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5 Truths You Need to Know About Dating

abut datingDespite us having ideal scenarios of how our dating life should go, we don’t always get what we want. It’s the sad truth, but no one ever realizes or focuses on these fundamentals that allow us to take control of our dating life and to gain a better perspective of it. We hate to burst your bubble, but you need to know the 5 harsh truths about dating that we’ve compiled on a short list:

Everyone thinks that they’re prince charming and princess damsel.

Have you ever thought about your dating skills? By dating skills here, we mean “game”. Be honest, how is it? The reason why we ask is this: most people in the dating scene, of course, think that they’re all that and then some. You should be asking yourself if you’re part of the “most” crowd because when dating, the expresions fake it until you make it doesn’t apply. Build your confidence up slowly instead of faking it half of the time.

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

It’s only natural that people have set standards of who they want to meet. That’s not a problem at all. It, however, becomes one if you’re too caught up on the list of perfect qualities you need in a partner that you forget to examine yourself and ask, “Am I ideal for the potential partners I’m making connections with?” Don’t forget to focus on self-improvement, is what we’re saying.

A slew of dating tips.

We’re sure that this is not the first website you’ve gone to for more tips on how to meet Europena women online and just women in general. No worries, we don’t mind, but you need to know that you can actually just pick out the dating tips or advice you trully need. See what works for you and what doesn’t. This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal.

A lot of preconceptions.

We know that you are the way you are because of the different expereiences you’ve gone through while you’re growing up. With these expreinces come preconceptions and we tend to take that with us into our relationships. Do you belive that a woman’s place is only in the kitchen? Do you belive that it’s a man’s job is to control the relationship? We’re sure that most, if not all, have very good reasons to them but, most of the time, these can do more harm than good in a blossoming relaitonship.

Change is inevitable.

There are people who do not like a change to even just the simplest of things. We have to accept, however, that change will be coming whether we like it or not. This is the moment that you need to prepare for because there will be great obstacles that will really test out what you’re made of. Take the first step by accepting that things will eventually change – for the better or for the worse.

Harsh but True!

We know that most of the things you read on the list were hard to read but trust us when we say that it will bring you a lot of benefits in the future, given of course that you’ve followed the reccommendations and have made your own recommndations as well.

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7 Surprising Dating Advice that Really Work

dating adviceHow many times have you heard the same dating advice repeated over and over again on the internet? Countless we bet. Some could be diamonds in the pile of charcoals, but others are merely recycled and, in fact, lack the essentiality that we all need from great advice about how we can handle our love lives.

In today’s blog post, we will be focusing on the opposite. We’re going to talk about surprising dating advice that actually work. We bet you that you’ll tell yourself, “I haven’t thought of it that way”. Without further ado, le’s go to the list:

Love the Single Life

Yeah. We know that this doesn’t sound right but hear us out. As someone who’s still looking for a partner, you should have at least tried to enjoy the life that you have as a single person. If you don’t you can come off as desperate and too needy or clingy when it’s time for you to date. For the meantime, while Ms. Right still hasn’t arrived yet, go travel, experience new things and just enjoy life.

Stop Comparing

While you’re having a blast with your single life, you may feel the urge to compare yourself with people who have already found a significant other. Stop it. You have to remember that everything has its perfect timing. The perfect time could have come with the couples that you’re seeing. Yours will come too if you’re patient enough to wait for it.

Don’t be Yourself

If being yourself hasn’t landed you a real date on over a year, it’s time to focus your efforts on self-improvement. The real you could just be hiding behind a boring facade you’ve created over the years. Be honest and assess yourself in a way that will be helpful to your development.

Take a Break

This is kind of similar to embracing your single life. Sometimes, even if we don’t feel like dating, we do it anyway for the sake not wasting time. This notion is totally false. When you don’t feel like it then take a break. You are not a dating robot. You’re allowed to focus on other things in your life other than dating.

Don’t be Afraid to Let Go

When we’re smitten, we usually don’t really see things objectively. This is especially true when the person we’re with is not good for us at all, but we choose to look the other way for fear of losing a “good thing“. The fact is, we shouldn’t be afraid of letting go of people who are unhealthy for us.

Set Your Standards

Have you ever thought about what will be acceptable behavior to you and what you consider to be crossing the line? If you haven’t and you are active in the dating scene, make sure that you allow yourself enough time to think about these things. Early on, you have to set your standard so you know when you have a keeper.


Feedback on what? Feedback on you., of course. Usually, we think that something is going great when all of a sudden the other person drops you like a hot potato. Instead of just turning your back and walking the other way, why not get feedback on what you did wrong. It could get awkward but think about it as a learning experience and an opportunity to better yourself.

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