Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ekaterina has strong moral values

AnastasiaDate Lady Ekaterina

Ekaterina is smart, humorous, witty, energetic, cheerful and very kind lady who is coming from Spain. She would like to meet a man who is committed to having a stable family life. Can you fulfill Ekaterina’s wish?


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Friday, August 14, 2015

Is Juliya the woman of your dreams?

AnastasiaDate Lady Juliya

Gorgeous Juliya is wondering if she’s the woman you have been seeing hundreds of times in your dreams. If the answer is positive, you can tell her yourself her:

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What’s not to love about Gabrielle?

AnastasiaDate Lady Gabriele

Gabrielle is a lovely lady from Czech Republic who loves hot summer days and city nights. She’s also looking for an intelligent and educated man with whom she’ll be able to talk about various subjects:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2 Strategies to Meeting FSU Women Explained

meeting fsu womenWhen it comes to dating FSU women both online and offline, do you go with a certain type of strategy or do you just wing it? And, has it worked for thus far? We’d love to hear your opinion on this because, most of the time, we would only hear of 2 strategies that foreign men use to meet and date women from FSU countries.

If you don’t have one yet and have been winging it with not much luck, you need to use a strategy right away. You may be thinking that love is a magical thing that just falls from the sky unto your lap during a random time; this happens but very rare which is why you need to up your chances of finding love by meeting FSU women and it all begins with a strategy.

The 2 Strategies Explained

The Single Approach

A foreign man emails a handful of FSU women. Once he’s identified which one he has the most chemistry with, he eliminates the rest and focuses on one woman in order to build a relationship. Any type of strategy is risky but this one in particular is extra risky because there’s really no backup plan once your FSU girlfriend dumps you. When that happens, what do you do? All you can do is start all over again.

The Many Approach

The many approach is the opposite of the first approach we mentioned. With this, a foreign man decided on what FSU city to visit, he then chooses girls that he feels are compatible with him and emails them once, asking them if they’d like to meet in person. Now, there is a backup plan for this one since you can move on to another girl if you didn’t click with the first one. The drawback though is that you can only use this strategy when you’re actually going to an FSU country for meeting FSU women.

Which one is better?

Only you can answer this, really, because you know what you need the most. If you’re a one man type of guy who doesn’t mind taking a risk to find something more meaningful then go with the first approach but if you are planning to take a short vacation and are planning to meet some ladies in the process, the second one might be a good match for you. But, whatever you do always remember the following:

  • When meeting FSU women, do not base your choice on looks.  Focus more on her suitability and your compatibility with each other.
  • Don’t chase after the ones that have shown no interest. You’ll just be wasting your time.
  • Once meeting an FSU woman who you click with, make an effort to, still, make her fall for you from afar.
  • You’re going to be boarding that plane soon so make sure every second counts – spend as much time together as possible, try to see what her life’s like at home and get to know the real her by asking relevant questions.
  • Never lie to an FSU woman.

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5 Tips for Meeting Women in Kiev

women in kievHave you ever been to Kiev before? If yes, then you already know that it’s not only the character of the city that’s mesmerizing. Along with it’s eclectic architecture and historic and magical atmosphere, another aspect that’s most mesmerizing is the women in Kiev. You’d have to use a pain reliever when there because your neck might hurt from turning too much. The city is just swarming with attractive ladies.

So, in the hopes of helping you (the handsome foreign man) to meet women in Kiev, we’ve gathered tips that can really help you out with Ukrainian hotties in the city:

Play the “Lost Foreigner” Card

What’s the easiest way to talk to a Ukrainian lady without you coming off as someone who’s hitting on every Ukrainian lady they meet on the street? Easy! You play the  “lost foreigner” card and ask for directions. As to how you’re going to go about doing this is your strategy. We just gave you an “in”: go up to a girl and ask for directions to a specific place. Easy enough, yes, but it’s up to you to keep the conversation going.

Keep Your Money Inside Your Pocket

Don’t be the stereotype and don’t buy into it either. Don’t get offended but a lot of foreigners have been known to go to Kiev just to meet women (that’s why you’re reading this now). While that isn’t such a bad thing, what you’d want to avoid is flashing your money in front of girls making them think that you’re a rich, life-saving foreigner (a stereotype) and them the being gold diggers (another stereotype).

Understand the Over Protection

Ukrainian males tend to be over protective with the girls in their friendship circle or in their family. Who can blame them, right? Remember, we already told you that foreigners have a reputation. This gets more common when you visit more mountainous regions of Ukraine.

Plan the Dates Before Flying to Kiev


Ok, so there’s plan A and plan B. Plan A: meet women online and then arrange dates with them when you’re in Kiev. Plan B: go have fun and meet Ukrainian women in random places. Both approaches are do-able but the better one is A. Plan B can be really tough as a lot of external factors come into play – she’s not interested, she already has a boyfriend, her friends don’t want her to do so and so on.

Never Go Against Your Gut

This is our last piece of advice and it’s an age old one. Wherever you go, you always go with what your gut is saying. Don’t think about language barriers or cultural barriers. We communicate more clearly with our actions or body language anyway so all you really need to do is feel. Listen to your gut and you will be fine.

Just Remember

These tips may be helpful but, in the long run, you would still have to do your own research and gather more information on the city that you’re visiting. Search about what the people are like, what spots are ideal to go to, how much a cab fare is and so on. It’s not just about the dating too so make sure that you have a good time while there – it’s a vacation!

