Thursday, February 25, 2016

7 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Online Dating

What are you doing wrong when online dating?If you haven’t had any luck when online dating yet, maybe its not your luck that’s the problem. It could be the way you date online. Have you ever considered that? If you haven’t even thought of the way you online date as the source of your date-lessness, this post might just wake you up to what you’re doing wrong when online dating:

You’re forcing someone to reply to your messages.

You might be doing this but are unaware that you are. One way that you could be doing this is if you constantly send messages to ladies that have not replied to your previous ones. The truth is, you need to take a hint. If a lady hasn’t replied to your message after 3 days, you have to know what that spells out. When online dating, sending and replying to messages have to done using your instinct.

Just “Hi” and then nothing.

Sending a “hi” is a start but if the lady on the other end says, “hello” back, what’s next? Saying nothing or just sending a smiley is a definite deal breaker. Why? Because it is a conversation killer. You have to at least say something mildly interesting to keep the conversation going.

You’re being too braggy.

When online dating, telling the other person you’re chatting with how great your life is isn’t bad at all. Doing too much of it though (i.e. bragging) won’t land you dates and relationships. When a person brags too much, the other person that’s listening is put off because, as everyone knows, bragging is a sure sign of low self-esteem and the lack of confidence.

You’re sending rude messages.

It’s bad enough that you cannot carry a good conversation. Don’t add insult to injury by sending messages that are just downright rude. These messages probably do not need to be spelled out in this post but you know what they are. They’re ungentlemanly and they make ladies uncomfortable.

You did not do your profile right.

One way of failing when online dating is not setting up your profile correctly. If you haven’t put in the words to attract potential partners, you’re definitely making it hard for the ladies to reply to your messages since they don’t know anything about you. You could be a stalker! That’s actually it! A blank profile with an old photo spells exactly that – stalker. Write something nice about yourself and update your profile picture with a recent, nice-looking photo of you.

You’re not proactive.

Sometimes, you have to reach out to people instead of waiting for someone to reach out to you. This is what you have to do when online dating. If you haven’t gotten any “hits”, smileys or messages yet, why not send some of your own to encourage people to check out your profile and see what kind of guy your are. Online dating is easy but you’d have to stop being lazy after you’re done with setting up your profile.

Building a wall that no one can climb.

Online dating definitely has its reputation. If you went into this form of dating focusing on the negatives, the tendency is for you to build a wall that no one can climb. Don’t let your guard down totally but you’d have to at least open up a door when you’re looking for someone you want to be in a relationship with.

Not making these 7 mistakes will not grant you dating ultimate success because it takes more. Avoiding these 7 mistakes when online dating, however, will better your chances of finding someone who you can be potentially romantic with and that’s better than nothing.

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