Friday, September 30, 2016

Anastasia Dating: Can we dial up and dial down love?

Here’s an Anastasia dating fact: nobody has ever thought of love as something that can be controlled by our will. Love is a volatile chemical substance – unpredictable, can burst at any moment, rapidly changing, and uncontrollable. With all the relationships that most of us have had, we can attest to how crazy we can be when we’re in love. A recent study, however, suggests something entirely different.

Anastasia Dating Update: Increasing and Decreasing Love

Scientists call this phenomenon “love regulation.” Behavioral and cognitive strategies were used to boost passion or the intensity of love. Other approaches were utilized in the study to decrease the sensation of love. It’s hard to believe, but the results say it all.

How the Study Was Conducted

Sandra Langeslag from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Jan van Strien from Erasmus University Rotterdam invited 40 participants to take an exam. Each participant was required to bring around 30 photos of their current or former flame. Half of the group was in a relationship and the other half recently went through a heartbreak.

The technique that the researchers applied is called “reappraisal.” Basically, to reappraise the love they have, positive aspects of their current or former partner was focused on and highlighted. The downsides of their partner or former love were targeted during the downward regulation.

So, What do the Results Mean?

We can regulate every other emotion we feel so why not love, right? Now that there is scientific evidence that points out that we, humans, have the ability to dial up or dial down love, we should realize that we have the potential to see the positive in all things.

The results of this interesting study tell us that falling out of love is a choice. Focusing on the negative won’t do any good for your relationship nor will it help improve the dynamics you have with your partner. Anastasia Dating recommends that you make a habit out of searching for the good in everything.

Do this as an exercise for about a week and then come back and tell us how your relationship has improved. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. For more dating updates, don’t hesitate to visit the rest of the Anastasia Dating blog.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Anastasia Date Search: Online Dating Deal Breakers

Have you been online dating on AnastasiaDate for a while? If you have, you’ve probably wondered what it is about you or about your profile that ladies don’t like. During your Anastasia date search, your inbox is empty; you get a lot of invites, but not a lot of replies. How come?

Deal Breakers During Your Anastasia Date Search

Using the Anastasia Date search website is easy. Anastasia Date makes sure that all its members have a good chance at meeting a lovely European lady. Many have wondered, however, what they could have done to improve their chances of meeting more Anastasia Date girls online. Maybe this list can shed some light on that situation. It contains common deal breaks online daters encounter.

1. Incomplete Profile

If your profile is empty and has no picture, of course, a lot of people will just pass by it. People will also pass by your profile if it is incomplete. There little or nothing to read, and look at; so you do the math.

2. Pictures of you, smoking.

A survey says that images of a person smoking are big deal breakers. Smoking is simply a nasty habit. When someone smokes, it’s highly likely that this person drinks hard too. There are also plenty of negative health effects when a person smokes, not to mention bad breath.

3. Age Gap

Age is not an obstacle when dating online. But with younger women, in particular, a huge age gap is a deal breaker. Older women, on the other hand, tend to go for a male who is older than them. As for men, they use the Anastasia date search function freely without minding the age. As long as the lady looks great and has an interesting profile, males will likely send a message no matter what her age.

A major tip to remember when on the Anastasia date search website is to complete your profile. Do not forget your photos, but skip pictures of you drinking or smoking at a party. Use the Anastasia date search feature to look for ladies who are younger, but not too young. The primary focus is still on your online dating profile, though, so keep it simple, accurate and exciting.

Do you need some more online dating tips? Don’t hesitate to visit to blog on the daily basis.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Can Dating Russian Single Women Help You Become a Better Person?

Falling in love is perhaps the most wonderful feeling in the world. You feel like you’re on cloud nine, and you have a skip in your step. Even if you fall in love with Russian single women over the internet, the feeling you get would still be the same. Everything about you will be different, which brings us to the question: are we better people when we’re in love?

How Falling in Love with Russian Single Women Changes Us

Many have said that the relationship they’ve had with Russian single women they met through Russian dating sites has been more than passionate. The passion alone changes the way the person acts or speaks. An intense kind of love can also be the cause for the individual to improve himself. But, how?

1. Love gives meaning to your life.

When you’re in love with Russian single women, it’s like you are motivated to do things. This motivation could come from the idea that you have to be better so you can build a future with the Russian single women you met. Either way, the feeling of love directs you and encourages you to do more in life. Think about it. Before you fell in love, cruising through life was probably enough, wasn’t it?

2. Love heals.

“Time heals all wounds,” says the expression. Being in love with Russian single women can do the same thing too. When you’re high on love, you forget about the past and relish in the present. The scars that you’ve had with former flings are still there, but it’s nothing Russian single women cannot cure. Healing and the feeling of being whole again are inevitable by-products of falling love.

3. Love teaches many lessons.

There’s always the tendency for your heart to be broken by the person you’re interested in when you’re in love. Nobody can escape this. Love does heal, but the natural dynamics of two different people sharing their lives together involves arguments and quarrels. This idea sounds like the total opposite of the second item on this list, but hold on. If love is the main ingredient in a relationship, a couple can rise above major and petty fights. From that, the couple learns lessons and, hopefully, becomes better together and as individuals.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

AnastasiaDate: Less Social Media Posts, the Happier the Couple

Have you ever seen happy couples on social media? Of course, you’ve seen them because they post everything, from waking up together, to eating together, to working out together. You get the picture, right? Well, studies reveal that couples who are truly happy don’t post a lot on social media.

Reasons Why Happy Couples Don’t Post on Social Media Often

The statement doesn’t mean that that happy couples don’t use social media at all. They do. It’s just that they post less about their relationship. AnastasiaDate has compiled the following reasons why.

