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Milica still believes in miracles

AnastasiaDate Milica

Milica described herself as a little bit naive as she still believes in miracles! She also believes in constant movement because it represents life itself. Find out more about this interesting lady here: http://bit.ly/1O3eNV3

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Caroline is all about helping others in need

anastasia date caroline

Caroline from Portugal is all about helping other people. She thinks it’s a great quality every person should have. She’s terrified of one very scary thing! Ask her which one: http://bit.ly/1KcnvxI

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Nina likes to watch comedy movies

Anastasiadate Nina

22-year old Nina from Serbia is a movie lover! Her favorite genre is comedy. How about you take her to a movie theater for a first date? Find out a little bit more about this beauty here: http://bit.ly/1L4isjK


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Meet the beautiful girl next door!

Anastasia Date Katarina

Katarina, an 18-year old girl from Serbia, is your typical girl next door. She’s kind, honest and full of understanding. She’s interested in kind and lovely men: http://bit.ly/1LZfv2B.

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Bojana is a mysterious woman

AnastasiaDate Bojana

Bojana didn’t reveal too much about herself on her AnastasiaDate’s profile but for a reason. She’s a mysterious woman and she would prefer a man like you to ask her to reveal a little bit more about herself: http://bit.ly/1EY5nHB.

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5 Major Mistakes When Dating Slavic Ladies Online

If you think that you can never make mistakes when dating Slavic ladies online or even just dating online in general, you have to think twice because you’re allowing yourself to be off guard if you think that you’re safe or secured the time. And, we’re not just talking about financial safety but also emotional safety. So, for your information, we’re providing you with a list of 5 major mistakes you can make when dating Slavic ladies online:dating slavic ladies online

Mistake #1: Saying “I Love You” even if you don’t mean it.

To a Slavic woman, these three little words mean something very serious. That’s the problem though, isn’t it? Most of us need to take these 3 little words more serious and we shouldn’t throw them around lightly. Only say it if you mean it because you don’t want the Slavic lady your corresponding with to string along. You wouldn’t want the same done to you, right?

Mistake #2: Assuming she likes you.

Here’s the thing. Most of the foreign men we talked to had the problem of their Slavic lady just disappearing on them and then, later on, they reemerge saying that they already have a boyfriend. You won’t be let down if you don’t assume anything. To avoid this, make sure that you talk to a Slavic lady about her details in a polite manner. Don’t just assume that she likes you because she’s nice to you and that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Mistake #3: Moving in too early.

When you have all these intense feelings boiling up inside you, it’s easy to make rash decisions about things. Usually, family and friends will tell you right off the bat that you’re moving too fast or that what you’re doing could be dangerous. This is a good sign that you actually are doing something too early or something dangerous. Stop and listen to the people who care for you. Take things slow and get to know the person first before making any major life choices like moving in.

Mistake #4: Sending money and a lot of it.

Haven;t you heard? This is probably the most popular no-no in the online dating world. It’s been a no-no ever since the online dating game started and it’s a no-no until today for the same reason. Never send money to someone you just met online. This person might be scamming you and you’re risking exposing your personal details. This is just a heartbreak waiting to happen so don’t do it.

Mistake #5: Misrepresenting yourself.

We’ve said this over a hundred times in our blog posts: never misrepresent yourself. You’re risking the trust in the relationship. Think about it because you don’t want things to go sour right before the relationship blossoms. Also, honesty is very important when dating Slavic ladies online and offline.

Avoid These Mistakes

We make the posts but it’s essentially up to you to implement what’s in the post. You’d have to exercise self-discipline, a lot of it, so you don’t get blinded by lies and deception. We don’t mean just from her either. Make sure to check yourself and your intentions before diving into something.

