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5 Things You Need to Be When Dating European Girls

what european girls wantIf you want to date European girls, you always have to bring your A-game to impress them. If you don’t know their language, don’t sweat it (never let them see you sweat). You simply have to embody these 5 characteristics:

The Perfect Gentleman

Being the perfect gentleman means that you need to open doors and help a lady to her chair in restaurants. It also means that you should know your boundaries like if a lady doesn’t want to be touchy -feely just yet, then don’t push it. This is very old school, but it’s this old school charm that European girls are attracted to. The types that open doors, hold a lady’s  hand when getting out of the car, walk a lady home and doesn’t leave until she’s inside, these are the types that European girls fall for.

The Alpha

The next characteristic that you should have is this – you also need to be an alpha male apart from being a gentleman. No, this doesn’t mean that you pound on your chest like a savage gorilla. This just means that you’re in control, most of the time. You pick where to eat, you order for her, you tell her what you’ll do next and so on. Don’t be too big of an alpha that you’re actually bossing her around. That’s not cool. You have to have a balance of everything – be dominant, but still caring and considerate.

The Guy Who Has it Covered

What is it? What should you have covered? The bill, of course. It’s customary for the male to pay when on dates. This is true at the start of the relationship, when you’re trying your hardest to impress her. Don’t mistake this for gold digging though. European girls are not all gold-diggers. It’s more of a cultural thing. You show that you’re gentlemanly by paying the bill. You were the one who invited her on a date, after all.

The Romantic

Yes, you have to do be the romantic too. You have to be the guy that buys her flowers, just because. You have to be the guy who texts her something sweet, just because. Forget about stuffed animals, for the mean time, although there are European girls that are still into those. Think of gifts that are appropriate to a woman as well as think about gestures that will make a woman happy. Breakfast in bed? Cooking her dinner? Why not?

The Conversationalist

On top of everything else, you need to show your genuine interest in European girls. You have to be interested in the things that make them tick. Do they love art? Do they love literature? Do they love reading books? Ask away, but not too much to the point where it’s annoying, of course. Get to know who they are, get to know their personality, spend time just talking about life plans and goals.

If you’re all 5 of these guys wrapped into one, the you’ll have no problems dating European girls. The key is to find a good balance between all the characteristics here. Doing or being too much might be detrimental. Something in between is the safest. So, do you think you have what it takes to date European girls? Let’s see.

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4 Unusual Tips for Dating Romanian Women

tips for dating Romanian womenRomanian women have always ranked high in terms of beauty and attractiveness.  It is no wonder that a lot of men, the world over have sought these ladies to be their girlfriends and eventual wives. And, as with any venture, research is key for you to be armed with the knowledge you will need to be successful in getting a Romanian lady. You’re probably well versed with those tips, dress well, look good, be punctual,  the works. But here, we will give you some tips that may seem unusual but will most definitely catch the eye of the Romanian lady you are trying to impress.

Tip #1: Carry a backup wallet.

What? A backup wallet? Yes. You read that right. Now, Romanian street safety may not be up to par with those of the western world just yet. And it can be quite easy to lose your wallet. So in case of emergency,  have a back up wallet handy. Now don’t get us wrong. Romanian women are not gold diggers. It’s just that your Romanian lady friend might blame herself for the tragedy. These ladies are a bit dramatic after all. Just to play it safe, bring enough cash, on both wallets, and leave your credit cards at the hotel or somewhere safe.

Tip #2: Count your flowers

In Romania, even numbered flowers are offered to dead loved ones and at funerals. That is why it is very important that you make sure you count the flowers in her bouquet or else you might end up wishing her dead without you knowing. Just make sure the number of blooms you have in that amazing bouquet is odd numbered. Never hurts to do this on the way up to her porch so your can pull out one in case you do end up with an even numbered bouquet.

