Saturday, August 13, 2016

Learn How European Men Date the Right Way

How European men date is clearly very different to how American men date. And, guess what? It’s very effective to women in general, not just women from Europe. There’s just something about going on a date with a European man that makes a woman feel confident, sexy, and, possibly, the prettiest girl in the room. What is this “something”, and how can men from other parts of the world learn it?


Reasons Why European Men Date So Well

Can the rest of the men from other parts of the world learn a thing or two from how European men date? Definitely. Here’s what everybody needs to learn:

1. European Men Date Ladies in a Comfortable Manner

Does this mean that men from the rest of the parts of the world are not comfortable with approaching or interacting with women? Not really. It just means that European men date with great respect to women. They don’t really spend time figuring out the complexity of how a woman thinks, and that’s most likely because of their upbringing. In America, there’s a clear segregation between genders even at a young age. Boys play with boys and they all play with boy’s toys. In Europe, there’s no segregation at all so Euro males grow up exposed and familiar with females.


2. Organic Steps to Being Together

This is most likely similar to most parts of the world where the dating process has several “stages”. There’s the meeting stage, the “hooking up” and dating stage, and then dating exclusively stage (otherwise known as the boyfriend-girlfriend stage). This doesn’t really matter to European men. If you like each other, you decide to keep seeing each other and see where things leads the both of you. It’s very organic and it could be one of the reasons why European men date successfully.


3. Manners Matter

Ok, let’s just clear up the air. This doesn’t mean that the rest of men-kind do not have an ounce of politeness in them. It just means that European men were brought up knowing how important manners are. You’ll know this when you meet European men online and offline. It shows in the way they speak, in how they treat ladies and in how they treat other people.


4. European Dating is NOT Dating at All

The thing is, the European concept of “dating” is very different. Like what was said earlier, it doesn’t have labeled stages. It’s more organic. It’s also less formal so in dating European singles, the Western way: asking a girl out, going to a fancy restaurant, walking in the park and so on, doesn’t really apply. Of course, there are activities done, but they’re not set formally. A trip to the museum, a short walk, a brief coffee at  local cafe can be considered as spending time in finding out if there’s a spark.



Have you ever seen the movie “She’s Just Not that Into You”? This is a perfect example of where you can see the kind of rules and norms that exist in Western dating. Don’t sleep with a guy until the 5th date, don’t call or text right away, do not stalk him or her on social media, act like you’re not available and so on. Again, European men date organically so dating rules basically do not exist. It’s also good to know that European men do not freak out when the topic of commitment is being brought up.


More to Learn

It’s not just these five that you need to know. There’s more to learn on how European men date, but the idea is that mean from European go with the flow. They don’t force things, they do not play games, they’re most probably not aiming to get women into the bed room, they’re perfect gentlemen and they treat women with the utmost respect. This is what European women want and it could work for you too.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Classic Mistakes to Avoid When Dating EU Women

Make Dating EU Women Online Easier: Do Not Do TheseAs the years go by, dating, in general, changes with the times. Today, it has become more complicated. Well, it’s less complicated in Europe as single European women, still, have a more straight-forward approach to dating online and offline. But, the point is, dating isn’t as easy at it used to be.

What’s interesting is most foreign men don’t recognize this change.  They still apply the same dating tactics to meet European women online and offline. It may have gotten them a few short-lived dates in various European dating sites, but it’ll be hard to find a European woman who can potentially be a great match.

Are You Still Doing These Classic Dating Mistakes?

Let’s focus more on the online dating platform for this one. So, this is why it is absolutely important that you start avoiding these classic dating mistakes:

Fibs on Your Profile

It is tempting to tweak your profile to how you want to appear, but it is a big DONT. Regrettably, a lot of foreign men still do it online. The thing is, online dating is widely accepted today, but there’s still some fine tuning to be done. With terrible stories popping up here and there, it is inevitable for people to get suspicious with persons they met online. Plus, it doesn’t help that in dating EU women, there’s still that stigma of Russian women seeking green card.

