Friday, May 13, 2016

Fun Facts about Russian Girls and Love

Love, is one of the easiest and hardest things to explain in the world. Some might describe it as an emotion, to some it might be an action and there are also some who view it as a decision. Whatever your own personal definition is, here, we will give you an insider’s look into how Russian girls see love and how they usually view it in their own personal lives. This will also help you understand why they see love like so through a cultural and historical perspective.


Do you believe in destiny? No matter how cheesy this line might sound, believe it or not, Russian girls believe in destiny and the part it plays on her meeting “the one”. This might actually explain why they tend to expect men to make most of the effort in a relationship. They believe that the fates are the one determining when and how she meets the man she is to be with. These girls also believe that one does not go against the destiny written for them.

Courtship and the Chase

Despite advances in technology and the rise of feminism and basically all the advances in society, Russian girls’ views regarding gender roles in relationships remain practically traditional. Traditional in the sense wherein the man gives chase, wooing her and courting her to get her attention. They also tend to have very traditional views in the roles in a marriage. The man is the head of the family, the one who calls the shots and makes the rules and the wife is the neck, so she can practically turn the head whichever way she wants, but is still subject to the man’s decision making. Although don’t get the wrong idea. These women are very straightforward and know how to get what they want. They’re just brought up with these traditional values growing up.

Love with no Rhyme or Reason

Okay, no rhyme or reason may be a little overboard. But these girls do tend to marry and make relationship decisions based on feelings and love. They have a tendency to overlook practicality and economics when making decisions for love. Or at least for show. Russian girls will always claim that they selected their partner based on how they fell in love with the person. Although on the upside, since they have this “hopeless romantic” type of view, they tend to be more loyal and they tend to stick it out with their partners.

Family is Love

This you have probably heard or read of before. This rings true due to the cultural values of the Russian family dynamic. Most Russian families still raise their children with the traditional roles and values. In this way, Russian girls are very family oriented and will actually be looking forward to having kids. Of course, there will be exceptions here and there, but mostly, Russian girls really look forward to becoming a wife and a mother eventually, provided destiny blesses her with the man she is to spend forever with. A Russian girl would be more likely to want to be with you if there is a promise of a family in the future.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Complexities of Dating a Romanian Lady

Women are indeed intricate and delicate creatures. In general, they are works of amazing art that tend to allure and mystify men wherever they may be from. This being said, Romanian women are among the most wonderful among them. Men the world over have, at least once, considered dating a Romanian lady. This is indeed a valid point and reading about these women online would indeed entice you even more to book a ticket over and find yourself one. Though, all relationships are not all roses and chocolates. Here is an interesting insight into the complexities of dating a Romanian lady.

Surely, with your interest piqued by the things you read online regarding how amazing, beautiful and sexy Romanian ladies are, you would want to know everything there is to know about these amazing ladies. But, everything boils down to your intent. Do you intend to find a Romanian lady to simply date and experience, or are you in it for the long run. This is an important question to ponder first since this should determine how you should go about dating a Romanian lady.

If you are intent on taking a Romanian girl to be your future wife, then you should veer away from the more “westernized” girls in the capitol. These girls may or may not be dating you just for your net worth. Also, these are the types of girls who tend to lose interest in being with you the moment you can no longer keep up with her luxurious taste in practically everything. When looking for a potential life partner, try to get to know women who are morally grounded. These are usually the girls who are dedicated to a certain religion keeping her morals and values in check.

Another thing you might want to consider is that Romanian women, almost all of them, are with university degrees. This is simply because in the communist regime they went through tends to value education highly and most families would really make an effort for their children to achieve university level education. This being said, you should never make the assumption that since your Romanian love is so beautiful that she may not be as smart, here, they come as the whole package, beauty and brains.

