Friday, October 7, 2016

Signs Your Partner is Being Two-Faced

Two-faced – it is the perfect adjective to describe someone who is always lying to you. When in a relationship, lying is a sign that the relationship is unhealthy and the couple has to do something about it or risk ending the partnership they have.

Here’s How you Catch a Liar

As mentioned, lying (in a big way) is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. You can either work on the relationship as a couple, or you can snip your connection in the bud. Before you do this, though, you have to know whether your partner is indeed lying to you. Here’s exactly how you can tell when your partner is lying or not:

1. Inconsistent details in a story

No matter how good someone is at lying, the lie will eventually catch up to this person. Inconsistencies in his alibi, excuse or story will be the first things to surface. One minute he went to place A, the next, he’ll explain that he was actually in place B. Suspicious!

2. Defensiveness

If you asked your partner where he or she is going on the weekend and then he or she erupts in madness without you knowing why you need to ask yourself if the relationship is still working. Why would your partner get mad with a simple question? Defensiveness is the next sign that comes out after inconsistencies.

3. Always busy on the weekends

Most working class people have Saturdays or Sundays off. This is the perfect time for a couple to spend time together. Or, so we thought. If one person is always busy during weekends, you have got to wonder why. It’s perfectly fine if your partner is spending his weekends with friends and family, but he or she should be able to squeeze in some time with you once or twice a month.

4. Awkward Body Language

Have you ever noticed that someone is acting “weird” or they’re not being themselves? This is a good sign that can tell you the person might be hiding something. Words may be easy to manipulate, but our bodies aren’t, especially when it comes to hiding something.

Whether you’re online dating or offline dating, you can still make use of these tips. Do you want to read more tips on how to spot a liar or a two-faced person? Our blog has loads of other tips that you can read so make sure you head there after reading this.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Always Assume You’ll Be Successful In Dating, Here’s Why

Assume – a word that many of us often use. It means “I expect something to be this way without any proof or evidence.” For example, if you say “I assume that it’s going to rain tomorrow,” it means that you’re just guessing what the weather’s going to be like without checking tomorrow’s forecast. That doesn’t sound too positive. But, here’s where you can use “assuming” to good use.

How The Theory Applies On Online Dating

Did you know that the more you assume a relationship to be successful, the more likely it will be? It also goes without saying that if you believe an online relationship will fail, it’s more likely that it will. Let’s take a look at scenarios that can best explain why assuming the success or failure of a relationship will eventually end up according to what you assumed.

Assumptions Set the Mood

First off, assumptions are like setting your mind to think in a certain way. It’s all psychological, but the main thing to remember is that you “set the mood” your mind is in when you assume things. It can also be likened to setting expectations. If you do this before you do your online chat sessions, you are basically predicting the turnout.

Negative Assumptions

It was mentioned that making assumptions can “set the mood” for your mind. With negative assumptions, you’re setting your mind up to think negative thoughts. Something good does happen when online dating, but you dismiss it because that’s not how you set up your perception.

Positive Assumptions

Let’s talk about one positive assumption that most online daters want to happen: successfully find a match. If you are hopeful and you assume, right off the bat, that you will find that special someone as soon as you sign up to a dating site, it will likely happen. This is because you focus on the positive. The negative stuff gets pushed back into the background. The negative aspects do not matter since they are not your primary focus.

In the world of online dating, it’s always an advantage to assume for good things to come into your life and in your online dating relationship. Do this so you can better your chance of finding your match online. Share this if you found it helpful and don’t forget to visit our blog daily!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Science Facts to Remember When You’re Dating a Ukrainian

Love is unpredictable – this is a statement that many know to be true. A lot of us don’t really see love as a feeling that can be controlled and predicted. It is as uncontrollable, complex, and unpredictable as dating a Ukrainian woman.

Because of how independent a woman from Ukraine is, it could be challenging to make her fall for you. However, Science has made way for you to better your chances with all the ladies from Ukraine.

How to Better Your Chances When Dating a Ukrainian Woman

As mentioned, science has figured out how men can break the code. The following items on this list have studies and science facts backing them up which will be linked right below it.

1. Like Attracts Like

Like attracts like is simple. People who have the same set of values, experiences, familial bonds and interests tend to gravitate towards each other. These factors are what couples call “things in common,” as in “We have a lot of stuff in common.”

Study: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

2. Body Language Speaks Louder than Words

Many experts say that you can lie with your words, but you cannot lie with your body. Body language is a reliable source of communicating messages. According to a study done by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an expansive posture can increase a person’s attractiveness.

Study: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

3. Putting Effort into Getting to Know a Person

No matter what tips and tricks you read on this blog or any other blog on the internet, Science agrees with this statement: get to know the person. The best way for someone to fall for you is for that someone to get to know you and vice versa. That’s AnastasiaDate’s ultimate advice too when dating a Ukrainian.

Study: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Age, social status, height, hair color, educational attainment and so on – these are all factors that affect us when choosing a partner. But most of these factors can be bypassed if two people connect because they took a chance and put in the time to get to know each other.

There are more fun tips to be read about dating Women from Europe! Visit this blog to get updates, love advice and even more tips about dating a Ukrainian woman.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Anastasia – International: Real Signs That You’re In Love

Anastasia – International News: A lot of romantic comedy movies suggest that you can easily tell if you’re in love. If you meet a girl, have a meaningful conversation, discover that you have five things in common, and feel the butterflies in your stomach, it is a done deal. But, could these be real signs that you have indeed fallen?

