Friday, August 7, 2015

Alexandra is a kind-hearted woman

AnastasiaDate Lady Alexandra

Alexandra is a kind-hearted and sincere woman who respects traditional values. If you’re looking for someone like that, let her know here:

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

You might have a chance with Ilona

AnastasiaDate Lady IlonaIlona is a charming and tender girl who is coming from a wonderful country – Spain. She’s hoping to meet someone special and she’s ready to give you a chance. Are you willing to meet her?

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6 Top Translator Reminders When Meeting FSU Women

When meeting FSU women, language barriers are sometimes unavoidable. Sure, there are a lot of FSU women who know how to speak English well but, also, there are those who don’t. Luckily, the language barrier doesn’t really pose as an obstacle because one always has options:

  1. Learn the FSU language your lady is speaking.
  2. Tell your FSU lady to learn English or your native language.
  3. Hire a translator.

Most would, of course, go for option number 3 because it’s faster and more convenient compared to you or your lady learning each other’s languages. Hiring a good translator, however, has proved to be tricky for most men who love meeting FSU women offline. It’s even harder if it’s your first time to do so as you may not know where to find one and how much to pay one.

You don’t have to worry if you have an agency covering you on this but for those who want to hire one independently, here are our 6 top reminders when hiring translators for meeting FSU women:

1. Stick to standard words and simple grammar.

No matter how much of an expert your translator is, he or she won’t always hit the bull’s eye with all of the words being translated. This is especially true if the translator hasn’t spent significant time in the country that speaks the language he or she is translating. Wouldn’t you agree that there needs to be a period of cultural immersion for one to truly understand and translate a certain language? We believe so.

2. Look at the person you’re talking to and not the translator.

When you do hire someone, make sure that you’re not looking at him or her while you’re talking. This is a common mistake most men make: they look at the translator instead of the person they’re trying to connect with. You won’t really get much of a connection if you’re attention is on the translator.

3. Don’t begin your sentences with “Tell her” or “Ask her”.

This is another common mistake most men make. Their sentences begin with “ask her” or “tell her” instead of just speaking directly. The whole point of hiring a translator is to eliminate the language barrier for a better connection. It’s just like what we mentioned in #2. Speak naturally like in a conversation and let the translator do the rest.

4. Verify potential translators’ history and past work.

You’d want to  hire someone who’s reliable, right? So the best way to do that is to review the translator’s past work and history: What jobs has he or she taken in the past that’s similar in nature to yours? Was that job successful? Where there instances where he or she was dismissed due to attitude or inadequacies? In short, it’s like what we always say: DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

5. Make sure the translator was hired by you and works for you.

Ok so here’s where a few horror stories come in. Before reading this, remember that there will always be bad apples out there; you must have the foresight to spot them. Now moving on: there have been a few accounts in FSU dating forums where the FSU women they were connecting with hired the translator. This is a bad idea because you won’t really get to do the verifying and history checking.

Just to be on the safe side, it’s much better if you hire the translator yourself.

6. Be clear with the qualities you want in your translator.

It’s a given that you must have chemistry with your translator. All the other qualities are up to you – age, gender, background and so on. Just make sure that your clear with yourself and with others that you want this and you want that to avoid wasting time and effort.

After these 6, you should be ready to find a good translator who meets your preferences. Trust your gut whenever the situation calls for it and good luck with your journey to meeting FSU women.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

3 Best Advice when a Young Russian Lady Goes Cold

young russian ladyWhen you’ve been in this online dating game for a long time, you already know that, sometimes, there are Russian ladies who just go cold all of a sudden without any clues. One day, you’re video conferencing, expressing romantic words, giving out intimate stares and exchanging future plans of meeting together. The next day, you end up just staring at the messages you sent a few days ago, without any replies.

Since this is a type of situation happens more often than we think, here are 3 things that you can do when that young Russian lady you’ve slowly fallen for suddenly goes cold and silent:

1. Don’t rush to conclusions.

First thing’s first, make sure that you do not over dramatize the situation. Usually, our heads become full of “what ifs” in situations like this: what if she secretly has a boyfriend, what if she’s found someone online who’s more financially stable, what if she wasn’t really that interested in me in the first place. Get all of these thoughts out of your head and give that young Russian lady a benefit of a doubt. Maybe she’s just busy with school or work or an unforeseen crisis arouse. Don’t jump to conclusions lest you want to taint whatever connection you have with her now.

