Thursday, October 13, 2016

It’s Your Fault Foreign Dating Sites are NOT Working for You

You’ve signed up for several foreign dating sites already, but you still don’t have an online date. What gives? You’re not alone. A lot of people, especially men, often wonder what they are doing wrong with the tactics they use when meeting foreign women online. Is it the online dating profile? Is it the picture on the profile?

DO the Following on Foreign Dating Sites

Your profile and your profile picture are just some of the factors why foreign dating sites are not working for you. Of course, both of these have to be interesting, but mostly, it’s you. Specifically, it’s how you act, it’s the things you say, and it’s how you conduct yourself.

Take the First Step

You’ve probably already guessed what we’re going to look at first, and that’s your online dating profile and your profile picture. If your profile on foreign dating sites is empty, you better write something interesting on there asap. Start with your hobbies and your dreams. Once you’re done, make sure you upload a recent photo of yourself that looks flattering.

Work on Yourself

Now that you have the profile and the profile picture out of the way let’s work on yourself. First off, stop trying too hard. If you like a foreign lady, you’re going to do everything you can to impress her. If you do too much, she’ll lose interest in you fast because you’re simply trying too hard.

You can do some research on the dating culture of the foreign lady you’re interested in so it can be somewhat of a guide for you. Some foreign girls like to be chased, while others prefer their personal space. Some ladies like that you message them five times or more a day, like AnastasiaDate ladies; some do not.

Last but not the least, try your best to keep your excitement at bay. Don’t be too over enthusiastic with your voice, your words, your facial expressions, and most especially your questions to your foreign lady. Show off your confidence! Don’t just wait around, make the first move and initiate a conversation.

Let us know when you’ve had better luck with foreign dating sites by leaving a comment below. We hope you’ve found this post helpful! There are more posts on our blog so be sure to check them out.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Find Out If You Are In A Toxic Relationship

If we analyse all the relationships we have in our life, how many do you think are healthy and how many do you say are toxic? How about that one relationship you are in right now? Chances are there is something toxic in a relationship, even with family members. The bad news about this is we allow the unhealthiness of these relationships to seep into our lives like it’s comfortable and ok.

Spot a Poisonous Relationship from a Mile Away

We should not be letting toxic people in our lives at all because that’s a downright bad idea. But, we have these people in our lives now, because we do not have the slightest clue as to how we can spot a toxic relationship. Let’s start today by listening to some relationship advice and reviewing the following characteristics of a relationship that’s unhealthy and toxic.

The other person in the relationship is always right.

When the other person in the relationship always argues because he or she wants to be right at the moment, look out. You may be in a toxic relationship. Being right is not a crime, ladies and gentlemen, but asserting your ideas and deeming them correct when they are not ALL THE TIME is not healthy. It’s like the other person only thinks about himself or herself.

Everything feels draining.

Have you ever had the experience of having your energy drained by another person? This person is what’s commonly known as an emotional vampire. They suck out the energy in you by pouring out all of their negativity onto you all the time.

People are acting jealous and being judgmental.

Jealous and judgmental people are toxic when in a relationship. The relationship has no room to grow because of the person’s insecurity and self-hate. That’s what a person who is jealous and judgmental goes through – a whole lot of insecurity which he or she projects to someone else.

There’s always drama.

For sure, you have one friend or family who always seems to attract drama with you and with everybody else. Be very careful in giving this person your time because “drama” can be contagious. The drama also invites unnecessary negativity in your life which nobody wants.

If you spot any of the signs mentioned in any of the relationships you have now, take this relationship advice: either cut off the connection with that person or remedy it with a good, old fashioned heart to heart talk. We all want positive relationships with the people we love which is why we all need to try to make things work. For more relationship advice, go check out other posts on our blog.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What Woman Wants: Do you Know How to be Romantic?

Whether you’re online dating or not, you can probably agree with this statement: a lot of men do not have time for romance anymore or they want to be romantic but they just don’t know how. Most relationships survive without romance, eventually, the man has to step up and do a few romantic gestures here and there. If your lady is still with you despite the fact that you put zero effort to make the relationship romantic, it’s one of the signs that she’s really into you.

Give Woman What She Wants in a Romantic Relationship

What do women want? It goes without saying, a woman wants a bit of romance in a relationship. Without it, women feel like the relationship is not as passionate as before and that everything has gone from sweet and spicy to just plain bland. If you put yourself in a woman’s shoes, would you want to be with someone who doesn’t make an effort to make you feel special? Probably not.

Don’t worry if you’re still at a loss about what a woman wants in a romantic relationship because we have a few suggestions:

You cannot give what you do not have or know, so ask.

Do you know that passionate feeling you get at the beginning of every relationship? It can fade away quickly if the couple doesn’t take the time to fan the flame. Doing romantic activities is one way of fanning the flame of passion. Most people don’t know what to do to make a date romantic. The best way to know is to ask the person you’re with. Ask what your woman wants to do on dates and then follow through.

Designate just one day per week for romance.

