Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Are you willing to accept Kristina the way she is?

AnastasiaDate Lady Kristina from UkraineKristina from Kiev, Ukraine says that although she has a very calm nature, she is a passionate woman who gives all of herself in a relationship. If you want to meet this gorgeous law student, contact her through her profile here: http://bit.ly/1Dy2ci5.

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Nevena Believes in Love

AnastasiaDate Lady Nevena from Serbia22-year-old Nevena from Belgrade, Serbia says she believes in love and romance and dreams of having a caring husband and a big family one day soon. If you like women who are sociable and like to take risks, contact Nevena here: http://bit.ly/1bQwlnu.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

5 Ways to Help Your Russian Wife Adjust in Your Country

You married her and now she’s your beautiful Russian wife! Congratulations! But, don’t think that you’re relationship will be smooth sailing from now on, especially, now that she left Russia and is now living with you in your country. You have to do a lot more than just go about your day, feeling satisfied because you married the Russian girl you fell head over heels for.

your russian wife

The next thing on your list is to help her adjust to her new life. The first half of her first year in your country will be very special for her as everything is new. This is when she needs your full support and there are lots of things that you can do to show that you do support her. Let’s not go into too much detail but there are basic things that you absolutely must do for her:

1. Let your Russian wife rearrange the furniture.

Your former man cave or bachelor’s lair is no longer just yours. Since you already have your Russian wife with you, she will have the urge to make your house into a home – she’s going to add herself into the mix. You have to let her. She’s going to rearrange the furniture and change the order of most things inside your house to make space for the things that she brought with her. She’ll also be giving your house a Russian woman’s touch.

2. Drive her around town and be with her to experience new things.

Remember that everything is new to her so anything she does, even if its just sitting with you inside the car and driving around, is exciting. Be with her during most of her new experiences. She’ll appreciate your presence and she’ll feel more comfortable because you’re there to explain things she doesn’t understand fully.

Acquaint her with your neighborhood and allow her to see the sights, the buildings, the street and so on. This way, she’ll be more familiar with her surroundings and she’ll be encouraged to walk around even if you’re not with her.

3.  Have a dictionary or a dictionary app handy.

Expect that there’s going to be a bit of difficulty when it comes to communication. No matter how good your Russian wife’s English is, it is unavoidable for her to miss or forget a word or two. This is where a dictionary or a dictionary app comes in handy.

4. Let her take the lessons she needs.

Whatever lessons she wants to learn – may it be driving lessons or English lessons – allow her to take it. It will serve as a pastime to her and it will give her a chance to get out of the house and meet new people. Cooking class, dancing class, knitting class, sewing class or whatever, support her by telling her that it’s a good idea.

5. Let her continue her whatever tradition she has with her family (no matter how strange)

Don’t be closed minded on whatever family tradition your Russian wife wants to bring into your home. A Russian family dinner every Saturday, feeding birds during winter time, collecting Matrioshkas and so on – embrace the tradition that reminds her of her roots. You can even make new ones of your own.

Love and Support

It is love and support your wife needs during the first half of the first year that she’s staying in your country. There will be hard times and there will be great times; you have to make sure that you’re present during both to really show your wife that you’re there for her.

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6 Tips to Help You Win Over Your Ukrainian Girlfriend’s Family

Family – it will and always will be part of the Ukrainian culture. Ukrainians are very family oriented which is why, if you have your heart set on getting and keeping a Ukrainian girlfriend, you have to understand how a Ukrainian family thinks and what their family dynamics are. You may have averted making a good impression with your past girlfriends’ families but in this case, you really have to if you want a long term relationship with a Ukrainian lady. Think of it as a hand out (you can thank us later):

Tip #1: Don’t be too sensitive

When your Ukrainian girlfriend tells her family about you, don’t expect them to be ecstatic. Remember that their are a lot of foreign men who visit Ukraine to vacation and to have a little bit of “fun” on the side, if you know what we mean, so, naturally, her family is going to be skeptical about her introducing a foreigner to the family. Random questions will be asked, comments will be made, maybe slightly dirty looks will be given. In any case, don’t be too sensitive about it. It might just be a test to see what you’re real intentions are.

Tip #2: Forcing it will result in failure

Sometimes, the pressure of making a good first impression proves to be too much. If you’re the worrying kind, you’re definitely going to get nervous and maybe overdo the whole making a good impression deal. STOP. BREATH and RELAX. Forcing things to go your way won’t result in anything good. Just let things happen naturally.

Tip #3: Frequently visit

The truth is, in order for your Ukrainian girlfriend’s family to truly get to know you and trust you, you have to be around often. Of course, since you’re in a long distance relationship with their daughter or family member, the word “often” can vary in meaning. You just have to make sure that you visit once in a while and that you’re prepared to do this – both financially and emotionally. You may think that this is too demanding but, buddy, this is what it takes so if you’re intention is not for long-term, you better rethink your approach.

Tip #4: Keep promises

You have to show your Ukrainian girlfriend’s family that you can be and are reliable. Being reliable includes showing up when you said you would, keeping your promises, being honest with your intentions and so on. Reliability is a very attractive trait to her family so make sure you have lots of it in your system.

Tip #5: Keep your Ukrainian girlfriend happy

All her family wants for her is to be happy and what can make her happier than you, right? Making sure that your Ukrainian lady is happy and cherry helps a a lot with winning her family over. As mentioned, Ukrainian families are tightly knit so when good things happen to one family member, everybody is bound to know.

Tip #6: Open communication with your Ukrainian girlfriend

If all else fails (and we’re pretty sure that it won’t if you follow the first 5 tips), all you have to do is be open to your Ukrainian girlfriend about it. Express your worry and tell her that her parents might not be as supportive as you imagined. If she’s really into the relationship, she’ll give you even better tips than we just did.

Family is Important

Loving your Ukrainian girlfriend means that you need to love all of her and that includes her culture and her family. Don’t worry too much about making a good first impression because if a couple is truly made for each other, everything will just fall into place naturally.


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