Friday, September 23, 2016

Marriage Proposals That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Marriage proposals are a big deal. Some pop the question after a candle-light dinner, which is a more subtle approach. There are those, however, that go the extra mile in making marriage proposals something that the future Mrs will remember for the rest of her life.

You might want to take notes gentlemen. The following men on this list have gone above and beyond just for their girls’ hands in marriage. And, you can bet that the women said yes. The gesture’s so grand that there’s really no other choice than to accept.

1. Dean Smith

Not everyone knows Dean Smith, but he’s made his mark on YouTube in 2015 when he revealed a video of him proposing to his girl Jen, 365 times without her knowing it. This has to be on the top 5 list of the best marriage proposals on the Internet. Get your tissues ready.

2. Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram is one creative dude. He is an artist, but it’s out of this world that he recorded his marriage proposal to his wife on her engagement ring. Yes, you read that right. He had the waveform diamond-etched onto the surface of a ring. When his wife played the ring, it said, “Shelina, I’ll love you forever. Marry Me!” You can check out the ring and the story here.

3. James Barry

James Barry’s proposal is more recent. He waited to pop the question for 13 years. If you’ve waited that long, you definitely want to make the occasion into something that can be forever remembered. What he did was he hired a brass band to propose to his girlfriend Orla Gallagher on the beach. Read more about this story here.

4. John Greenwood

Nothing says “effort” like an 18-month hunt for specks of gold to make into an engagement ring. That’s exactly what John Greenwood did for his fiancĂ© Morag Shearer. It’s the ultimate gesture of love because panning for gold is not an easy job to do. Read more of this romantic story here.

Can You Top These Marriage Proposals with Your Own?

Whether you can do these grandiose marriage proposals is not important. What matters is that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with the person you truly love. For more inspiring posts, don’t forget to visit our blog.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why a Long Distance Relationship Can Be Good for You

Everyone wants to be with the person they love. Unfortunately, not everyone meets under the right circumstances. For example, a couple can meet online, get to know each other online, and then enter into a long distance relationship. Yes, it’s less than ideal for most, but a long distance relationship has its upsides.

Advantage of Long Distance Relationship5 Ways a Long Distance Relationship Can Be Good for You

You may think that there’s nothing good about not seeing your significant other because you’re in different continents. Believe it or not, there are advantages to being on opposites sides of the globe.

1. Effort and Time Become Your Foundations

Because you’re juggling time (zones) and making sure that you meet online regularly, you’re putting in effort and time into your relationship. Consistency in communication is one of the keys to having a healthy long distance relationship. If you communicate daily, putting in time and effort becomes a regular part of your relationship.

2. You Can Focus on Yourself More

We need the right amount of time for ourselves. It’s not about being alone. It’s more of focusing on your life, on self-improvement and your career. When the right time comes, you’ll have had enough time to become the best partner. Just a piece of advicepatience is another key in how to date long distance. While you’re waiting, work on yourself.

3. More Time with Friends & Family

Another significant upside in starting a long distance relationship is that there’s more time you can spend with friends and family. When you’re loved on is physically present, you’re going to want to spend every waking time with that person. But, in a long distance relationship, the other person’s absence can be filled temporarily with family and friends. That’s how you maintain a long distance relationship.

4. You Maintain Your Independence

Neediness is never healthy in any relationship. With long distance ones, the two people involved in the relationship actually keep their independence. There’s that emotional connection, but it doesn’t become too intense and overbearing.

5. Time Together is Precious

When it’s time to meet finally, both parties concentrate on making the most out of the moments. The couple’s time together is not wasted on petty fights. But, it is focused on all things good.

Are you in a long distance relationship?

If you’ve been in a long distance relationship before, do you think it made you a better person? Don’t be shy to share your thoughts below. And, feel free to visit the blog for more insightful posts.



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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Saying “I Love You” Has Never Been Easier, Here’s Why

Do your loved ones complain because you’re always out of touch? Maybe your wife or your girlfriend complain that you do not say those “three little words” enough. That is what tech guru, Guru Ranganathan is going through. So he decided that it was time to remedy the situation with a love chatbot called the LoveBot.

LoveBot Sends I Love You Automatically


What is LoveBot?

From its name, you can probably tell what the LoveBot does. But, it’s not what you’re thinking. It is not an app that says “I Love You.” It really does the opposite.

In a nutshell, it’s an app that sends messages for you. You can download it on your phone and then configure it with themes. Themes are like categories that let you send love, casual and motivational messages. You have to set it according to the type of message you want to send.

You can also set the numbers of messages you want to be sent out. Maybe a better description of its function would be that it sends messages on your behalf because the messages will be coming from your account.

The Automatic I Love Yous

A love chat bot is a brilliant solution to the dilemma that busy people experience. Check out this video of Guru Ranganathan at the Disrupt SF Hackathon 2016 to know more about the LoveBot.

