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Part 2: 6 Tips for Winter Traveling in Russia

winter traveling in russiaIn case you didn’t know, we already wrote a previous version of 6 Tips for Winter Traveling in Russia. Check it out to understand what Russia’s winter is like and to get even more useful tips when you tread the icy terrains of Mother Russia. This is Part 2 of the post so let’s get to it!

As you may already know, winters in Russia are not to be taken lightly. You should be prepared for the temperature drops, the travel hassles and a whole lot more. Here are 6 more tips that you really need to know when winter travelling in Russia:

  1. Bring an electric converter with you. Well, this is a more general traveling tip but it’s still worth the mentioning because, most of the time, people just assume that bringing along a converter is not needed (either the hotel already has one or plugging in the charger directly will work, NOT).
  2. Bring little packets of tissue. They will be your best friend in case of sudden calls of nature. The packets will also come in handy when the cold gets to you; sniffles, sneezes, a runny nose will be your worst enemies. What we’re basically saying is that a packet of tissue will have multiple uses during winter traveling in Russia. Maybe 4 or 5 packets will do, depending on how severe your allergies are when it’s cold.
  3. An extra copy of your passport and visa. This is probably the smartest tip that we can give you. When you’re winter traveling in Russia, it’s important that you keep a copy of your passport and visa somewhere near your person. This is in case you lose, wet, misplace, burn and crumble the original ones. If you’re a hardcore traveler, you know that these situations are highly likely to happen.
  4. Get some face cream or milk. Sounds girly, we know, but you’ll thank us later when your skin is exposed to the icy winds of Russia making it really dry and irritated. The cream or the milk has to be thick and, also, it has to be made from a country that actually has really cold winters (like Sweden or Germany). Check brands from these countries and see if the products are accessible to you.
  5. Bring along 3-5 paperback books for flight delays. It’s going to be snowy when winter traveling in Russia so flight delays, as well as other transportation delays, are to be expected. A good paperback book will keep you company will you wait.
  6. Thermal undies and ugg boots. Ok, let us explain. Thermal undergarments might sound new to you, but it’s a great way to keep warm. It’s the same with ugg boots. Don’t settle for boots that have synthetic fur they will now stand temperature drops.

Winter traveling in Russia can be fun as long as you follow these tips, as well as the ones on our Part 1 post. The main point is to be safe, to keep warm and to have a great time!If you have your own winter traveling tips, we would like to hear them! Don’t be shy to leave them as comments below and let’s get the conversation going.

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Jelena is a sociable person

AnastasiaDate Jelena

Jelena, 25-year old woman from Serbia, described herself as a reliable friend, attentive and faithful person. She is fond of many things that make life beautiful such as fashion, design and traveling. Ask her what destinations she has seen so far:

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Alexandra wants you in her life

AnastasiaDate Alexandra

Alexandra is a happy woman who enjoys everything she does in her life. She loves sports, good books and rock music. Ask her what her favorite band is:

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Elizaveta leads an active life

AnastasiaDate Elizaveta

Elizaveta from Czech Republic believes family is the most important thing in life to cherish. She is a very active girl who spends most of her spare time outdoors playing sports but she also likes the moments of silence while she’s reading a good book. Ask her which one would she recommend to you:

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Marina is unchangeably romantic

AnastasiaDate Marina

30-year old Marina from Lithuania is unchangeable romantic, idealist and altruist. “When I was a child I loved the story about a girl who was waiting for the ship with her prince and it seems to me that I didn’t grow from that age”, she said. Ask her what story is she talking about:

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Bojana loves long walks along the river

AnastasiaDate Bojana

Bojana, a 20-year old woman from Serbia, is talkative and funny person with an excellent sense of humor. She doesn’t like conflicts due to her easy temper. She’s looking for someone with whom she’ll wake up happy every morning. Could that be you?

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6 Suggestions when Waiting to be Together with Your FSU Girlfriend

with your fsu girlfriendThe waiting game is probably the hardest game you could play. It’s all the more difficult when you’re waiting to be with the person you love like let’s say your FSU girlfriend. When a couple meets and falls in love online, there will always be a “waiting phase” in the relationship but you can always cope with it, no matter how hard. We’ve gathered a few suggestions that might be able to ease the unpleasantness of waiting:

1. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber

These are all messenger apps, as you’ve noticed. You should have one or two of them so you can communicate anywhere and everywhere. Download Skype on your computer and then download one messenger app on your smartphone. There are loads of messenger apps to choose from. Our personal favorites include WhatsApp, VIBER and LINE. Once you’ve done this, communicate a lot. This is the only connection you have so you have to keep it consistent.

2. Help each other learn the language

There’s a bit of a disadvantage when you communicate a lot: running out of things to talk about. A great idea to avoid this is by tutoring each other with the language the other speaks. Think about it. Talking with your FSU girlfriend might prove to be difficult if she’s not fluent in English and vice versa. You can consider this as sort of a hobby for the both of you and since you’re teaching each other a language, you won’t run out of things to talk about. Great idea, right?

3. Email a lot

Skype, Whatsapp and Viber are great if you’re not tech-savvy, you may find it difficult to use them. A great alternative is emailing. You can email back and forth as many times during the day as you want. It also has that “old school letter” feel to it so it’s more romantic compared with instant messaging.

4. Try travelling

The idea may not sound like it’s connected to the topic but hear us out. Most of the time, longing to be with the person you love proves to be really difficult. If work or hobbies cannot stir your thoughts away, travelling is the answer. Of course, not everyone can travel just to get their mind off things. Before doing this, make sure that your budget allows it and that it isn’t a disruption in your life. You also have to consider that you need to communicate with your FSU girlfriend while travelling so find a way to do that.

5. Get back into shape

By now, you should’ve realized that this was on the list, right? While you’re waiting, why don’t you get back into shape. This way, when you see each other you won’t only look great on the outside, you’ll feel great on the inside which will make your FSU girlfriend feel more at ease, more comfortable and more familiar with you.

6. Guard your heart

This has to be the most important thing to do while waiting for your FSU girlfriend – guard your heart. Why? Because, there will be a lot of trials ahead. Who knows what’s going to happen while the both of you are waiting? You might meet someone, she might meet someone, both of you could have a big misunderstanding and so on. It is sort of dwelling on the negative, but this is just to show you the reality. Guard both of your hearts!

Like what was said earlier, the waiting game is the hardest game to play for lovers but if you really put your mind into it, the time and the distance will not mean much. If anything, the time you both spent waiting for each other will be a way to make your relationship stronger.


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