The Bottom Line

Build trust right from the start. Changing a tiny detail about your height might seem harmless, but when your aim is dating EU women, it is best to just be honest.


Basing Everything on Appearance

The keyword here is “everything”. Let’s just clarify this. There is NOTHING wrong with specifically stating your preferences with dating EU women online. Blonde, brunette, tall, thin, chubby, has a great career, etc – these are fine. The problem comes in when you become too picky, and you close yourself off to women who have great potential.

The Bottom Line

It’s superficial if you base everything on appearance. Try being lenient with the preferences you have and give other single European women a chance. Get to know them first before you make your decision.


Generic Messages

If there’s one thing you DONT want your online dating messages to be, and it is generic. You cannot send the same message over and over again to several EU women. If you’re still doing this approach, how has it been working for you?

The Bottom Line

Major European dating site blogs will tell you several tips on how you can fix this. Read those tips and apply them to your dating EU women online. It’s as simple as that. Just don’t send generic messages anymore. The more personalized the message is, the better.


Make Dating EU Women Online Easier

Recognizing that you need to change your dating ways is the first step. The next one is for you to educate yourself. Visit this blog as well as other blogs so you know what’s up and what’s new in the world of online dating EU women. The last step is for you to actually apply what you’ve learned.

When you feel like things are not working anymore, you need to, again, reevaluate your tactics and then go from there. Remember that the dating world changes from time to time, and you have to change with it too. Do all of these and see how it changes your online dating life.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

AnastasiaDate Safety and Security of Payments

AnastasiaDate safety and security in payments is one of the site’s highest priority, next to keeping a close eye on the activities on the site.

Having been founded in 1993, the company, as a whole, has gained valuable insight on the happenings of both the online and the offline dating world. It’s this years of experience that has allowed AnastasiaDate safety and security to develop, bringing the best services possible to its members.

How AnastasiaDate Safety and Security is Applied to Payments

There are three ways on how members can pay for services on AnastasiaDate:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Skrill

If you’re not familiar with Skrill, you can read their About Page here. In a nutshell, it is an e-Commerce company that facilitates payments and money transfers via the internet, with minimal costs for international transactions. It is very similar to Paypal.

Although transactions via these e-Commerce sites are done on the internet, there is no need to worry about safety because Anastasiadate safety precautions are observed. Payments done via Skrill and Paypal are done on HTTPS Servers.

What are HTTPS Servers and How can they ensure AnastasiaDate Safety and Security?

The longer name of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure. This security measure is commonly used when the following activities or transactions take place on a website:

  • Transfer of personal information
  • Transfer of transaction data in e-commerce (your payment, for example)
  • Transfer of any other sensitive data

HTTPS protects these activities by encrypting the information and sending it to a secure server. Is this sound too technical again? A better way for you to understand this process would be to imagine a straight line connecting two points: point A and B.

With an unsecured connection, there is no protection if points A and B decide to communicate or swap info through the straight line. With HTTPS, the line in between the points is secured with complex puzzle that only points A and B can solve.


How About the AnastasiaDate Safety with Credit Cards and Debit Cards?

As you may have heard on the video, members will be required to key in their CVV number. CVV stands for Card Verification Value. It can be found at the back of credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards. Your CVV number is short but it establishes your identity as the owner of the card. It also minimizes the risk for fraud.


AnastasiaDate Safety and Security with VeriSign

VeriSign is a company that provides registry and internet security services. What AnastasiDate members need to know about VeriSign is this: it is an added security that verifies different processes on the site. It does digital verification and it examines traditional documents that contain valuable information.


Safety and Security on Payments is a Top Priority

With these security measures, you don’t need to worry about inputting your personal information as well as certain financial information on the site as you complete your profile and/or purchase services. You can go about online dating with peace of mind. This is AnastasiaDate’s goal, after all – to give its members the best dating experience possible.


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