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What Balkan Women DO NOT LIKE

How to Attract Balkan WomenThe Balkan Peninsula is a cultural area in, mostly, Southeast Europe. Countries that can be considered as Balkan include:

  • Albania
  • Bulgaria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo
  • Macedonia
  • Croatia
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • …just to name a few

Majority of  the women from these countries are open to online dating and dating men from foreign countries. That’s great news because Balkan women are very attractive and they, most of the time, make great wives and lovers. There are a few things that you need to know, however, before diving into the world of online and offline Balkan dating. The first things that you need to know are what to avoid or what Balkan women DO NOT LIKE:


If you’re not a confident guy, it will show off in the way you talk and act. You need to develop your confidence if this is the case because Balkan women are used to strong, alpha types. You may be picturing out a man who’s cocky, well-dressed and has no problems talking to ladies. That’a accurate except for the cock part as women from the Balkans don’t really appreciate boastfulness.




It’s not wrong to save money, but if you are not willing to spend even a tiny amount to make a date special and memorable, that’s going to be a big turn off. When dating women from the Balkans, you have to spend money – not big money – but enough to give your date a wonderful experience. Don’t expect her to go dutch either because, to a Balkan woman and pretty much majority of the women from Europe, that’s just plain rude.




Balkan women do not do jealousy (period)! If you’re the jealous type, then it’s not going to work out. Majority of women from the Balkans have very attractive facial and physical features. If you met online, chances are, she’s still going to get a lot of messages from other men. It’s the same offline. You, however, do not need to be jealous because she’s not likely to entertain them when you’ve already started dating. Chill!



Here’s the thing, Balkan women like to dress up, wear heels, do their hair and their makeup every time they go out. It’s just how it is! If you cannot wait for her to get ready, oh, she is going to dislike that very much. Give her some space, give her time to make herself beautiful (for you), and just wait. In the online setting, if it’s taking her a while to go online and do a video conference, just wait. She might just be putting on makeup.


Learn the Name

When you have an unconventional name, don’t you just hate it when people don’t say your name right? It’s the same with Balkan women. They’re going to have first and last names that are going to be difficult to pronounce. You better learn it though because if you keep getting a Balkan woman’s name wrong, you’ll have no chance at winning her over.


Don’t do what Balkan Women Dislike

So, your first order of business is NOT to do what Balkan women dislike. It seems easy enough, but the journey to landing yourself a beautiful woman from the Balkan region is a long one. You still have more to learn! Find more tips on our blog.

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Less Common Questions and Answers About Ukrainian Ladies

Things to know about Ukrainian LadiesOf course you’d want to date a Ukrainian lady, and that’s why you’re here! Because, you want to know more about Ukrainian Ladies and how to win their heart. With your kind of enthusiasm, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve read a ton of blogs that have a lot of helpful information on dating a lady from Ukraine, but you’ve probably never come across the following less common questions and answers about Ukrainian ladies:

What’s the truth about Ukrainian Ladies and Age Gaps?

Most people think that it is common for a Ukrainian lady to go for an older gentleman. It’s actually not. To most ladies from Ukraine, an age gap of 3-6 years is enough. But, there are Ukrainian women who prefer older men. The main reason could be because, to them, older foreign men are more secure in life and in love. That’s a valid reason, don’t you think? And, of course, on the men’s side, who wouldn’t want a Ukrainian bride who’s young and beautiful?


Are there other things I need to know about Ukrainian Ladies and Age Gaps?

Yes, there is. Before you date a Ukrainian lady who is way younger than you, consider your physical health. This is because Ukrainian ladies are very active, both in and out of the bedroom. When you’re online dating this lady, you can get away with living a sedentary lifestyle or you can get away with a mellow lifestyle because of age, but what happens when you two finally meet? If you’re not sure about this, you’ll most probably be better off dating someone your age. Have you ever seen mature Ukrainian women? They’re still very beautiful and sexy.


Is it true that Ukrainian Ladies are only interested in White men?

Yes, there is some truth to this, but hear this out. Both Ukraine and Russia, being former soviet countries, were not very open to foreigners in the past. All of the people from both countries are white so naturally, other races are considered exotic and different. It’s nothing personal, but it has more to do with history.

So does this mean that Ukrainian ladies will not be attracted to non-Caucasian men? No. Not at all.

Both Russian and Ukraine are opening up to the idea of welcoming foreigners into the country. As for Ukrainian or Russian ladies dating foreign, non-Caucasian men, they’re slowly opening up to the idea too. One great thing that you need to know, however, is that Ukrainian ladies respond to confidence. No matter what race you are, if you are well-dressed, well-spoken and exuding confidence, your race won’t really be an issue.


What’s the most important tip on dating Ukrainian Ladies?

The most important tip that you need to know about Ukrainian ladies is this: understand the Ukrainian way of dating. It’s a big mistake not to do some research on:

  • the Ukrainian Dating Culture
  • how Ukrainian ladies think
  • the Ukrainian culture

These could be the key to a Ukrainian woman’s heart. One thing’s for sure, though, if you’re familiar with the Ukrainian way of dating, you’ll have better luck even with just interacting with a woman from Ukraine (or Russia).

