Saturday, June 4, 2016

Why Ukrainian Girls are Totally Amazing

Ukrainian girls are often envied by a lot of other nations’ women due to the fact that they seem to have won the genetic lottery. These women are naturally beautiful without having to get “fixed”. And in addition to their beauty, they are even gifted with colorful personalities that drive men over the edge. But what exactly makes Ukrainian girls totally amazing and considerably the crème of the crop in the dating world? Ukrainian Girls Online DatingHere are a few of those reasons.


Okay, this, is given. Russian & Ukrainian women are considered as winners when it comes to being physically beautiful. Their facial bone structure, their slender figures, their icy stare and their flowing tresses. No matter where you may be in Ukraine, and no matter the time, these amazing doll-like creatures are all over. These women are naturally, even with no make-up, beautiful. Not that women from other nations are butt ugly or average janes. Women from different nations have their own beauties to flaunt, only that most of the time, the pale in comparison with Russian & Ukrainian girls.


Composure and Refinement

These ladies love being women. And these ladies can be said as the ideal picture of a woman. Feminine, refined, sophisticated. They dress amazingly as though each trip out the door is a trip down the catwalk. Even just to go shopping they will be decked out with full accessories and killer high heels. And, not just their exquisite fashion choices are in play, these girls are also fun and interesting to talk to. They are highly opinionated and can go toe to toe with almost any topic under the sun. These women are indeed the complete package of beauty and brains.


Amazing in the Bedroom

Now, it was mentioned earlier that Ukrainian girls love being women and can be said to be the embodiment of being a female. And with the female gender comes intimacy – women from Ukraine have an appetite for it. They are passionate beyond compare and will most likely give you the best of your life most of the time. These women, no matter how quiet and meek she may seem when you meet, beware for the moment you get her behind closed doors, the perfect little angel doll you brought home morphs into a smoldering temptress.


Bound by Tradition

One of the quaint things about Ukraine, is the way tradition has survived despite the rampant westernization of the rest of the world. Gender roles are still pretty defined there so women are more traditionally still women in role and personality. Ukrainian girls have no problem with being the primary homemaker who cooks your dinner and does your laundry. For a lot of men, this is a very endearing trait as western women tend to be overly independent and feminist. To a Ukrainian lady, serving her husband dinner is not really a chore but something they simply want to do for their significant other. Of course there would be some girls that are exceptions to these rules but most of the time, Ukrainian girls are truly traditional.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why You Should Choose a Russian Girl

Date a Russian Girl Because...What distinguishes a Russian girl from all the rest and why a lot of men seem to want them as their girlfriends? One of the most obvious reasons would be their beauty. Russians are blessed with a certain kind of genetics that produce these model-like women. Well, aside from the goddess-like beauties and hot, rocking bodies, there are still their personalities to consider that makes them quite special and worth all the effort.


Russian girls love to cook. Most especially, for you.

The Russian culture can still be quite traditional compared to western nations. Women still are the primary homemakers and with this, they are, most predominantly, the one who cooks in the home. Russian girls are raised with these values and their particularly like cooking. They enjoy the art of cooking especially if it is for someone close to their heart such as family and boyfriends. Worry not, these ladies are more than adept at cooking though you might want to develop a love for dill. Russians are crazy about dill and it would really please her if she sees you enjoying her dill infused meals.


Russian girls are open to intimacy (in a committed relationship) any time.

Once you are in an official relationship with a Russian girl, intimacy will never be lacking. These women may not be as sexually charged as a Latina woman, but they enjoy intimacy very much so. She wouldn’t mind doing the deed with you under any circumstance. She will be open to intimacy even when she’s tired, stressed or when she has a headache. These women like intimacy, and will be willing to give it to you anytime, provided you two are officially a couple.


A Russian girl is raised on traditional values.

