Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why are AnastasiaDate Members are SO Beautiful

For years, both online dating reviewers and male AnastasiaDate members have often wondered why there are so many beautiful women on the dating website. One look at the popular dating site, AnastasiaDate.Com, and you’ll be able tell that numerous gorgeous women sign up, but why do they all look unrealistically beautiful? Is it really possible for an online dating site to have this many seemingly flawless female members?

The Truth about AnastasiaDate Members

Well, today, you’re going to get straight forward answers and reasons to why all of the AnastasiaDate members look like they could be Victoria’s Secret models.

AnastasiaDate Members are Mostly Eastern European

What does this have to do with being so good looking? Well, it’s all in the genes. In case you haven’t noticed, most Eastern European women are considered to be 8s, 9s, 10s. Check out whatever blog on Eastern European dating and you’ll see that this is pretty accurate. If you’ve been to any Eastern European country yourself, you know that this is right.

Eastern European women have specific features that make them look very attractive to men – from the structure of their face, to the natural physique. It also help that Easter European ladies like to be feminine, especially with the way they dress.


AnastasiaDate Members are Screened

Did you know that female AnastasiaDate members are first screened before their profile is made public in the AnastasiaDate website? If you haven’t yet, you can read the full article HERE. Essentially, women are screened to verify their identity and to double check their marital status as well as intention. This is not to say that AnastasiaDate only approves beautiful females, but this shows that there is a screening process for the ladies to go through before they can use the site for meeting foreign men.


AnastasiaDate Members are Offered Professional Photoshoots

After a female member gets approved by an AnastasiaDate screener, she is then invited to a professional photoshoot. The dating site understands that in order a woman to get noticed, she must have attractive, professional photos on her profile on top of making a comprehensive description of herself, of her hobbies (likes and dislikes) and the man she wants to meet.

This professional service is offered to all female AnastasiaDate members so they can have the best chance at finding a match. Eastern European ladies are also very particular about the way they look so most really do take advantage of the photo shoot.


AnastasiaDate Members don’t Speak Fluent English

Now, what does this have to do with pretty pictures? Well, it’s like this. When a lady gets approved, she has full access to the website. There, she’ll be able to write down a description for herself and for the man she wants to meet. This step will be relatively easy when you know how to express yourself in English well. While most of the members do speak good English, some don’t really speak the universal language all too well.

So, in order to compensate for this lack of expression, they would rather take a lot of good looking, professionally done pictures to catch men’s attention.


Well, now you know. It is because of these 4 reasons that a lot of the members look amazing! AnatasiaDate also looks out for its female members, not just the male ones, and so an extra service is offered so ladies also get the best shot at finding a match.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Online Dating Habits you MUST Adopt

If you’ve been online dating for a while, chances are, you’ve already formed little online dating habits that (you think) can land you a date. Ask yourself right now: has it been effective lately? Have I had a lot of views on my profile lately? If you’re having trouble trying to formulate an answer, it might just be time to change things up. Your old online dating habits may have worked for you, but remember, times are changing and you should to.

5 Game-Changing Online Dating Habits

Online Dating Habits you NEED to Adopt NOW

1. Change Your Pictures

You probably have a million and one pictures on your phone. Why not change the old ones on your dating profile? Replace them with new ones to renew your morale with online dating and to get noticed by women who pass by your profile. Of course, the picture has to be nice and reflective of your personality. In fact, why not change your pictures often. It catches attention and it changes things up. Take note that it’s not just your profile picture that needs changing but all pics on your profile, OK?


2. Update Your Dusty Profile

Your pictures may not be the only things that are out of date. Make sure that you’ve updated your interests, hobbies, and preferences in the women you want to meet online. People, interests and hobbies change. You might even put in something that you’ve recently accomplished to make your profile more captivating. You have to make this into an online dating habit because this is a good practice. As you change and develop yourself, you also need to do the same thing with your profile description.


3. Put some Humor into it

Being funny, humorous and witty – most girls online really go for that. If you think that you’re too serious, maybe you should get into the online dating habit of just letting lose and being yourself. Don’t be scared to be funny and silly.


4. Time to Do Some Reading


Do you know what females appreciate? It’s a man who knows the value of making an effort. Reading online profiles of ladies ALL THE WAY THROUGH is considered an effort. So how will this online dating habit benefit you and how will a lady even know that you made the effort to get to know her by reading all she wrote own on her profile?

One, a lady will know because you’ll most likely know details about her that she has written down – that’s plus points for you. Two, it’ll benefit you through conversation. Don’t just throw in the usual questions. Ask about her interests and plans – that’s another plus point.


5. Meet in Person as Soon as Possible


When you’ve met someone online and if you  felt the spark, why not meet as soon as you can? If the he or she is just in your city, go ahead and take the risk of meeting in person. Of course, you have to follow safety tips when meeting like:

  • Meet somewhere public
  • Go for a day date
  • Make sure that someone knows where you’re headed

These are just extra precautions. Anyway, meeting a person face to face is a wonderful way to test out your chemistry. If it works, fantastic! Go on another meeting or date! If it doesn’t, repeat the whole online dating process.


It is these online dating habits that might land you your next date! Remember, don’t be shy, show your confidence, make some changes and take the risk of meeting in person.


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