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How to Purchase Services from AnastasiaDate.Com

From signing up to meeting female members, Anastasiadate has designed everything in it’s site with ease and convenience in mind. Most functions and features are only one click away. And, members don’t even need to search actively for matches because there’s always a lot of activity on the site daily. So, it’s no surprise that purchasing services from is also similar. Here’s a quick video on how it is done:

Steps on How to Purchase Services from AnastasiaDate.Com

Step 1: Log in or Sign up

Of course, you need to be logged into the site to purchase services. If you don’t have an account yet, signing up is as easy as counting from 1 to 3. Just visit the AnastasiaDate website and fill out the box that says “Join the Secure & Easy Way”. You can also sign up and log in using your Facebook details by clicking on “Login Fast with Facebook”.

Once you’re in, don’t forget to fill out your profile as well as information needed to purchase services from


How to Purchase Services from AnastasiaDate.ComStep 2: Go to “Subscribe”

Once you’re on your account, click on “Subscribe” which you will find on your left. Clicking on this will take you to the purchasing section where you can click on the amount of credits you like.


Step 3: Easily Purchase Services from AnastasiaDate.Com

The last step is to fill out the necessary information for you to complete your purchase. Click on “Checkout” and then follow the rest of the prompts the site displays. Remember that you can purchase services from via:

It’s that easy! Once you’re payment has been confirmed the credits you purchased for services will automatically be shown on your account. Use these credits in exchange for various services from



Now that you already have credits in your account, it’s time to answer common questions that might be at the back of your mind.

What type of services can you actually avail of when on the dating site? Here’s a short list:

  • Correspondence
  • Virtual gifts
  • Live Chat
  • Video Conference
  • Phone Call

There are plenty more on the dating site, but what you need to remember is that the more you use the features on the site, the more you get credits for free. How is this possible? This is because of AnastasiaDate’s Bonus Program. Read more here and get the most out of your credits.


Is it safe to enter my credit card information on AnastasiaDate.Com?

That’s a great question! The answer is yes and this is because AnastasiaDate takes pride in providing a safe environment for online daters. The site makes use of proven software and security measure to make all of the activities that are happening on the site safe and secure (and that includes entering your credit card details).


Should I buy more credits or renew my membership once a month?


It is up to you. To continue using AnastasiaDate’s services, you should consider doing so. Purchasing credits doesn’t need to be on a monthly basis. It really depends upon the usage of your credits.

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Dos and Donts When Dating a Czech Woman

Dating a Czech Woman SeriouslyIf you find yourself hopelessly attracted to a Czech woman, despair not. This is considered normal and is even expected as these women have been playing a vital role in society not only in the past, but up to the modern times. These women are strong, independent, intelligent, and are known the world over as women who make their own marks. Once you find yourself dating a Czech woman, here are a few dos and don’ts to ensure smooth sailing in the relationship and to help it grow into a lifetime partnership.

When giving gifts…

Whenever you find yourself in Prague, en route to a date with a lovely Czech maiden, let it be known that small gifts are expected. Better yet, think of them as required. This way, you get on the good side of both your lovely date and her family. Small gifts can be defined as a simple bottle of wine, a nice box of chocolates, and the usual bouquet for the lady. Just don’t forget to ensure that the number of blooms is always odd, except for 13, and that they are any flower except for chrysanthemums. One last piece of advice when giving her gifts: don’t make it too expensive or she’ll think you’re trying to buy her affection. Staying below 15 USD should be a safe marker.


When meeting and greeting…

Dating a Czech woman is also a silent and unwritten agreement to learn and assimilate into the custom of the Czech world. One should make conscious effort to learn the proper greetings and gestures that accompany them. For example, when you are introduced to a lady, it is customary to give her a quick peck on the cheek, or if you would like the extra flair (or you’re just not comfortable with kissing her on the cheek right off the bat) you can give her a gentlemanly kiss on the hand. Don’t ever offer your hand for a handshake or you better kiss your chances with dating her goodbye.


On matters of paying for dinner…

Okay, this should be self-explanatory. Not only limited to the Czech lovelies but this should extend to all women of all nationalities and cultures; the man should pay for the first date. He pays for dinner, for the coffee, for the taxi when he sees her to her door. Once the relationship has progressed to a serious degree, then matters of who pays for dinner can now be discussed. But in the initial stages, this, is given.


On being chivalrous and gentleman-like…

If you intend for your first date to be followed by a second and a third, always be a gentleman. Open doors for her, seat her first, take her coat, offer to bring her things, and the whole nine-yards of the chivalry code. Prove to her that she is a lady worth all the efforts. This also extends to good grooming habits. A gentleman will always be well groomed and well-dressed when he goes to meet his lady. Never, ever, show up for a date in jeans and a t-shirt. If so, better flush your chances down the toilet. Dating a Czech woman means dressing up for her as she does for you.


These few pointers should be enough to get you started but as mentioned, please learn her culture. This woman is worth all the efforts you are putting in and she will reward you by being your lifetime partner.

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