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3 Differences Between Ukrainian and Russian Ladies

Ukrainian and Russian ladies have a lot of things in common. For one, they’re the kind of ladies that is sought after in the world of online dating. This is, basically, because of their life goals, their marriage goals and the amount of importance they place in having a family. This is what serious men want, most probably. But, for most things, they also have differences. When you’re one who’s in pursuit of Ukrainian or Russian ladies, you definitely need to know what these differences are so you can make up your mind:

Ukrainian ladies vs Russian ladies

Intelligence and Class

We’ve noted different observations from men who have dated both. We asked them to comment on what they think the differences of Ukrainian and Russian ladies are when it came to intelligence and class. They all had a common pattern in their answers:

  • Most Russian women seem to be more sophisticated. This is especially true in key places like Moscow and St Petersburg. This is probably because most of the ladies from these areas are more exposed to higher education, art and culture.
  • Ukrainian ladies on the other hand are more humble. There are those in major cities who are classier but generally, most Ukrainian girls are simpler compared to Russian women.
  • This is not to say that all Russian women are high class. There are those that are simpler but you’ll usually find these ladies in areas that are far from key cities.

Manner of Dressing

Most of the men we asked agreed that Russian women are more feminine compared to Ukrainian women. Both Ukrainian and Russian ladies look very attractive but the manner of dressing in Russia is more up to date. In Ukraine, more ladies were spotted to have worn more casual clothing while most Russian women have always been seen to “dress to impress”.

Dating and Realtionships

We can’t deny that both Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very possessive in relationships. However, important differences to note are the following:

  • Russian ladies are harder to please at first. Despite their openness, a Russian woman will test her man’s intentions, sometimes to the extreme.
  • Ukrainian ladies, on the other hand, are also open. They do not, however, go to extreme lengths to see if their man is really involved in the relationship or not.
  • Both ladies can be very independent yet both consider it polite for the man to pay for everything during dates. In the long run, however, Ukrainian ladies are more reserved when it comes to asking for money in relationships. The opposite can be said with Russian women.

So far, these are the common things we’ve noted down with the men that we’ve asked. These are not generalizations, but rather observations that could help you decide which woman is the right fit for you. If you don’t mind the passionate testing which will eventually be replaced with passionate loving, Russian ladies are a good fit for you. But, if you’re one who’s more laid back and is more concentrated on building a long-term relationship that’s also passionate, it is Ukrainian ladies you’d want to meet.

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Ana Margarida is a good listener

AnastasiaDate AnaMargarida

Even though Ana Margarida is a talkative person, she’s also a very good listener. Loyalty is very high on Ana’s priority list so that’s why she will never betray the people she loves. If you like what you’ve read so far, you can let her know here:

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Ana is looking for love

AnastasiaDate Ana

Anna is a single and attractive young woman from Moldova who has been looking for love all of her life!  She’s hoping to find someone special to whom she’ll be able to give her heart. Sounds interesting? Let her know here:

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Catarina Sofia is someone who always cheers people up

AnastasiaDate CatarinaSofia

Catarina Sofia is a relaxed and easy-going lady who knows how to make people smile and cheer them up. She’s looking for someone who is in love with life as much as she is and who is open to exploring all of its possibilities.

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5 Dating Tips You Can Learn from European Men

dating tips from the men of EuropeWhy in the world would you let a European man give you dating tips? Well, there are two reasons: 1. They get most of the girls without even trying. If you have female friends who have gone to Europe, then you’ve probably already heard of this. 2. You can get great dating tips from a European man because they know how the mind of a European woman works. Through this, you can probably understand why many women are like putty in the hands of a European man.

Wine or Champagne

You have to develop a taste for either one of these or, better yet, both. You also have to drink it often for the reason that the European women you’re going to meet in the near future are going to be the same. Champagne and most especially wine are almost always drank during or after meals. Keep a bottle or two in your house just in case any European hotties come up for a visit. Also, don’t forget to order a bottle while dining at a nice restaurant.

Boxer Briefs

Is this what European men wear? Yes! It’s sexy and stylish not only to European women, but to women in general. Why do you think Calvin Klein boxer briefs sell lot hot pancakes? It’s probably because women from all over the world buy them for their men with the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo as brand ambassadors. Or, men may be buying CK boxer briefs themselves to channel the their inner European football playing superstar.

Outfit Update

Here’s another one of those valuable dating tips from European men: you should update your outfits. In order for you to snag a European woman, you have to look the part of a suave, worldly, modern man. Well, you can’t perfect yet but you can start with what you’re wearing, especially on dates. Research what European men usually wear and then go from that.

Emotions and Emoticons

With emotions, you basically need to be in touch with your sensitive side just like European men. With emoticons, this may come as a surprise but you’d have to learn how to use emoticons during chats and texts and a lot of it. European men are in touch with their sensitive side and they are not afraid to show it. They also use a considerable amount of emojis and emoticons which European women think are just adorable. Do you want to be adorable too?

Travel Wishlist

We’re totally aware of the desire of everyone to travel to different places of the world. However having the desire doesn’t always mean going through with it. If this is you then don’t worry. European women love a man of the world who loves to travel. If you haven’t yet, express your desire to do so. That’s all there is! If you want, you can even buy a globe and then mark places where you’d like to visit and then explain why to the European lady you’re with.

Higher Chances

These are just a few dating tips. Although most of them are geared towards your appearance, it won’t do you any harm to just follow them. Why not, right? Trust when we say that these will give you better chances with the European ladies.


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