You don’t have to be romantic 24/7. If you have work or a business to take care of, it is impossible for you to be romantic every minute of the day. All that’s needed is just one designated day of the week. Pick one day where it’s going to be just you and your lady – no interruptions. Refer to the first entry if you do not know what to do.

Be consistent.

Romantic activities always harbour good feelings within a person, which is what a woman wants in every romantic relationship. Studies say that when a couple shares positive moments together, the stronger their relationship becomes. Make romance something that’s consistent in your relationship so the relationship has a better chance of lasting longer.

What a woman really wants is a little bit of effort, it’s as simple as that. Feel free to share these tips now that you know what a woman wants. We have more dating and relationship tips for you! Make sure to visit our blog after sharing this with your friends.

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Simple Ways to Better Your Relationships with People

Anastasia Date | Improve Your Relationships Today

Source: Gente

Romantic or not, people need relationships. They can be messy at times, but experts say that we all need positive connections in our lives to be physically and mentally healthy. Unfortunately, not all the relationships that we have are healthy relationships. The good news is, we can still improve all of the relationships we have.

5 Things that Improve Our Connections with People in Our Lives

Because we need good quality relationships, we need to consider improving the ones we already have. Or, we can start from scratch and make new ones which can be equally healthy. Whether it is for friendship, family or love, the following tips will help us connect with people online and offline:

1. Cultivate Positive Interactions

Researchers say that people respond more with positive interactions. These kinds of interactions make connections stronger. Try to look at the good in people and focus on that. Always aim for positive results in every situation.

2. Affection is a Must

You may be the strong silent type, but it’s important to show affection through your words and your actions. Doing this triggers the release of love hormones in your body which makes you feel extra happy. Make an effort to work on being affectionate.

3. Not All Situations are Battles

Remember the first item on this list? When you focus on only the positive, you will be selective with the battles you fight. Remember that not everyone is perfect so, within your relationships, there’s bound to be something or someone you won’t like. Let the minor things go and, again, focus on the positive in people and every situation.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Needs

Before you do any of these, you must first know yourself. Knowing yourself means that you should know what you want in relationships too. Practice how you can communicate your needs to others, so they are aware. If you skip this, you’ll likely to revert to your old ways which you do not want.

5. Listen More, Talk Less

Being a good listener is valuable in improving trust and relationships with people. Everyone wants to be heard, but not everyone wants to listen. Be a good friend and listen from time to time. Poor listening skills are associated with poor social and emotional sensitivity.

We hope that you find this article about relationships helpful. There are more tips on improving relationships on our blog. Make it your online habit to visit the blog every day.



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Monday, October 10, 2016

You Have To Catch Her First: Fit Girls Are This Weeks’ Irresistible Five

Who would you rather spend your time with? Someone always ready for action, always on the move, always looking for something fun, or someone who just lays around and has no will to do anything? If you are more inclined towards the first group, you probably leaning on the fit girls’ side.

Sure, that may be a generalization, but those usually come as a result of previous experiences. Countless studies have found that exercising can help you with more in life, not just your good look. It’s said to improve your overall mental health as well, so it’s not far off to say that people who exercise are often happier and more satisfied with themselves and life in general.

That is why we decided we should choose this weeks’ Irresistible Five (if you still don’t know what that is, check this out) from girls who respect their bodies and love to exercise. Let’s meet them.


AnastasiaDate fit girls Eugenia

Eugenia is 22 and has a motto that perfectly fits today’s story. “With a positive attitude and hope for the best” – that’s how she lives her life. Also, she says she joined Anastasia Date because she needs a change, and a reliable, strong, and wise man. She is not looking for a “boy”.


Fit Girls AnastasiaDate Oksana

Oksana loves baking cakes and pastries, but to burn all that calories she must be active. It’s a good thing she loves it so much that she says she and sports always come together. She sometimes can’t decide between cycling, swimming, playing volleyball and table tennis. Could you help her?


AnastasiaDate Angelica FitGirls

Want to go skiing? Take Angelica with you, and you won’t be sorry. She is kind, easy going, feminine, lovely woman. Also, she is a very optimistic person and always tries to avoid conflicts. She hopes she will never argue with her husband. What better place to check that than at the slopes?


AnastasiaDate Inna FitGirls

Inna is 27 and comes from Ukraine. She equally likes fresh air and exercise, which means you can never go wrong if you take her hiking. And it would be pretty useful to you also, wouldn’t it? If you are more of an indoors type of guy, you can also join her on swimming pool where she goes at least two times a week.


Elena AnastasiaDare FitGirls

All dressed up like this Elena doesn’t look like a too much of a sporty girl, but she doesn’t mind breaking a sweat. On the contrary, she does, and this just shows you how much looks can be deceiving. The fact that she cleans up nicely doesn’t mean she’s only into makeup and fashion. Click on her name and ask her what she’s about.

Choose quickly, otherwise one of these fit girls may escape you. It wouldn’t be the first time, wouldn’t it? So just go for it and good luck!









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