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5 of a Balkan Girl’s Relationship Musts

Balkan girlAccording to Merriam Webster, the definition of Balkan is:

“the countries occupying the Balkan Peninsula: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, & Turkey in Europe.”

If you noticed, the countries listed on the definition are homes to some of the world’s most beautiful women and it’s no surprise that there are a lot of these Balkan girls in online dating websites. They know that the rest of the world finds them beautiful; that’s why they’ve put themselves out there so they can find a good foreign man whom they can spend a life with.

The thing is, there’s only a handful of foreigner man-Balkan girl relationships that truly last. One major factor is that most foreign men jump right in without even understanding that being in a relationship with someone from another culture requires more from both parties (more so the man).

This is where our Relationship Musts List comes in handy because no relationship with a Balkan girl can survive if the following are not met:

1. Be a gentleman and Pay

Of course, you’d have to pay for most things when you’re in a relationship. To a Balkan girl, that’s a gentlemanly thing to do. And here’s another thing, if there’s one thing that Balkan girls don’t like in men it is this: being cheap. Does this mean that you can buy your way into her heart? Unfortunately for you, NO is the answer.

2. Her time and Space

Understand this, you are dating (or are going to date) a sizzling hot Balkan girl. She did not get to be this way over night. She didn’t wake up like that so give her time and space to do her thing. You’re going to need a lot of patience when she gets ready.

3. Reciprocal Type of Love

So we mentioned earlier that you have to be the gentleman and pay. It’s unlikely that she will contribute financially to the relationship but she will contribute in some other ways to reciprocate the goodness that you’re showing her – cleaning the house, doing your laundry, cooking for you and so on. Take care of her and she’ll take care of you.

4. Let her Wear Black

Don’t complain if you always see her wearing black. Balkan girls love the color and they love to wear it! Besides, if she looks good in black, what’s the problem? Let her wear the unofficial Balkan girl uniform color.

5. Get your Geography Right

Like the definition we gave earlier, the word Balkan entails that a person could be from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, & Turkey.

Please do your part to learn the geography of where your Balkan girl’s from and make sure that you avoid asking her questions like: “Is Serbian same as Croatian?” Balkan girls do not like that so get the record straight.

Put a Little More Effort Into it

By the time that you’re done reading all 5, you’ll probably tell yourself that you have a lot more to learn about Balkan girls. You’re damn right you have a lot to learn. This is why you shouldn’t stop here at all. Put a little effort into it and you’ll snag our Balkan dream girl in no time.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

5 Ways to Make You More Attractive to Ukrainian Women

Ukraine is home to, arguably, the most beautiful women in the world and, guess what, these women are longing to Ukrainian womenfind their soul mate or the love of their lives. There’s probably not enough good men in Ukraine which explains why Ukrainian women turn to the internet to find a good foreign man.

But, here’s the problem: the foreign man doesn’t always stand a chance because of a few reasons. #1 He didn’t do his homework and neglected to study Ukrainian dating norms or #2 He’s not that much of a gentleman (meaning he has ulterior motives).

If this is you (number 1 not number 2), then you’ve come to the right place because it is help that we offer in the form of our shortlist on how to make yourself more attractive to Ukrainian women.

1. Dress like you mean it.

Most men just go for the obvious jeans and t-shirt – pretty common. But, if you look sickeningly good with just jeans and a t-shirt on, own it (think Nick Bateman)! You’ll have no problems impressing Ukrainian women. On the other hand, if you look frumpy and saggy with jeans and t-shirts, you probably need to up your game (think David Beckham or He Spoke Style).

2. Foreign allure preserved.

Avoid embarrassing situations – this is basically it. You need to put yourself in a situation where you can be confident and where you can shine. Don’t allow yourself to be out-shined by Ukrainian men talking about Ukrainian related problems. If it’s not your scene, avoid it to preserve your foreign allure.

3. Learning about her through her culture.

Ukrainian women love it when you just know things about her culture without sounding too know-it-all. It also helps if you know a few phrases from her mother tongue too. This is why it’s essential (and we always advice this) to do your homework.

4. Keep your money where it belongs.

Here’s a thought: Ukrainian women already know that they’ve gained a bad rep from all the scamming going on online. If you’re a foreign man in Ukraine and all you do is wave bills at her or credit cards at her (boasting in short), she might think that you think that she’s that kind of woman. Stick to being simple and humble.

5. No to ants in the pants.

Down boy! Ukrainian women are not easy! If you just went to Ukraine or if you scoured the whole internet for a piece of Ukrainian intimacy, you’re going to fail before you even start. There are Ukrainian women who are like that, to be honest but if you’re goal is to have intimacy as well as a serious relationship then you won’t have any luck if you’re thinking about being intimate all the time. Be patient and, most of all, be a gentleman for goodness sake.

