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5 Things to Do to be a Polite Guest in Russia

How to be a Polite Dinner Guest in RussiaTo be a polite guest in Russia, the main thing that you have to remember is that you’re in a place that has a very different culture, so assuming that things will be similar to how it is back home is the root of the problem. If you’re going to act on this assumption, you’ll come off as rude and unrefined. You, the foreigner, have to adapt to culture and tradition of the people who invited you over to make a good and lasting first impression. Here are 5 common things that you can do:

Be Open with Sharing Your Culture

Russians are very interested in learning cultures from different countries. Don’t be surprised if you’re bombarded with different cultural questions, and asked to demonstrate some form of cultural representation like folk songs. When this happens, no matter how embarrassing it may be, just go with the flow. Don’t even think about declining too because it’s a bit offensive. Do it no matter how silly you think the request is to be considered as a polite guest in Russia.

Come on Time

Yes, yes, being on time is a universal gesture for politeness because you’re not wasting anyone else’s time in making them wait. In Russia, however, not everybody comes on time, but everybody values time. So, make it a point to come on time to parties you’re invited to even if you know the rest will most likely be late. Russians will appreciate you for it.

“Yes. That’s wonderful.”

To become a good guest in Russia, you have to agree to what the matriarch of the family says. You do not want to be on her bad side so be very careful with what you say. Back in your home country, you may have discussed ideas over the dinner table freely, but in Russia it may seem impolite for a guest to contradict something that has already been said. Instead of engaging in a, what you may think to be, healthy banter, you just have to smile and nod your head in agreement. And, remember, never embarrass the family’s matriarch because her word is law.

You’re visiting who?

Who exactly are you visiting? Your Russian fiance? No. You’re visiting her family and friends. When you are invited as a guest in Russia, it only means one thing: the people who invited you want to see how you are, if you are worthy of their niece, daughter, cousin, sister or friend. This is why it’s important for you to make a good impression. What your Russian fiance’s family and friends think of you will affect your relationship in the future.

Attention to Children and the Elderly

Paying attention to children and the elderly are not just ways to show that you’re polite. Doing this will actually be plus points for you. This is because Russian people care very much about children and the elderly. They feel that children should be well taken care of and the elderly should be respected and honored. If you, genuinely, show your care for both members of the society, your girl, as well as the rest of her family and friends, will most likely give you a thumbs up.



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4 Conversation Topics Russian Girls Respond To

How to talk to Russia GirlsFor most foreign men, talking to women both online and offline is not that big of a deal. Topics just seem to pop up instantaneously in their minds and words simply roll off their tongues.

There are those, however, find it rather difficult to even say hello because they lack the confidence and the experience when it comes to conversing with Russian ladies. Also, because of the stories we read online, Russian girls can be rather intimidating at times because of their demeanor and beauty.

If the second description sounds more like you, you need to practice. You can do so with the following 4 topics that Russian girls like to talk about:

1. Family

Almost all Russian girls are close to their families. This is because family bonds are an essential part of the Russian culture. This makes “family” a good conversation starter. Try the following questions out:

  • How many are you in the family?
  • What does your mother do? Or, what does your father do?
  • Do you have brothers and sisters?

As soon as the Russian lady answers these questions, you can do a follow up. It’s also a great idea if you talk about your family as well. Just a little bit of caution, however, if you feel like she’s not comfortable sharing details about her family with you, you may need to do a bit of small talk before going into the topic of family.

2. Culture

Did you know that Russian girls are interested in discussing other cultures of the world? Knowing this, you can engage in friendly discussion with her about the similarities and differences in your culture. For you to do this, you have to ask the right questions:

  • Do Russians celebrate Christmas? How?
  • What are some superstitions you have in your culture?
  • Do you have any special traditions in your family?

These topics will be helpful but make sure that her answers are reciprocated with your own.

3. Mother Russia

Most Russians are very patriotic. They can discuss anything about their country for hours. Take advantage of this by asking the right questions to get your Russian girl to talk about her country:

  • If I were to visit Russia, which city should I go to?
  • What’s interesting to see in your city?
  • Have you been to other cities in your country? What are they like?
  • What do you love about your country?

This will really get her to talk. Make sure, though, that you have room for discussion as Russian girls may also want to know more about your country.

4. The Russian People

Russians, in general, are very interesting people to get to know. If you think about your questions carefully, the answers may serve as key to debunking how Russian girls think:

  • What are interesting habits Russian people have?
  • Are there Russian stereotypes that you find funny?
  • What’s the most common similarity all Russian have?

If you practice these topics enough, you’ll eventually master the art of talking to any woman and not just Russian girls. Just remember that they is to reciprocate and really engage yourself in the conversation so you can maintain it and keep her interested.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

4 Reasons Why it’s Easier For Men to Meet European Women

There are certain reasons why men from other parts of the world have shifted to looking for European women to date. It’s not just because European women are very beautiful, believe us when we say that they really are, but we could probably attribute it to how easy it is to meet European women compared to meeting women from their respective countries. Possible reasons could be the following:

European Dating Sites

There are loads of European dating sites out there that contain a hefty data base of European women ready to meet foreign men. There are European dating sites that are free and there are sites that require a minimal fee for members to use the site’s services. Paid or unpaid, the popularity of European dating sites are prominent in today’s online dating industry and it’s one of the reasons why to meet European women can be as easy as clicking on an online dating profile.

European Women are More Open

It doesn’t matter if you go to Europe or if you go with the online approach, there have been a lot of foreign men that say that European women are more receptive and responsive to friendly smiles and simple hellos. To men, this tells them that European women are more approachable. It’s not just with smiles and hellos too, because if you ask a European woman out on a date, they are more likely to say yes. It also goes the same when on the internet. European women won’t shut you out because you’re more advanced in years or have a terrible profile picture.

Start Slow, if you want to

Now, this applies towards dating in an offline setting. You’ll know this first hand when you visit Europe yourself and try to meet European women once there. Did you know that for European women, dating is more casual. It’s like hanging out and getting to know each other type of setting. It’s not as serious or as overly romanticized, so you can start slow if you want to and sort of build the friendship first before the relationship. Once a European woman falls, however, you have to be ready to catch her.

You Have the “Foreign” Advantage

Have you noticed that people always seem to gravitate towards the new and the unique? Well, it’s similar when you want to meet European women. Because you are foreign, European women might be interested to talk to you to know more about your behavior and your culture. This is your in and your topic for conversation. You just have to remember to NOT focus on yourself too much.

Despite this list, you still need to bring your charm and genuineness to the table. European women can see right through most men so they’ll know when you’re just using your “foreigner” card to meet European women.

Do you agree with these four items on the list? How is your experience of meeting European women both online and offline? We’d love to hear it, and don’t forget to check this blog often for more European dating tips.


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