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5 Russian Dating Resolutions You Should List Down

Didn’t have much luck in the Russian dating scene last year? The main reason could be because you’re still stuck in doing the old and ineffective dating habits you’re already used to. It’s time to overhaul whatever bad dating habit you’re accustomed to with our 5 Russian dating resolutions for the New Year:

Resolution #1: Make a habit out of reading

What should you read? Several!

Read the rules of the online dating site you’re in, especially their safety and reimbursement policy, so you know what to do in case something unfortunate happens. Other things that you should be reading are ladies’ profiles. When you see someone attractive, don’t just send a message right away. Take time to read through their profile to see if you’re a good match. Saying “Hello” directly could work but what can you talk about after the “hello” when you don’t know what she likes, what her hobbies are and what she’s looking for in a man?

Resolution #2: Stop basing it all on appearance

When you look at someone’s dating profile, it’s hard not to formulate a first impression based on their profile picture. This is especially true in the Russian dating scene where Russian lady after Russian lady looks gorgeous. But, it’s the New Year and it’s time to place importance on character and personality rather than looks. Looks will fade! If you’re really serious about finding someone special, you’ll have to find a deeper connection with a person.

Resolution #3: Study the culture

If it’s Russian dating you’re really into, it’ll do you good to know a thing or two about the Russian culture. You don’t have to study every detail of it like you’re getting a Masters in Russian culture or something like that. You just have to know enough to come up with ice breakers and great topics for conversation. Knowing the Russian culture also gives you insights into what the Russian mentality is like, so why not do it?

Resolution #4: The idea of the Russian bride

We’ve all fallen for stereotypes or our own ideas of how a person is. Because online dating has a setting where two people don’t necessarily have to meet in person, it makes it easier for us to fall for stereotypes or formulate our own ideas of what a person is like. Most of us have already felt the effects of falling in love with an “idea” rather than the real person. With this said, it’s time to really make the effort to get to know the person and stop yourself from falling hard, too fast, for a person without getting to know them well enough.

Resolution #5: Work on yourself

This hardly sounds like a Russian dating resolution but it’ll help you out more than you think. If you feel like your profile is too boring for Russian females, it’s time to do something about it, don’t you think? The New Year is still fresh and this makes for a great opportunity for you to improve yourself, maybe work on your Russian speaking a little bit or travel.

We hope that you’ll consider doing all 5 of these resolutions to better your chances with Russian ladies. The last one is more for yourself but it’ll do wonders with your confidence (Russian ladies are really into guys that are confident). We hope that you’ll find your perfect match in 2016.

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5 New Wants Modern Ukrainian Ladies Have

ukrainian ladiesUkrainian ladies are not immune to a culture that’s becoming more and more modern – perceptions change, views are influenced and actions take a different course. With it, we see a difference in what most Ukrainian ladies aspire to in life. Instead of just settling down and having  children of their own, they want to experience more and be more. Here are a couple of our observations:

1. Ukrainian ladies are more open to leaving Ukraine.

Although Ukrainian ladies are open to leaving their country, they’re not very vocal or upfront about it because of what other Ukrainians may think. Like Russians, Ukrainians are very patriotic. If a Ukrainian woman leaves the country, she may think that people might view her as someone who’s not loyal to Ukraine. This was then, however. Nowadays, ladies are more open and vocal to the idea of living some place else other than Ukraine.

2. Western way of thinking.


How do we know this? Well, for one, the Ukrainian President expressed his support for LGBT equality march at a press conference on Jun 5, 2015. The march happened the following day. This was a milestone considering that no Ukrainian president has ever shows support, let alone commented, on LGBT rights. Ukrainian women, on the other hand, are opening up to the idea of equality and opportunity for all genders, just like the president – a very Westernized behavior, don’t you think?

3. Long-term relationships.

In the relationship-front, nothing much has changed. The want is still the same: long term relationships that eventually end up in marriage. The dynamics, however, changed slightly. More serious Ukrainian ladies are now staying away from bars and pubs, and are going into online dating and meeting the men they’ve met online every so often for a long-distance yet meaningful relationship. It might also be possible that more and more Ukrainian ladies are online dating because of the possibility of a man sweeping them off their feet and bringing them out of Ukraine.

4. Career does not equal office work.

A couple of years back, any kind of office work was sought after because of the lack of real opportunity for women in Ukraine. Nowadays, because career opportunities are still scarce, Ukrainian women seem to be focusing their drive and passion into other things other than their career: travelling, meeting new people, learning a new language and getting married.

5. Professional circle are the way to go.

As mentioned earlier, more women who are looking for serious relationships are staying away from the club scene. Women are now either sticking to online dating or meeting new people who are within their professional circles. For a foreign man, the deeper you are in the circle, the more likely that you will meet a Ukrainian woman who wants the same things you do.

With Ukrainian women’s way of thinking changing, foreign men should also change their approach when meeting these kinds of women both online and offline. It’s great news that more and more Ukrainian women are willing and open to leaving their country and exploring the option of online dating some more. These are just more reasons to find a bride or a girlfriend in the beautiful country of Ukraine.

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