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6 Reasons why Hungarian Ladies are More than just Pretty

Hungarian ladies are known mainly for their beauty. Like most east European women, these ladies seem to have won the genetic lottery in the looks department. They have nice flawless skin that blend perfectly with their hair, dyed or natural. But these ladies are more than just a pretty face.

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Slim and Slender

Hungarian ladies, are indeed beautiful, but in addition to that, they are slim and slender. This is because they pay special attention to their figures and take good care of their bodies. They work out to maintain their superstar figures and watch what they eat. They have enough discipline to make sure they are always in tip top shape.


These gorgeous ladies, are not only beautiful, they are also smart and well educated. Education is highly valued in Hungary thus these ladies have been pushed to attain as much higher education as they can. This makes them well read, well informed individuals. And, as a bonus, working for those degrees are tough and would require much hard work. These ladies, take it in stride. They have become hard working and it comes naturally for them to strive to be the best they can be.

Quirky Sides

Though, these Hungarian ladies have their own quirky sides. These ladies are a bit over protective of themselves and can be a bit pessimistic. Well, you can blame it on history but the Hungarians as a people have had to pick themselves up after being devastated in wars. Self-preservation is something ingrained to the culture.


The saying that women are fickle is a bit more true with Hungarian ladies. They can change their minds a lot and can sometimes be a bit wishy-washy. But then again, women will be women, no matter where they are from. You will just need to persuade her a little bit to make little decisions. But, the good news is, because of this, there is never a dull moment with these Hungarian ladies. They change their minds so much that there will be endless back and forth’s between the two of you especially when deciding where to eat or what to watch.

Love to be Women

Despite some of the negatives they have, they most certainly more than make up for them. These women love their role of being women and will take care of her man the way she is expected to. She has no qualms in being the “girl” in the relationship and even revels in the thought. With this in mind, these women love being treated like queens and will appreciate even the little efforts you make to make her feel like a woman.

Economically Savvy

Also, Hungarian ladies are very economically savvy. Yes they like to be spoiled from time to time with expensive gifts and classy restaurants, but when it comes to making sure the ship stays afloat till next payday, she can definitely help you navigate those waters. These women grew up in a nation where economic smarts goes a long way. Her knowledge on when to splurge and when to skimp might save you from a ton of debt in the future.

Truly, the Hungarian women have different aspects that make her special. Not everything is positive but then again no one woman is perfect. This should give you a bit of insight as to whether a Hungarian lady is for you.

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4 Things that Make a Polish Woman Beautiful

International dating is now becoming more and more common with the advent of the internet age and social media. what makes polish woman beautifulThe internet has helped greatly in connecting two people worlds apart to find love. With all the apps and social media avenues available, it has become so much easier to discover beauties all over the world. For now, we will discuss the beauty of the Polish woman.

Eastern European women are known the world over for their beauty. The top spots for the most beautiful women in the world are mostly occupied by countries in this part of the world – Poland being one of them.

Physical Beauty

A Polish woman is, first of all, physically beautiful. It is given that these women know how to dress up and keep themselves in top shape. The natural beauty each woman has is multiplied due to their prowess in using cosmetics and they definitely know how to flatter their assets when dressing up. These women love being women and they simply love being beautiful.

Loyal in Relationships

Now, a Polish woman’s beauty is not limited to the physical attributes. They are also beautiful because they are fiercely loyal and they value relationships very much. These women, despite being so attractive, will remain loyal to one man she has given her heart to. You need not worry about another man stealing your love away, as she will not break your trust. Just make sure that you treat her with the same loyalty she gives you and this beautiful aspect of her will surely shine through.


Not only is she beautiful, outside and inside, she also has a beautiful mind. Polish women are generally well educated and seeing as they have their own language, most Polish women are able to speak English as a second language. A Polish woman is beautifully smart because she is not scared of learning. In fact, these women welcome new knowledge most openly. You will truly see the beauty of her mind when you engage her in intellectual conversations and will never have a dull moment.

Beauty in her Values

And, last but not least, the beauty of a Polish woman can also be seen in her values. Poland is a predominantly Catholic country and most girls are raised with basic core values including respect. These women are a joy to be in a relationship with as they will regard you with respect. She submits to a man’s authority not out of obligation but because she has been raised to treat everyone with respect. If you are lucky to have a Polish girl’s love, she will respect you out of love. A beauty such as this, should only be treated with the same respect she gives you.


Truly, the beauty that is the Polish woman might exactly be what you have been searching for in a woman. They are not only beautiful physically but also in all aspects of her being. All you need to do is to treat her like the gem she is and she will return the favor tenfold. If you are lucky to find a Polish lady to love you, never let her go. Her beauty transcends all facets of who she is and will definitely sparkle when treated rightly.

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3 Important Dynamics in Dating Russian Ladies

date beautiful russian ladies - here's howWe’ve all heard a lot of things regarding Russian ladies; both good and bad things. There are a lot of circulating information all over the web ranging from: how Russian ladies are gems just waiting to be picked, to: Russian ladies are scammers and are after passports and money. So how does one gauge exactly how the actual dating dynamics go? Here is a fairly objective look on what dating and eventually marrying a Russian lady is like. We will delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly of these dating dynamics so that you can decide for yourself if you would like to give it a go. Remember, there are two sides to a coin, there will always be a positive and a negative aspect to every situation.