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4 Ways to Keep the Relationship Burning with an FSU Woman

Maintaining a relationship is hard work. Sometimes, it’s not like when a couple is just so in sync that the relationship clicks, just like that. It’s very rare though and for most of us, we have to put in a lot more effort. This is also true with long distance couples and interracial couples. It may be harder for them when you think about it.

fsu woman

For today’s post, let’s specifically talk about foreign men and FSU women. Couples like these, most commonly, spend a lot of time apart. The tendency? If the couple doesn’t put enough effort into “keeping the fire burning”, it could spell disaster for the relationship.

If you’re the guy and you happen to be reading this, you’re who we want to talk to today. Here are 4 things that you can do to keep the relationship burning with your FSU woman:

Have the Honeymoon after the Wedding

This doesn’t make sense but we think you know what we’re talking about. When two people who love each other see one another after a long time, the desire to be together can sometimes prove to be too strong. The couple might opt for a mini-vacation (where you spend a lot of alone time together) as soon as one arrives in the other’s country but our best advice is not to do this. Why? Because, you don’t want to rush things especially if you haven’t invested enough personal time in each other’s lives to get to know it better.

No False Promises or Suggestions of Such

Going into the world of online dating for FSU women. These women sign up to online dating sites with one thing in their mind: long term relationship which, eventually, leads to marriage. If you don’t intend to do this, don’t drop hints that you might. It may take time for her to realize it but she will catch on, anyway, and drop you just like that like a hot potato. To keep the relationship burning and going, be honest with your intentions.

Visit More Often

We’ve seen this advice in countless forums. Remember when we said that you needed to invest some personal time into each others’ life? Well, this is it. Visiting her often will allow you to meet her family, friends, work-friends and so on. It gives you a front row seat to her life – you’ll be able to see the real deal which solidifies your relationship. Just remember to do the honeymoon after the wedding (very crucial).

Leave it to Fate

This is the hard part because it won’t be all the time that you get 100% success in all your relationships. The solution to this is: leave it to fate. If she’s serious and if you’re serious, everything should fall into place but, if you already did the first three things we mentioned and still nothing happened, leave it for destiny to decide. Acceptance is the first step for you. Your motto should be: if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

FSU Women and Relationships

Think about this. There’s a lot going on in her side of the world that you don’t know of. This is why, despite trust being an integral part in any relationship, you should take things slow and really get to know each other – for the sake of your budding and possibly burning relationship.

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5 Reasons to Visit Kiev, Ukraine

Some people spell it “KIEV” and some “KYIV” but whatever the spelling is, those that decide to visit the beautiful Ukrainian city gain unforgettable memories. Kiev is a peaceful place too , just in case you were wondering. It’s relatively settled compared with other Russian or Ukrainian cities that are unstable because of state affairs. This has to be addressed first: it’s safe to go there, don’t worry. This is one reason why you need to pack your bags to go on a trip to visit Kiev, Ukraine, right away.

Ok, we’d have to admit that hearing that it’s safe doesn’t really make you want to go there. You’re right and so here’s more reasons:

#1 Reason to Visit Kiev: Ukrainian Women

Very similar to when you visit Russia, you’ll see gorgeous Ukrainian women every direction you look. We’re sure you’ve heard of stories on the internet about Russian and Ukrainian women being the most beautiful in the world. You’ll probably see the proof for yourself when you walk around the streets of the city.

You also don’t have to worry about the locals because they’re friendly. Ukrainians have been known to be more accepting to foreigners who visit their country.

#2 Reason to Visit Kiev: The history

Kiev is an old city which is why it’s so interesting. The architecture is beautiful, aged, and at the same time, eclectic. It has character, in other words, and you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the cities history just by looking at the architecture. You’ll have a magical feeling come over you and you’ll probably be hungry for more.

#3 Reason to Visit Kiev: English is spoken well

There’s also no need to worry about communication. Most Ukrainians speak English well. Most, if not all, restaurants also have their menu in Russian/Ukrainian and English which, somewhat, gives you an idea of what the other aspects of Ukraine will be like when it comes communicating to tourists.

#4 Reason to Visit Kiev: There are more things to do

Sometimes, travelers are torn because they cannot decide what city to visit: Moscow or Kiev. We’d recommend Kiev in this case because there are more things to see and do. This observation is based on seasoned traveler’s recommendations in forums.

What exactly should you do? Visit churches, museums, parks and so on. If you can’t decide, you can always Google: “Things to do in Kiev”.

#5 Reason to Visit Kiev: No Visa drama

When you go to Russia, you’ll need a visa which is a big hassle. Apart from it being expensive, it will also require a lot of your time and effort. When going to Ukraine, however, all you’ll need is a passport when you belong to any of the following countries:







San Marino


South Korea



United States

Vatican City




Bosnia and Herzegovina




Hong Kong






When are you packing?

That should be enough to convince you that Kiev is a worth-while city to visit. So when are you packing your bags? We hope that you’re going to have your Kiev adventure soon.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Are you ready to win Irina’s heart?

AnastasiaDate Lady Irina

Irina is a very smart and wise woman from Spain who doesn’t believe in miracles, but she does hope she’ll be lucky enough to experience one. Can you be her proof that miracles exist?

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