2. Be objective as possible.

Now that you’ve got a level head, assess the situation as objectively as possible. View the situation from the outside and not from within, assess where you currently stand with each other or where your relationship is currently and see if you can put one and one together. Caution, though. There is a chance that you might over think things and you, sometimes, have to accept the fact that you may need outside help if you’re finding it hard to be objective about the whole situation.

Russian dating online forums have proven to be helpful tools in letting you understand the current situation. Sign up to one and see what others (who are more experienced in dating a young Russian lady online) have to say. They might have gone through the same situation and, even if they have not before, they will still surely knock some sense into you with age old advice.

3. Accept it and move on.

There are situations where we have to accept how things are and just move on. We can’t really tell you all of the specifics but here are a few of them – things that tell you it’s time to move on:

  • When you’re young Russian lady hasn’t shown interest (this means messages, calls, texts, emails, etc) in months.
  • When you know that your young Russian lady is online but she’s just ignoring you.
  • When your gut, along with everybody else, is telling you to do so.

It’s a hard truth to accept especially if you’ve already fallen for her but it will get easier over time. Acceptance is always the first step to recovery.

On the Brighter Side

This is your silver lining: no matter what the outcome, you come out of it with a lesson ingrained in your head and in your heart. You can either do better next time, for sure. Don’t give up!

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6 Important Tips for Sending Packages to FSU Countries

If you had an FSU girlfriend, it’s understandable that you’d want to send a few items to her and her family but the problem is sending packages to FSU countries can be a hassle mainly because there aren’t a lot of reliable couriers you can depend on. Poor package tracking, loss of parcels, arrival dates way passed ETAs, you have to worry about all of these when sending out your gifts. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your third time sending packages to the FSU. The process (or more like the waiting) doesn’t get any easier.

If you’re still set on sending gifts or presents despite the uncertainty, you then have to make sure that you do all that you can to get whatever you need to get to the FSU. We have a few tips that you can follow:

1. Don’t make the package look valuable.

There will always be couriers who will attempt to open your package and see what’s inside. Well, you know, of course, that they don’t just want to look. So, in order to minimize the chances of this happening, make sure that you wrap the package as normally as possible. The word “normal” is very subjective but the goal is to wrap your package in a way that it doesn’t look valuable.

2. Always ask for the tracking number.

In any case, one would presume that a tracking number will be provided when you send out packages. The truth is, it’s not always the case. The courier company might not let you know that the tracking number is actually on your receipt or they may not have any tracking number at all.

This would be a good criteria for you to choose a courier for sending packages to FSU countries. Don’t use couriers who won’t and don’t provide such.

3. Don’t bother with the insurance.

This is a recommendation from a lot of people on a number of FSU forums. They figured that no matter how much you pay insurance, it wouldn’t be a guarantee that your packages will arrive on time and in one piece. Just forgo the insurance because it won’t matter anyway because the process is too difficult to control.

4. Choose a box that can survive a big trip.

Now, this tip is pretty obvious. Aside from #1 (don’t make your box look valuable), you have to make sure that the actual box survives the trip. It has to be of good quality as well as the tape. The packing also has to be  done well.

5. Never send items that are more than $100 in value.

Ok, so this one may depend on the case but practicality-wise, you don’t want to send anything expensive. If you’re going to take the presents yourself to the FSU country, then it’s alright to make it expensive but it’s a definite no-no when you’re just sending the items through mail. Stick with food (that doesn’t perish quickly), small items, trinkets, maybe toys and so on.

6. Do not expect the parcel to arrive on time.

This has to be expected when sending packages to somewhere far. Your package definitely won’t arrive on time and you’d have to expect that the time after the ETA might be longer than you would expect like a month tops, maybe.

The Best Tip When Sending Packages to FSU Countries

This, by far, has to be the best tip out of the 6 that we just mentioned. For you to know for sure, you have to take the word of someone who has done it before. Go online, do your research, see which couriers are reliable and affordable.

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