The Physical Attributes

Hands down, Russian women are very beautiful due to their genetic makeups that make them aesthetically pleasing to look at. They, indeed, pay special attention to looking good and try as much as they can to remain beautiful. Partly this is cultural as beauty is something these ladies value. So the question remains; are all Russian ladies beautiful? The answer is, still, in the eye of the beholder. In any society the world over, the standards and concepts of beauty varies. There will always be Russian girls who are not as attractive as the other but all are beautiful in their own way. Though, if going through dating agencies and websites, try to keep in mind that they usually publish the cream of the crop. These ladies are posed professionally and are made to look their best to attract potential takers.


Personality and Values

Dating sites tend to play up characteristics that they think men would like in a potential wife. As per society on the other hand, would exaggerate on how women in these sites are in it for the big bucks. If one spends time in Russia, one would get a little bit of an idea that these are both true to a certain degree. So, what are Russian ladies like personality and values-wise?  Russian ladies are often portrayed as loving home-makers ready to serve their man hand and foot. Partly true. This is mainly because in Russia, homes are not as well equipped with a contraption for everything, thus, they are drilled on how to run their home manually. If your lady is not required to earn for the household, then she will not mind running the home. As for being submissive, it is their way to let the man feel in control so that she gets what she wants in a more peaceful way. After all, a happy husband would acquiesce to requests more easily than a manhandled one. These women, like western women, know what they want and are generally educated, they just go about getting things done is a different way.


Money Matters and Visas

This is another well circulated info that these women are expensive to date and are simply after green cards and visas. As with any other culture, western or not, there will always be the social climbers, the gold diggers, and the authentic ones. Sad to say, but there are outfits running a big scamming circus where they lure you in with pretty pictures and sweet words then slowly siphon money out of you. But, there are always those authentic Russian ladies who are serious in finding a mate and it just so happens that sometimes, these men are of a better social standing than theirs. It may sometimes seem that they are more interested in your wallet and bank account than you, but this is just a concern that they have because, let’s face it, nobody really wants to go from the frying pan and into the fire right? They are just worried that they will be leaving home and going to a strange land and would like to be secure once they get there. One piece of advice: never send money outright. You could send her gifts along the way but test the waters first after you have personally met. And, trust your instincts. If your gut tells you there’s something fishy, there probably is.


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3 Things to Know About Bulgarian Ladies

beautiful bulgarian ladiesBulgaria is a country bounded by rich cultures all around. It developed its own flavor of culture deriving influences from Greeks, Romans, Turkish, Persian and Celtics to name a few. Other than the melting pot of cultures, this nation is also home to one of the world’s most beautiful people with the interracial mixes of Russian, Balkan, Greek and even a touch of the Middle Eastern beauty as well.

It is said that men have trouble concentrating on other tourist attraction in Bulgaria because Bulgarian Ladies are enough eye candy themselves. But there are more to these beauties than just their physical attributes.

Bulgarian Ladies are Their Own Person

Historically, Bulgaria is more of a patriarchal society; women have slowly made their mark into society as their own persons. Women have worked their way from the right to vote to occupying 20% of the seats in parliament. They also hold significant roles in household decisions, in agriculture, and they are allowed to own property.

Women are only second to men, in contemporary times, in educational attainments and are less often raised to leadership positions. But this should give you an idea that these pretty Bulgarian Ladies are nothing but that. They are strong ladies who are able to hold their own in the world of men even at a disadvantage.

Beautiful from Head to Toe

The fact that these Bulgarian ladies have made it to the top 5 of the world’s most beautiful ladies did not happen by sheer luck or accident. These ladies, smart and strong as they are, still pay special attention to their looks. Women in Bulgaria work out, and make it a point to look fabulous and even all out glamorous even for just a trip to the grocery. They know that they are blessed with the bone structures to look like Hollywood superstars and they sure know how to play up God’s gifts and use every opportunity to show it off to the world.

Winning Personalities

And the best thing about these amazing Bulgarian ladies, is their soft and loving personalities once you get to know them. These ladies are smart, beautiful and strong outside, but are sensitive and caring once you breakthrough the outer layers. They may seem like the “devil-may-care” types, but deep down, they are just sweet girls who will know how to love you just right. Be wary though, these ladies can go from your dream girl to your worst nightmare in 3 seconds if you decide to do her wrong. These women are fiercely loyal and expect to be treated in the same token. She will make every effort to make you feel loved and it just is fair you return the favor.

As an added bonus, these girls, despite their supermodel figures, are amazing in the kitchen. They have been trained from a young age on the art of cooking by their mothers before them and have been schooled in the saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. These amazing Bulgarian ladies will definitely cook you a storm each time and will definitely spoil you to the point of going up a pants size.


These are just a few aspects of the gem that is the Bulgarian Lady. Despite these general attributes, each lady has her own unique traits that will definitely make you fall for more than just the superstar exterior but for the sparkling personality and the warm and fuzzy feeling she gives you each time.

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