Confidence might sometimes be mistaken as arrogance by Romanian ladies. This is simply because the Romanian society tends to be generally humble. Try to downplay your confidence just a tad bit and always be modest and humble. One way you can truly exhibit this and impress your Romanian prospective ladylove, is to try and learn as much as you can about her culture. This way she will see you as someone who does not feel superior coming from a first world country, but someone who is truly engaged with immersing himself with her culture.

These women come from a nation with a dark past and are as complex as their nation itself. No two women will be the same and each will have their own complexities and unique traits. Here we have discussed some of the usual complexities there are but always keep an open mind and these women might surprise you in ways you never imagined.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Suggested Screening Process for European Women

Screen European Women you Meet OnlineWhen dating European women online, it’s important to get the right matches. You should be searching for women who are compatible to you because, of course, you’d want someone who you can get along with. It could get a little overwhelming because there’s a whole slew of European beauties that have already signed up to numerous European dating sites online. Whatever dating site your on, you’ll have a number of options to tell the truth.

Some of these dating sites take care of the matching process for you by providing questionnaires for you to answer. The site then finds matches and then sends their profiles to your email. Unfortunately, not all European dating sites do this. If you’re currently signed up to a dating that doesn’t automatically send you matches, you’re going to have to screen manually. Here’s how you can do it:

Screen Using Physical Preferences

Ok so you might think this shallow, but there’s a reason why you need to screen using your physical preferences first. The first one being this: almost all dating sites have search parameters for physical traits like brown eyes, blonde hair, X height, this body build, that age and so on. You’ll easily filter through European women who do not fit your preferences.

It’s not so much that you place a bigger important on physical characteristics, but it’s more of using an easier method to find European women that are compatible with your personality and character.

Screen Using Profile Descriptions


Now comes the more tedious part. Now that you have more targeted results, you can go through the list and then pick out European women who catch your eye. By doing this, you’re still focusing on the physical aspect of their beauty, but open up their profile and take time to read it. If you like what you’re reading, list the woman’s name down or her profile link. Maybe you can list down about 10 or whatever number you feel that you can handle. Remember that you have to go over each profile. You cannot get away with just skimming and scanning through the profiles if you really want to find good matches.

When you’ve completed your list, narrow it down to 5 or, again, whatever manageable number you think is appropriate. It has to be less than 7 because you’ll be contacting these ladies on the next screening process.

Screen Using Communication


So this is where you can dip your toes into the water. For you to get to know these ladies further, you have to talk to them, chat with them, have a phone call with them, so you get a feel of how they are like. This is why it’s important for you to stick to a number that’s manageable because contacting European women isn’t just going to involve one message. It’s going to take a lot of back and forth communication and you have to have time for that.

Don’t spend too much time though because you’ll reserve it for your top 2 or top 3.

Screen by Meeting Face to Face

From your communication, you’ll probably have 2 or 3 of your favorites. You can arrange to meet with them to see if what you formulated in your mind about them is accurate or not. Meeting face to face is a great way to really see if two people have chemistry or not. If you can manage 4 (budget-wise and time-wise), go ahead by all means.

This process is designed for you to get a good match. The most crucial has to be the process where you talk to the ladies to get a feel of their personalities. When doing this process, remember to keep your priorities in mind.

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Irina will give you all of her time

AnastasiaDate Irina2

When she is into someone, Irina goes all the way. She always says that time is the most important thing to give to someone: time to get to know them, to listen to them, to help them. Do you have some time to give her?

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Anna wants to find a man who will loose himself in her

AnastasiaDate Anna

Anna is a natural born artist and she expresses herself through photography, painting and music. She is also very romantic, so she looks for a man who will let everything go for her. Are you able to do that?

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Margarita will help you to stay fit

AnastasiaDate Margarita

Margarita is a very active girl and health and fitness is very important to her. She dreams of opening a health center one day. Could you be the one who will stand by her while she is achieving her dream?

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Anastasia knows exactly what she wants in a man

AnastasiaDate Anastasia2

Anastasia knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. She will tell you everything you need to know and likes to bring all to the table. Do you think you can handle strong woman like that?

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