Send I Love You Everyday with LoveBotWhy LoveBot Is a Good Idea

Let’s acknowledge that not everyone is expressive. Most of us also don’t have enough time to send out messages throughout the day purposefully. Despite that, we have to make efforts, so our loved ones don’t feel that they are unimportant. While you’re working on making communication a habit, use LoveBot for the mean time.

You might be thinking that your wife, girlfriend or loved ones are going to know that the message came from a robot. No, they won’t, which is the best part about the LoveBot app.

The LoveBot is a great app to use for this purpose because the messages still come from us. It’s just that they’re scheduled. Just make sure to skip scheduling messages during date night. It might get awkward when your wife or girlfriend receives a chat from LoveBot while you’re together.


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Monday, September 19, 2016

Irresistible Five: Exotic Beauties From A Mysterious Country

You probably don’t know much about Moldova. Anastasia Date’s girls are here to help.

As you may have noticed, we’d started our Irresistible Five series last week. If you haven’t seen it by now, you should definitely jump on board and go check it out since that is the shortest way to the finest, prettiest and most interesting girls on our site.

Our selection continues this week, and since Moldova is site’s choice for the month of September, it’s only natural we choose our top five girls to represent the country. Just like with all ladies on our site, these are also special, meaning you can’t find two that are alike, and you will surely find what you are looking for, you just have to start.

And what better way to start then browsing through girls who present country of the month, learn something about it along the way, and then maybe visit soon?


Moldovans Aleksandra

Aleksandra is 23 years old and is celebrating her birthday this week! So there really is no better time to get to know her better and make her feel special. She will charm you with her bright character and willingness to learn and work. She would like for you to lead an active life and be honest.


Moldovans Anna

Anna is also 23 and, as you can see, absolutely stunning. She loves being outdoors and having fun. At the same time, she likes to cook and make her home cosy and tidy. But do not think she’s not adventurous because she can’t wait to travel with you and explore the world.


Moldovans Anna2

This brunette beauty is also named Anna, but she is 22. And you will be delighted with her if you are into creative types. She truly is one of a kind, since she writes music but also draws the most beautiful paintings. She also enjoys photography and in addition to all that she also writes – since she is a journalist. Could you handle all of her?


Moldovans Anastasia

Anastasia is 20 years old, and you must admit – she is truly a human-sized Barbie doll. She says she is a happy girl and that her life is like a puzzle which consists of bright details. And to put it all together in a vivid picture: she needs a man who will give her the missing parts.


Moldovans Marina

Marina is 23 and can’t wait to find her love. She likes to travel and see new places, but she will gladly show her country to you if you are interested. She is a person who always holds her word, and always takes action rather than sitting aside waiting for things to happen to her. So expect her to go for what she wants. If it’s you, you’ll know it.

What do you think? Could one of these ladies from Moldova be your match?






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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ghosting Basics In Dating: What is it and How to Avoid It

First off, we are not talking about ghosting as in ghosts in horror movies. Ghosting has something to do with the dating world. It does have a negative meaning, so it’s important that we know what it is, exactly, and how to avoid doing it.


Source: Pixabay


What is ghosting?

Ghosting is a word used to describe a person’s disappearing act while dating someone. If a person, all of a sudden, disappears or does not answer any of your calls or messages, he or she is “ghosting” you. It’s also known as a “fade away” because a person seems to have just faded away without giving any explanation.

Why do people go ghost?

The main reason why people disappear in the middle of a relationship or a potential relationship is because they are not into it anymore. There are other more complicated reasons, but losing interest is the most common. This is especially true with online dating. Ghosting is so easy to do when your worlds apart and just communicating through the internet.

How to Avoid Ghosting Online and Offline

The bottom line is, ghosting is hurtful and heartless. If a person has already invested emotions, time and effort into the relationship or potential relationship, disappearing will downright hurt the person. It won’t matter what the reason for ghosting is.

The following tips will help you avoid ghosting someone:

  • Don’t say anything serious unless you’re sure. When we’re infatuated, we tend to say things we don’t really mean. This goes the same for our actions. It is best not to say anything specific or act a certain way until you’re 100% sure about how you feel.
  •  Reply. A simple reply to a message or text can make all the difference. If you’ve just gone out on a couple of dates, simply say that you did not feel a connection.
  • If the connection is deeper than one or two dates, go ahead and have that awkward conversation. It’s not going to feel good, and someone will get hurt. It is, however, better than ghosting or leading someone on.
  • Apologize and take responsibility for your actions or words. An apology can make a broken heart hurt less.

Avoid ghosting at all costs. Be sincere, be sure about how you feel and always be honest with the person you’re dating. Share this information if you found it helpful. For more dating tips, don’t forget to visit

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