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Why do I Get Plenty of Chat Invites on AnastasiaDate?

“Why do I always get plenty of chat invites on AnastasiaDate?” – this is a common question asked by a lot of members. It’s definitely a valid one at that because most people (the ones who haven’t tried dating on AnastasiaDate yet) think that it’s system-generated. They think that these chat invites on AnastasiaDate are caused by the site itself and are not initiated by the members.

Straightforward Answer

The truth is, it’s not system-generated. You may think that it is, but we have 5 reasons why this is happening on AnastasiaDate on a daily basis:

5 Reasons Why Chat Invites on AnastasiaDate are Plentiful

You did a great job on your profile!

If you’re getting plenty of chat invites on AnastasiaDate, it could be because you did a wonderful job with your profile. You filled in all the data necessary to complete the profile and you may even have written a catchy description of yourself that turns heads. You also could have uploaded a nice picture of yourself too! Remember, profiles (your primary photo included) are important, not just in AnastasiaDate but, in the online dating world. And, you getting plenty of chat invites because of your profile just shows how effective a good profile is.


Your profile has been suggested.

Oh luck you! If you’re getting a lot of chat invites, it could mean that AnastasiaDate is consistently suggesting your profile. Why is this happening? Because:

  • You match what the lady is describing.
  • Your profiles match and the site thinks that you might be a good fit for each other.

You’re also probably getting a lot of suggestions from the website. The ladies may have just acted more on the suggestion by inviting you to chat online. AnastasiaDate consistently looks out for matches so its members can have the best dating experience.


There’s plenty of activity on the site.


Do you know how many members AnastasiaDate has? To give you an idea, the number reaches a million. So, if a million members are online during the same time, there will be plenty of activity on the site – plenty! This big a number naturally generates a lot of activity and that could be one of the reasons why you’re getting chat invites from ladies on the site.


Ladies are actively searching.


Let’s go back to imagining how big the members of AnastasiaDate are. Now think about how many female members are there in the number. Once you’ve got it, imagine now that these female members are actively searching for profiles on the site. These ladies may have come across your profile and chat invites might just be their way of telling you that they are interested.


Ladies like you!


Have you ever thought that maybe ladies are just genuinely interested in you? Give yourself some more credit because it’s not that impossible that someone could actually be interested in meeting and talking to you. Take it as a compliment!

So there you have it. Do you still think that the chat invites on AnastasiaDate are caused by the system? Probably not. Check back on the blog for more European dating tips!

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How can I be ‘Dominant’ and attract Russian ladies?

How to be a dominant man to attract Russian LadiesHow many times have you read in Easter European dating blogs that dominant males tend to attract Russian ladies easier then ones who are more heterosexual? Is there some truth to this? The direct answer is YES! The truth is, a lot of females are attracted to men who are dominant even though they may admit it or not. Most ladies will tell you that they want someone who’s nice, but has it ever occurred to anyone that nice guys actually have a hard time attracting ladies in general?

So we’ve established that. Now, how can men be “dominant” to attract Russian ladies both online and offline? What does it even mean to be a “dominant” male? Good questions.

Dominant Male Characteristics to Attract Russian Ladies

Quiet Confidence

First off, believing in yourself is different from being boastful. Being boastful or being too confident indicates that a man is compensating for something. Men are confidently quiet when they act more than they speak. This is what attracts Russian ladies – it’s not about how men say that they’re confident, it’s when men ACT confidently.

Bragging is definitely out of the picture. You won’t attract a gorgeous Russian female by being puffy and braggy and pounding on your chest. Remember that actions speak louder than words.


In Making Decisions

There is such a thing as an alpha female and she makes the decisions for herself most of the time. In fact, this is how Russian females are. They are independent, they are strong and most of them are pretty driven when it comes to life and career. This kind of woman needs a man who will make decisions for her when she’s tired. There will be a point where this kind of woman will be sick and tired of doing the leading herself. This is where you come in.


In Stepping Down

So this is confusing. How can you make decisions and step down at the same time? That’s a valid point. The answer is simple. A dominant man will know when to take the lead and when to give up the reins. You have to let the Russian woman be her own woman. Russian women are like sand. If you hold on too tight, the sand can escape through the small crevices in your hands, but if you cup your hands just right, the sand will stay put. This, actually, applies to most women so make sure you develop the skill to recognize when you need to let her be her.


It’s Take it or Leave it

As a dominant man, you should have this “take it, or leave it” attitude. You should be allowed to be a man yourself so if she’s not into what you want then don’t force her. If you’re not into what she wants, she shouldn’t force you too. Before the relationship, it’s a good way to show that you also have a life that doesn’t revolve around meeting Russian girls. And during the relationship, it’s a good way to make room for both parties to be themselves.

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