1. Social Media is a Distraction

If someone is making you happy, would you want to be distracted by social media? Probably, not. Looking at your newsfeed every couple of minutes is not necessary; this is how most happy couples feel. Moments are documented, of course, but the happy couple posts less of these moments on social media.

2. Happy Couples Hide their Dirty-laundry

AnastasiaDate agrees with this. Dirty-laundry, as the expression suggests, is private. In general, any couple is better off not posting anything negative about each other whenever an argument happens. A couple is also better off not letting the whole interweb know that there is an argument happening. The happy couple resolves a fight in private. No exceptions.

3. There’s nothing to Prove

When you post a lot of pictures, status updates and what-not on social media, it seems like you’re trying to prove something. The idea is similar when you apply it to a couple. If a couple is posting too much on social media, what is there to prove? Whom is there to prove it? Happy couples only have to show that they love each other to themselves.

4. Validation Happens Within the Relationship

Happy couples don’t need to let everyone know that everything is going great in the relationship. Happy couples are too busy being naturally happy than pretending to be happy and trying to prove it to everyone else.

AnastasiaDate’s Lesson for Couples

If you’re truly happy, then focus on being happy. You’d want to bask in each other’s presence and enjoy each other’s company. That’s the main point of not using social media that often because it can be a distraction. Do you agree with this list? There are more interesting tips on the blog so visit it often.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Dude doesn’t want Russian dates, sends offer to Angelina

Valerii Zelenogorski, a retired Russian writer, and widower, decided that he might say goodbye to Russian dates and put out an offer that Jolie might not be able to refuse.

But let’s start from the beginning. Recently, news broke out that famous actress, Angelina Jolie, filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years, Brad Pitt. Playfully named Brangelina, the couple’s relationship has been rumored to be “on the rocks” with Brad Pitt supposedly setting his eyes on his co-star Marion Cotillard. The two are acting together in a new WWII movie entitled “Allied”.

This rumor, however, was quickly dismissed by Cotillard after Jolie’s divorce announcement. The actress took to social media to explain her side of the story and to blatantly announce that there is the affair is non-existent. On a lighter note, a fan took to social media as well to tell Jolie something that might catch her attention.

No More Russian Dates for this Fellow

Meet 67-year old Valerii Zelenogorski, a retired Russian writer, and widower. Upon hearing the divorce news, he decided that he might as well say goodbye to Russian dates and put out an offer that Jolie might not be able to refuse.

He wrote a marriage proposal on his Facebook page on Sept 21. On his status update, he asked Jolie to come live with him in Kolomna, which is an ancient city of Moscow Oblast, Russia. He said that has a garden where the children can play in. Jolie can then “sit at home like a lady, and at last, you will live respectably,” he wrote. Sounds like a blissful married life!

Zelenogorski continued by saying that he is not a poor man. He broke down his assets and listed them all in the proposal:  “I have four stands at the market, a dacha, a yard, a garden, there’s even a boat, two cars – a Skoda and a Niva with a trailer – we won’t lack anything.”

It seems like Zelenogorski is willing to give up his dating life with his Russian dates just to get the award-winning actress to say yes. He continues with saying the numerous benefits an American can have when living in Russia. “You can get a passport, you will be named a ‘distinguished artist’ [an honorable title awarded by the president – RBTH], and you can perform with our national actors.”

He also suggested that they can have more children together because the Russian government can provide them a hectare of land because they have a large family. Finally, as the cherry on top of the icing, Zelenogorski promised to by Jolie a fur coat for the winter.

Has there been any news on Jolie’s response? Not yet, but it would be interesting to know what the actress would respond to the Russian’s Facebook marriage proposal.

For more Russian news and dating tips, please visit the blog.

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Take Her to the Beach: Anastasia Date Summer Babes

Are you already longing for the summer, even though it just passed? If you do, then you have something in common with these Anastasia Date Summer Babes.

As in every other Irresistible Five (and you know what that is by now, don’t you) we present to you our weekly selection of girls we think deserve your special attention. They all have a thing in common, specially designed for you so that you can choose according to your preferences, and this time, it’s their love for summer.


summer babes katerina

Katerina is 32 years old, and she loves life and everything that goes with it. But mostly she loves summer, all the sunshine, warmth and beauty it brings. She loves to go for walks by the ocean, and wouldn’t mind you taking her. Are you willing to do that?


Summer Babes Irina

Irina is already ready for you to take her to the beach, can’t you see? She is especially fond of fitness and swimming, and both of those things are easily done at the beach. That dress she is wearing might be a problem, though, but there’s an easy solution to that. Click on her name and find out more; you know you want to.


AnastasiaDate Marina

Marina is 23 and just loves to wear summer clothes. That is just one of the reasons summer is her favorite time of the year: she also loves it because it brings happiness and carelessness. She adores going to the beach, getting a suntan, enjoying the sun and sea, and hanging around happy people.


AnastasiaDate Nadejda

Nadejda really loves to keep her body healthy and fit. And she manages to do just fine, don’t you think? She loves dancing, but in summer swimming is her favorite activity. She goes swimming every evening and enjoys it every time. No wonder she looks so good in that bikini.


AnastasiaDate Olga

Olga is only 21, but she already knows what she wants and loves. She likes many different things, but walks on a beach are amongst her favorites. She likes fresh air and enjoys walking in the night when it is warm. She thinks it is romantic, especially if you are with your loved one.

If you like summer babes, you should also take a look at THIS bikini competition Anastasia Date had going on recently.






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