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Interesting Customs to get Used to when Dating a Hungarian Lady

Dating a hungarian ladyNo doubt, Hungarian ladies are one of the most alluring and attractive ladies there are in the world. The way they dress with their well-maintained bodies and their perfectly made-up faces will sure get any man wanting to be with one of these amazing women. So if you’re planning on dating a Hungarian lady, and would like to have her for keeps, here are a few customs of her homeland that you will need to get used to.


Bless you

“Egészségedre” which roughly translates to “bless you” or when used for toasts, “cheers”, is probably the first word a western man, or any foreigner for that matter, learns. This is due to the fact that this word is basically a salutation to one’s good health. This way, “egészségedre” is usually directed at someone who just sneezed to bid him good health. It is a common custom all over Hungary that a man who would want to date a Hungarian lady ought to learn as soon as possible.



In the west, Easter Sunday is usually associated with the Easter bunny and hunting Easter eggs all over the place and having a nice Easter meal with family and friends. In Hungary, Easter is still associated with eggs but with more stylishly decorated eggs. And Easter egg decorating is more of a girl activity since they will be giving their decorated eggs to boys who come visit them. Boys visit girls on Easter to sprinkle them with cologne or water to symbolize cleansing and to promote fertility in them.



Christmas in the western nations are usually associated with gift giving, Santa Claus and is usually spent with people who mean the most to you. If you plan on being with a Hungarian lady, you should be aware that there are quite a few customs associated with Christmas. For one, their Santa Claus, whom they call Mikulás, usually visits them on Saint Nicholas’s Day. And, he puts their gifts in boots rather than stockings. And, Mikulás has an evil twin, a krampusz, whom gives out birch branches instead of coal to naughty kids.

Secondly, on Christmas eve, the family decorates the trees. This is the only time they put up the decors on the Christmas tree, usually while the kids are out. And sometimes, they decorate the tree with candies. This is an important note to make since if you do end up marrying a Hungarian lady, this will be the way Christmas would go. They believe as well that it’s the baby Jesus, Jesuska, who gives out presents on Christmas day.


New Years

Lentil is an important part of the New Year’s celebration. It’s because they believe that the involvement of lentil in either food or being showered with it, will draw wealth to you and yours. Much like showering newlyweds with rice grains (uncooked of course) usually attracts good fortune to the couple’s life. Also, pork dishes are the preferred fare for new year’s celebrations as the pig symbolizes the family luck emerging from the mud. So, mainly, the pork thing is still for good luck.

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Suzanna will waltz into your life

AnastasiaDate Suzanna

Suzanna is a passionate dancer and she dances whenever she can. She loves how dance makes her feel completely free, and that’s what she searches for in a relationship also: someone who will love her but not suffocate her. Could you do that?

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Olga wants to share all of her secrets with you

AnastasiaDate Olga

Olga dreams about having her own family, and is determined to find a man who will help her build it. She would like to meet someone traditional, who will share all of his secrets with her. Are you ready to be sincere with her?

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Katarina searches for a traditionalist who believes in love

AnastasiaDate Katarina

Katarina is a young lady who never stops moving. She is also pretty traditional and would like to meet a hyper man who will be able to catch her, but also someone who has high moral values. Is that you?

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How Russian and Ukrainian Women View Relationships

When dating Russian and Ukrainian women online, it really helps to understand how they view love and relationships. For you to figure out ways on how to impress them, you have to know and understand how they think, what expectations they have of men, and what cultural beliefs they have that pertains to partnership, love and marriage. Let’s take a look at some of the common views they Russian and Ukrainian women have:

Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women

Family, Always

This is the first core view that you have to know about these ladies. Family is very important to them. It’s likely that they will have a close relationship with their parents, aunts and uncles, and brothers and sisters. Of course, it goes without saying that they, too, want this from their future partner. This is not to say that they would want a family right away, but the major point to remember is that family is important to them whether they want to start their own or not just yet.

