Friday, June 12, 2015

Are you the one for Matthildi?

AnastasiaDate Lady MatthildiMatthildi, a philologist from Greece, says she is a pretty young woman who is looking for her happiness on Her dream guy is someone who is strong, energetic, responsible and wise. Introduce yourself here:

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

5 Weird Things you Need to Know Before Visiting Russia

Russia is a wonderful place to experience. If you’re migrating to the country or if you’re planning to visit soon, it’s going to be such a treat because you’re going to learn a lot of new things – the Russian culture, the Russian language, the Russian history – and meet new people – maybe beautiful Russian women? All of these sound fantastic but we suggest that you prioritize learning 5 things that you might find weird instead of diving into the country’s history, language and people.

You’re going to find this strange because it’s something you’ve never experienced before but believe is when we say that the following will come in handy when you’re already in Russia (especially the part about the bathroom switch, you’ll know what we mean):

1. You are not allowed to wear your shoes inside the house.

You’re going to wear slippers instead which the household will provide for you during your visit at their house. Don’t forget that you need to leave the slippers there before you go, it’s not yours – the household just let you borrow it.

2. You might find yourself searching for the light switch inside the bathroom.

Don’t bother. Stop what you’re doing, step outside for a second and look for the switch there. Chances are, it’ll be right across the bathroom door. This tip will save you time that you should be spending doing things nature called you for.

3. Usually, it’s normal to whistle a song while you’re doing chores or while you’re working on the computer.

NOT in RUSSIA. Don’t even think about it unless you want the people inside the house to think that they’re going to lose all their money because of bad luck.

4. Did you rent out an apartment?

Take out your keys ans see if there’s a little magnet attached to it. No its not for the fridge. It’s a sort of key for getting into your apartment building. Majority of Russians living in apartments are familiar with this little magnet so if you have a friend that does live in one, make him or her show you what magnet we’re talking about.

5. Do you need to travel somewhere for a mini-vacation or a business trip?

Don’t just kiss your loved ones and go out the door. Because of Russian superstition, you and your loved ones must gather in the living room and sit quietly for a moment. Your loved ones might then say their goodbyes to you since goodbyes should be done inside the flat. This is a traditional Russian custom and Russians believe that it will ensure your safe return.

Do as the Russians Do

Strange, right? But, with the exception of the practical things on the list, that’s what Russia is – mostly superstitious. We can’t really say that Russians’ lives circle around these superstitions but they do feel rather strongly about them and beside, what’s a vacation or a stay in Russia if you don’t embrace the culture and tradition no matter how strange it is? Get with the program and just go with the flow – when in Russia, do as the Russians do.

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Anastasia has a caring personality

AnastasiaDate Lady AnastasiaAnastasia doesn’t really have a type when it comes to dating, but she wants to meet a guy who is romantic, reliable and determined. Does that sound like you? Say hi here:

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Elena tries to enjoy her life

AnastasiaDate Lady Elena from Czech Republic Elena’s motto is: “Live and let live.” She tries her best to enjoy each and every day and is very tolerant when it comes to life choices of other people. Do you have a motto of your own?

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