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7 Tips in Dating Slavic Ladies

dating slavic ladiesSlavic women are not a mystery anymore thanks to their popularization in the online dating world. Since the onset of their popularity, we’ve discovered how gorgeous and interesting they are. The goal, for most men, now is this: they have to snag a Slavic woman as a girlfriend or as a wife. It’s, however, easier said than done. These 7 tips might help though:

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Learn a few phrases at first and don’t stop learning

There are Slavic women who know how to speak English well and there are some who don’t. Whatever the case, it will be beneficial for you both to speak her native language. Eventually, when you do end up together, she will want your children to speak her language so you don’t want to be the one who’s left out. Besides, it will come in handy when meeting  her family and visiting her hometown.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Don’t move too fast

When you’re too emotionally caught up, you can’t make rational decisions. You cannot assess if things are moving too fast. As soon as someone close to you says that you may be moving too fast – you’re processing her visa only after a few months – take heed. They’re usually right. If you want the relationship to last, let the foundation grow.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Her friends are important

For Slavic women, friendship circles mean a lot. In order for you to impress her as well as impress her friends, you have to show interest to get to know the people she hangs out with. It’ll be big plus points if you do everything right on the day of meeting her friends.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Mingle with the locals

When you’re in her country, make sure that you mingle with the local people and not just the expats. This shows that your’re open to exploring her culture and that you haven’t closed yourself to the idea of immersing yourself in getting the know her roots.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Learn to love Slavic food

Slavic women are the type of women who truly believe in the importance of cooking dinner for their family every night. Now, how can you enjoy her cooking when you haven’t developed a love for Slavic cuisine? Early on in the relationship, it’s important that you try Slavic food as often as possible so you develop a taste for it.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip:Explore!

Here’s one major perk when dating Slavic ladies: you get your own personal tour guide. Make sure that you go around her country when visiting. You’ll probably learn a thing or two and you might just end up falling in love with her country.

Love Her Country

What we’re basically saying is this: if you love her country, she will show love back. That’s the basic concept that we’re trying to introduce here so make sure that you do the work in doing so.

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4 Rules of Dating Foreign Women

dating foreign womenDating foreign women may look easy but it’s not. It revolves around a set of rules that you need to follow in order for you to date successfully. You won’t find these dating rules written anywhere (maybe except here) but generally, they are just based on common sense – sort of unwritten rules about dating women who are from other countries. You might just find these interesting if you want to date foreign women:

Rule #1: Women basically have the same subconscious

Whichever country your lady comes from, you basically have to treat her the same as every lady you’ve met. There are, of course, exceptions as most women don’t like overly cocky men. Women, however, respond to confidence. It won’t matter what her cultural background is or her societal background, when she sees you as someone confident, you’ll have her on the palm of your hands.

The next thing is their wants. Again, there are exceptions to this when dating foreign women but generally women want to settle down with someone who they can connect with. Even if a women will not admit to this, she cannot hide this want in the long run. This basically just tells you that women’s thinking have a pattern. Go with that pattern and you’ll do wonders in the foreign women dating scene.

Rule #2: Don’t bother asking her to teach you her language


The “please teach me your language bit” only works during the beginning of the relationship where lots of flirting take place. In the long run, it won’t really matter because you won’t learn anything. The reason why you won’t learn anything is because you’ll be focused on other things like impressing her or getting your relationship to the next level.

Rule #3: Long term or temporary?

Rule number 3 says that you have to decide whether you want your relationship to be long term or temporary. Yes, it’s a rule so you have to do it. The main reason is this: to avoid hurting the other party. You don’t want to mislead and neither do you want to be misled, right? So, early in the relationship, or maybe even before the relationship starts, make sure you both define what you want. Yes, it’s not only a rule for you, the man, but it’s also a rule for her.

Rule #4: Do make an effort to learn her culture

Now this is mandatory when you’re dating and it’s not only you who needs to make the effort. She needs to do it too because it would be beneficial for the both of you. You don;t have to go into a library. All you have to do is learn as you go along.

More Rules to Discover

There are actually more rules to discover but we just gave you the basic ones. The rest is up to you to figure out. Dating foreign women could be a fun experience but you need to understand certain rules in order for you to be successful at it. Good luck and we hope that you find the foreign love of your life!

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