Even with the continuing westernization of the world, Russian girls tend to still have more traditional values compared to most. They are very loyal and faithful and will not stray as long as the relationship is kept healthy and happy. In addition to this, Russian girls are also more open to traditional gender roles. Not that she will wait on you hand and foot, but that she doesn’t really mind doing the house chores like cleaning and laundry. Plus, these women will most likely leave the decision-making to you, most of the time. Of course these ladies are their own persons as well so they will insist on some decisions from time to time, but more often than not, you will be the one to make the choices. Just make sure you hear her out on her opinions and weigh decisions on a healthy compromise between you two.


A Russian girl sounds sexy.

Okay, let’s admit it. There is just something so sexy about a woman with a Russian accent. This might probably be due to the nature of the Russian language and how whenever she says something, it is instantly imbued with extra sexiness. Or maybe, it’s because the Russian accent seems to add a little growl to everything she says that makes it feel fierce and commanding and thu

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Tatyana wants to go in the same direction as you

AnastasiaDate Tatyana2

Tatyana is a very direct girl who doesn’t play games. Besides that, she knows exactly what she wants in her life and wishes to find a man who will have the same direction as her. Could you be that guy?

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Anna awaits your surprise

Anastasiadate Anna2

Anna is very sensual lady. She is funny, loves to be around people and someone you can always rely on. But, she also adores surprises, equally in giving and receiving. Could you be her surprising love?


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Sanja wishes to laugh with you

AnastasiaDate Sanja

Sanja is a lady who’s company you will enjoy. She would like to meet someone calm and patient, but she is also looking for a person who could laugh with her and have a good time. Is that you?

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Dining Experiences to Expect when Dating in Russia

Tips About Dating in RussiaRussian cuisine hasn’t really broken into the Western palate just yet and most westerners are not that familiar with the cuisine itself. So if you are planning on dating in Russia, or just planning to visit Russia to try your luck in love, this should give you a good idea on what to expect when dining in Russia. After all, food is a common ground that can bridge differences no matter where you are or where you come from. Besides, when you go on dates, dinner is most likely, always involved.


Lunch and Dinner

When dating in Russia, you have to remember that lunches and dinners in Russia are most commonly heavy with heavy salads, soups and main courses that usually comprise of meat. Even soups and salads will always have the occasional meat component. Also, quite differently from the salads of the western world, Russian salads are more often than not smothered with mayonnaise. As for their soups, they are akin to the western stew with pieces of meat in sour cream. This actually doubles as the main meat dish of the meal.


Sometimes, the meat dish or meat soup is substituted with dumplings or dough pockets with wither ground pork or beef fillings. In a nutshell, if you are planning on dating in Russia, you had better get your palate and gut ready for a whole lot of meat dishes. Although, just like in the western world, a familiar partner can always be seen with these meat dishes. Potatoes are a favorite side to meat courses either boiled, mashed or as a salad. Just a side note though, Russians are particularly fond of dill, so although the potato dishes might feel like a link to home, more likely than not, it will be seasoned with dill.


Eating Out

Of course, it is to be expected that on the first few dates, you and your Russian lady friend will go on dates that would most likely involve either dinner or lunch. Now in Russia, finding a nice restaurant for lunch may prove as a challenge as most people prefer eating home or packing food for lunch. The dinnertime fare is more common when dining out so if you are planning on starting the date early by taking her to lunch before going sightseeing, it would be best to do your research beforehand.


Dining In

Here’s another thing that you need to remember when dating in Russia: Russian women value family highly and it will also be likely that you will be invited over for dinner with a double purpose of introducing you to her family. Relax, she only means to have you acquainted with the people closest to her heart; she is not expecting you to propose. Dating values are quite different comparing with the western world and in Russia, it is perfectly normal to be invited to dinner even when you have just started dating.

A few key points to remember when you are dining in your Russian girlfriend’s home: Expect to be fed, a lot. Russian families are very generous in preparing dinners for guests and you will continually be offered more and more food. If you are full, you can politely decline another serving, though you might still be offered more from time to time. As for alcohol, knowing that Russians are one of the heaviest drinkers in the world, you might want to tell your girlfriend in advance to advise her family that you can only take so much. Declining alcohol is still considered rude in Russia but being foreign you might be able to get away with it, with a little help.

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