Tip #3: Know how to rid her of the evil eye curse

In Romania there is a curse said to be laid by old women who are envious of a young and beautiful woman’s charm. Much like the evil witches from the fairy tales she knew growing up. What happens is an old woman would curse her for her beauty and youth. Symptoms are a sudden bout of headache or nausea after a stare down with a not so friendly old lady. If this happens, offer to bring her home where you can offer to massage her feet. Also, ask her to teach you the Romanian prayer used to counter this curse.

Tip #4: Brush up on your axe wielding and survival skills

European men in general are handy with an axe. Especially the Nordic roots of most European nations have a certain attraction to manly men who know how to handle an axe. So being a from a foreign land, you ought to step up your game. Romanian women are women in the most primal sense and are turned on especially by masculine displays of survival skills. When we say survival skills, we mean being able to start a fire from materials you find in a forest.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

7 Eating Etiquette Tips when Dating Romanian Ladies

Table manners are very important if one would like to impress a date. Dating Romanian ladies are no different and knowing culture specific manners. Besides, you wouldn’t want your date pulling the plug on your relationship after the first date now would you? After all, table manners show a lot about a person and it is best that you put your best food forward to ensure smooth sailing with your budding romance with your Romanian lady.

1. Wait for everyone to be seated around the table before starting your meal.

In Romania, it is expected that you wait for everyone to be comfortably seated before you begin your meal. It is only polite that everyone eats their meal together. As an added plus, have the lady seated first by pulling her chair for her. Being a gentleman is a must when dating Romanian ladies.

2. Don’t talk when your mouth is full. But do try to converse throughout the meal.

In Romania, meal times are the perfect opportunity for talking and you should take this as the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with your Romanian lady friend. Though do not speak whilst chewing as this is viewed as bad manners. Try and keep conversation light and try to speak before taking a bite.

3. Don’t take pictures of your food.

With the advent of social media, food photography has become increasingly popular. But, no matter how photogenic your dish maybe, try to resist the urge to snap a picture when dating Romanian ladies. This is very rude especially on your first date. Maybe in the future when you both discover your love of photography then you can easily snap pictures of your dishes but not on the early stages.

4. Smoking is a No-No.

Smoking during a meal is considered bad manners in Romania.  So if you are thinking of dating Romanian ladies, you might want to curb the habit. She may allow you to smoke afterwards, but never during the meal.

5. Concentrate on your date and on the meal, avoid using your phone during the meal.

Are you dating Romanian ladies because of their beauty? Romanian ladies are very beautiful and tend to love being the center of attention. So during your dates and meals, let the focus be about her and the meal. If you have a text or a call, try to avoid taking them while you eat. She will appreciate it greatly and you score point in impressing your Romanian date.

6. Wait for everyone to finish their meal before leaving the table.

In events where you are dining with more than just your Romanian lady, it is customary for Romanian etiquette to wait for everyone to finish their meal before leaving the table. You can get up to go to the rest room if you really need to but as much as possible minimize leaving the table during the meal.

7. Ice-cream and Cake with a little wine on the side for dessert.

Romanian families usually have cake or ice cream for dessert. Sometimes it can be paired with a sweet dessert wine as well. You can impress your date by having a dessert wine prepared before hand to serve with her choice of cake.




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Do you know what Debora’s main hobbies are?

AnastasiaDate Debora


Debora is a cheerful, smart and reliable person who is always ready to help others in need. Her main hobbies are gardening and cooking, but she also likes to spend a lot of time outdoors with her family and friends. Ask her to tell you more about herself:

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Natalya still believes in fairy tales

AnastasiaDate Natalya

Beautiful Natalya from United Kingdom is passionate about her life and everything she does. She’s extremely honest woman who believes in good people, fairy tales and love. Ask her to tell you more about herself:

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Dayana is a hard – working girl

AnastasiaDate Dayana

24-year old Dayana from Serbia is a hard-working girl who loves to study a lot. Some of the people that know her would say that she lights up every room she walks in. Chat with her today:

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