unfortunately, they’re notorious for not returning calls, texts or emails.

Taurus (APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

Taurus people aren’t very good cooks, mostly, but they can make you feel safe and protected. They can get stubborn, though, so if you do not have the patience to deal with stubborn people, look for other zodiac signs to date.

Gemini (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

Is there a zodiac sign that’s more intelligent that a Gemini? Maybe not. They are great talkers, and they’ll always think of your needs before theirs. There are instances, however, that Geminis exhibit know-it-all behaviours which can be a turn-off.

Cancer (JUNE 21 – JULY 22)

Cancers are secret keepers. You can trust them with anything, and they are the most likely to do well with commitment compared to other zodiac signs. You just have to deal with their moodiness.

Leo (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22)

Leos can be the whole package – beautiful body, funny, never dull. That sounds swell until you realise that they are sort of jerks sometimes. They’re oblivious to the fact that they are too.

Virgo (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22)

Virgos will be some of the sweetest and most adorable people you’ll meet. They’re also pretty reliable which means you can count on those texts the morning after. They can be suspicious, though. They usually doubt people’s sincerity when people try to help.


A Libra will make you feel extra special like you’re the most beautiful or handsome person in the world. These guys are also great flirts and kissers! One thing you need to watch out for though is their tendency to go ghost when a conflict arises.

Scorpio (OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21)

Passionate – this is a good word to describe a Scorpio. When you’re with one, the relationship will feel intense and passionate both in and out of the bedroom. That is not a good thing all the time though as things can get overly dramatic.

Sagittarius (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21)

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is tricky. People who were born under this sign are adventurous, and they always like to try new things. That can be a problem especially when commitment is the main subject of the conversation.

Capricorn (DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19)

Capricorns are the types that will bring you flowers just because it is a Wednesday. That’s a great thing at first, but they tend to get controlling and suffocating because they want you all to themselves.

So what do you think of the zodiac signs? Do you see your perfect match? There are more fun posts about dating on our blog. Make sure to visit it and read up on what’s new in the dating scene today.

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Fixing Relationship Problems: How NOT to Do it

We all experience hiccups in our relationships. It’s normal! When two individuals come together, a little bit of chaos is bound to happen. What’s important is that the conflict is resolved and the relationship moves forward, better and stronger. Despite this being the ultimate goal, fixing relationship is not as easy as it sounds.

DO These, so Your Relationship Stays BROKEN

Human as we are, we experience emotions that are so intense, we need to act on how we feel. The problem with this is that intense emotion and making decisions do not mix. It’s like partying and going home at 3 am on a Sunday despite having to come in early to work. It’s a bad decision. Here are more bad decisions that you can make so your love and relationship stays broken:

1. Makes rash decisions while you’re angry.

As mentioned, we can’t really act on our impulses because we’re not thinking straight. Instead of looking at the situation objectively to come up with a positive approach, we act out whatever it is that comes to our mind – good or bad, but mostly bad. This could potentially create more problems in relationships.

2. Tell all your friends about it.

Your friends will mostly be on your side so if they only hear your side of the story their perspective and their advice will be catered towards your needs and not the needs of the relationship. You won’t fix your broken relationship this way, and your friends will probably end up not liking your partner even though you have mended that argument.

3. Tell your family too!

It’s so tempting just to pour all of your frustrations out when you’re talking to family. But, if you think they will understand the situation, think again. They will also be seeing things from your perspective which is not okay. You want your family to like the person you’re with, and by sharing your arguments with them, you’re changing their view from positive to negative, or from negative to really negative. Get the point?

Feel free to do any of these three if you do not want your relationship fixed. Do the opposite if you want to mend it! The best way to approach this is just to make space for yourselves and then talk when everything cools down. What are our ideas of how to break a relationship even more? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to check out our blog for other posts about fixing a relationship.

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