Anastasia – International: Signs You’re Really in Love

A relationship could start typically like your usual boy-meets-girl in a romantic comedy movie, but the real signs of falling in love go much deeper than just butterflies in your stomach. Anastasia – International gives you real signs that tell you you’ve fallen hard for someone:

1. You change your daily routine.

Our daily routine gives us a sense of security. Following it to a T makes us feel safe and stable. If you’re in love, you’re more willing to get out of your comfort zone. You break your usual habits, you get some new ones, and you’re open to trying out different things. You’re stepping out if your comfort zone and you’re happy to do so.

2. You mean it when you say you miss the person.

A lot of us have this habit of just telling our friends and family that we “miss” them even though we don’t mean it. We probably do this because we want to maintain a connection with them. When you’re in love, you tell the person you’re with that you miss them, but the word is not empty.

3. You don’t mind being annoyed by your loved one.

If you’re in love with someone, that person could do 100 annoying things every day and you would not mind. The feeling of being annoyed will still be there, but you’ll likely feel that it is part of a person’s playfulness.

4. You think about the future and not the past.

Talking about the future is a telltale sign that you are in love. And, it’s not just talking about what you’re going to do together next weekend. It’s serious talk about where you’re headed as a couple. You’re also not thinking about the past too much because you are focused on moving forward.

The Signs Indicate Deeper Connections

When you feel any of the four signs listed above, you’re seriously in love. You’re probably considering a future with this someone too. Do you have a special someone? How many signs have you seen in your relationship?

For more helpful tips about falling in love, visit the blog daily.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Irresistible Five: Here’s Why Ukraine Is Wonderland

We’ve entered the month of October and if you’ve been a long time fan of Anastasia Date, you must know that entering new month means we will be introducing the country of the month which, this time, is Ukraine.

That also means we will be presenting the most beautiful and most interesting women from Ukraine, and what better way to start than with our weekly Irresistible Five. Yes, we’ve once more done that thing you like, we’ve chosen special girls we think you could be very interested in. Take a look and you will soon agree that Ukraine truly is a wonderland. And after you choose (wouldn’t want to be in your skin!), click on her name to contact her on Anastasia Date.


AnastasiaDate Elena Ukraine

Elena is the girl on the cover photo, and, as you may have guessed, she doesn’t really have eyes in that crazy color. Her natural color is way prettier than any Photoshop can produce. She is also a very active person and doesn’t like to waste her time. Quick, is she the one for you?


AnastasiaDate Serafima Ukraine

Serafima is 25 and, as you can see, a fiery redhead. She says she is an interesting mix of curiosity for new things and a desire for good old fashioned romance. But most of all, she cherishes honesty and simplicity in people. She’s not complicated and always keeps things simple.


AnastasiaDate Aliona

Aliona is very serious when it comes to finding love. Most important for her is that you have a kind heart. She wants you to know that she is looking for a king of her castle, the one who should have a real “lionheart”. And when she finds such a man, she will give him the world.


AnastasiaDate Tatyana

Tatyana is a 19-year-old beauty who is pretty versatile.  She finished few massage courses and can give you a great massage. Also, she likes going to the gym, do household chores, cook beautiful and delicious meals for her family. She loves flowers. Do you like her interests?


AnastasiaDate Anastasia

Anastasia is 20 years old and very sensual. She promises to be ideal wife (that’s a pretty big promise, and definitely something you should talk to her about, don’t you think?) but she doesn’t want to have ideal man – he should be just simple normal man with average life. He just musn’t ever hit woman and drink.

We’re sure you’ve found at least one girls you like. Why not find out if she likes you back on Anastasia Date?









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AnastasiaDate: No More Bad Rep For Online Dating

AnastasiaDate News – Online dating has developed a bad rep in the past years. The bad rep comes from the belief that people who look for dates online are only seeking relationships that are for fun or for short-term. Anastasia – International begs to differ. A recent study reveals that there are a lot of people who use online dating websites and apps to find serious relationships.

AnastasiaDate on the Study by Mitchell Hobbs

Dr. Mitchell Hobbs is a psychologist who works at the University of Sydney as a Lecturer in Media and Public Relations. He conducted a study which aimed to look at the dating habits of 365 people. He found out that instead of encouraging users to have flings, one-night stands, or short-lived relationships, dating apps and sites serve a more serious function. The sites and apps cater to the needs of people who have limited time to date offline.

Because of how easy it is to use dating sites and apps, the media has painted the whole online dating process to be a romance killer. The study, however, says otherwise. People engage in online dating to find lifetime partners, and there’s nothing more romantic than that.

AnastasiaDate is a good example. The majority of the members on the popular dating site is not looking for merely friendship or flings, but for relationships that can potentially end up in marriage. If you log on to the site, you will see lovely European ladies who describe the men they want to meet as serious, mature and ready to commit.

Online Dating is a Platform for More Opportunities

It can’t be denied that online dating is also used for other purposes. Hobbs’ study observed that a small percentage of users do online date to “hook-up.” There’s also an increased tendency for partners to cheat because online dating does make it easy. For the most part, however, online dating is used by people who do not have the time to do more traditional ways of meeting people such as going to bars or pubs.

Another thing is that the dynamics of online dating is no different to the traditional way. We make sure that we put our best foot forward. There’s also no shortage of flirty gestures. Do you agree with Hobbs study? For more online dating tips from AnastasiaDate, don’t forget to visit our blog daily.

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