Fate & Serendipity

It’s common for women to believe in fate & serendipity. Russian & Ukrainian women are no different. These ladies believe in “when it’s fate, it’s fate”, it’s been written on the stars, what will be, will be and so on. To them, everything happens for a reason. So, how does this help you? This lets you know that you just have to go with the flow. Don’t force things to happen when dating Russian & Ukrainian women online.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Most Russian & Ukrainian women are very traditional. Although changing times have changed certain beliefs, to most, the roles of men and women remain the same. In relationships, men do they pursuing. Women test the men when together to see if the man’s intentions are sincere. In marriage, the man is the provider and the woman is the keeper of the house. This way of thinking comes with a deep sense of culture & tradition. This doesn’t mean, however, that Russian & Ukrainian women just want to stay at home and cook. No, they have their own dreams that they’d like to pursue. They just know their way around the kitchen or know how to keep the household in tip top shape.

Love is Ultimate

Everyone in Russian & Ukraine want to marry for love. To them, love is the ultimate reason why two people should be together – it’s not about money, status or being physically attractive. Love is a vital component in relationships with Russian and Ukrainian women so you have to make sure that these ladies always feel secure and cared for when you’re together. You have to admit that these gals have a very romantic side to them so you, the foreign man, have to have a romantic side as well.

You Take the Lead


This last one is a little bit tricky and it is, somehow, connected to Russian and Ukrainian women defining gender roles. As the man in the relationship, you are expected to take charge. Take charge here doesn’t mean that you’re going to act like a dictator. It just means that you have the relationship down and handled. Yes, it’s tricky to explain but you should be showing this in little things like deciding where to eat or go. You always have to get the bill and you always need to be the gentleman doing the pursuing and wooing. It’s like taking the lead when dancing waltz.

So there you have it! Don’t forget to share this with friends who need to know more about dating European women, and visit the blog again for more fun posts and tips like this one.

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Myths About International Online Dating

What’s stopping you from trying out international online dating? One main reason is definitely because of the rumors or myths that you’ve heard. There are plenty of stories on the net and accessing them is as simple as typing the word “scam”.

The truth is not all of them are true and this post is all about debunking those myths. Get your notes ready because you’re going to want to remember the things found on this list. Hopefully, by the end of the list, you can change your mind about the whole international online dating deal.

Myth #1: You’re a loser when you date online.

Admit it or not, the majority of the population these days still think that men or women who online date are unattractive slobs who cannot get dates offline. On the contrary, there are plenty of good-looking, physically attractive people who prefer online dating. Even celebrities like Lily Allen, Adelle and Halle Barry have been known to have used online dating at some point in their lives (true story, GOOGLE IT). Here’s another point: have you seen the Russian ladies that sign up to online dating sites? Do they look like unattractive slobs to you? Have you seen the beautiful Asian women who also sign up to popular Asian dating websites? Do they, too, look like what was described in the myth?

Myth #2: They’re all SCAMMERS and GOLD-DIGGERS.

The truth is, you’ll definitely find a few scammers  and gold-diggers in the online dating world. It’s unavoidable because there will always be people in this world who will take advantage of other people. The trick is to find a lovely lady and then get to know her. You can then watch out for red flags as you talk and get to know each other. Always be alert, but you shouldn’t close yourself on the idea of finding someone over the internet just because of minor setbacks like scammers.

Myth #3: All the ladies are after is a Green Card.

Again, it’s just like what was said with scammers and gold-diggers. There are some who have insincere intentions. There will always be people like that and you might even have some around you right now. The point is, you shouldn’t assume that a lady who’s willing to meet foreign men through international online dating is only after a Green Card. There are plenty of stories out there of internet couples whose relationships have stood the tests of time and difficulty. Go ahead and Google it! Here’s a fun article from Buzzfeed to get you started: click here.

Myth #4: Age matters!

Who told you that age matters with international online dating? If you check out what most ladies’ profiles in Anastasiadate say, you’ll realize that a lot of foreign women actually want someone who’s more mature. If you’re worried about your age, you shouldn’t be. You might just be surprised at the responses you get from ladies.

Myth #5: Translation Blues

Probably, most foreign men tend to shy away from international online dating because of the whole language barrier deal. Many view it as an obstacle and it is true that a lot of foreign ladies do not speak English fluently. Their English might be on a level that’s understandable when chatting or talking on the phone, but may not be enough to really express themselves. It’s not really a problem because, if you like someone that much, there’s always language classes for either you or your lady. There are also translating services that a lot of online dating sites offer.

Now that you know the truth behind all of these 5 myths, has your mind changed about online dating? We hope so. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend who’s thinking twice about trying this new of dating out.

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