Ukrainian Women are Women

Just because Ukrainian women live in Ukraine, it doesn’t mean that they are easy or that they can be bought off with money. It takes a whole lot more to impress these chicks so better take heed. Follow our tips and you’ll do great with attracting Ukrainian women!


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Daria is a Fun-Loving Woman

AnastasiaDate Lady DariaDaria is an adventurous and fun-loving woman who sees beauty in everything. She says she can find something positive in even the worst situations. Isn’t that an admirable trait? Chat with this Kazakh beauty here:

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6 DOs to Remember When Dating Romanian Women

There’s little to be known about Romanian women and the Romanian dating culture unless you’ve already lived there and have dated there yourself. But, for the rest of us who merely view the country from the comforts of our comfortable desk chairs, hoping to snag a Romanian hottie from an online dating website, we might as well be lost in all of the dating DOs and DONTs of their culture.

There are many other out there so, to satisfy those who seek more fun dating information about Romanian women, here’s 6 DOs to get you started:

1. Foreigner = Plus points!

Being a foreigner in Romania or being a foreigner seeking to meet a handful of Romanian women online, you don’t really need to impress her that hard because Romanian women give more time of day to foreigners. In short, being a foreigner is already a plus point. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to play it complacently because what you have are just extra points. Remember, there’s more to being a foreigner to win a Romanian lady’s heart.

2. Make a cultural exchange.

Now that you know number 1, it’s a given to say that Romanian women (as well as the majority of the Romanian population) love to learn more about other cultures. When you are corresponding to a Romanian lady online or if you’ve asked one out on a date, make sure that you tell her as much about your culture as possible. Do this and, at the same time, ask her questions about her culture as well.

3. Speaking the language is another plus.

If you speak Romanian or if you’re taking classes to attempt to learn Romanian, this is another plus point for you. You’ll impress her when you learn a few more lines in your class. Come to think of it, a lot of Romanians speak English fine (right?). The main though, however, is that you’re making an effort to relate to her better by learning her language.

4. Dress snappy and classy.

There is no girl out there who just wants her man to wear a t-shirt and some jeans all his life. No girl will really admit to this but it’s no secret that their heart skips a beat when they see their man dressed all sexy and fancy – Romanian women are no exceptions to this. Dress snappy and classy and your Romanian beauty will appreciate you for it.

5. A sprinkle of compliments.

Romanian women like to dress up. They do this in order to impress you or the people around them. If you let them know that you are indeed impressed, they will feel happy. Let her know by complimenting her. But there’s a catch. We said SPRINKLE and not SHOWER which means that you need not overdo it.

6. Know when to give small gifts.

This one has a direct connection to number 2. As soon as you make a cultural exchange, you might as well ask her when it is appropriate to give small gifts (holidays, birthdays, and etc) so you can prepare yourself. On second thought, learning this bit all on your own will surprise her when the time comes so better this road than the first.

The Nail on the Head?

Did we hit the nail on the head? If you know more DOs in the Romanian dating culture, we’d love to hear them. Leave your comments below and don’t be shy to share!


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5 Traits Spanish Women are Known for (But you weren’t really aware of)

If you were asked to give one trait Spanish women commonly have, what would you answer? Most likely, you’re going to give answers that are somewhat similar to the following: passionate, spicy, adventurous, vain and so on. Most of these might be true but you’ve definitely left out a few more thing.

Spanish Women

Here’s what you didn’t know about Spanish women that you definitely need to be aware of (we’ve got 5 for you):

1. Close with Mum

This may sound like a generalization but it’s actually very true with majority of Spanish women. They are so close to their mothers that they keep in touch constantly even after marriage.

How will this help you?

If you do get a Spanish woman to like (or love) you, make sure that you don’t cut in on her time with her mother. May it be phone calls, lunches and so on – let your Spanish lady have her time with, probably, the most important woman in her life.

2. Believers of Romance and Chivalry

Romance and chivalry may not be the “trend” in the West anymore but you can bet your lucky stars that these are very much alive in Spain. In fact, Spanish women expect their suitors to woo them with romance – flowers, music, the works – and chivalry – being a knight in shining armor even with little things.

How will this help you?

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? You have to be a gentleman in every way (duh). Don’t be afraid to get “mushy” too.

3. Jealous

Oh yes, Spanish women are very jealous. You have to watch out for their jealousy because it could get rough. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you know what they say: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

How will this help you?

Make sure that you avoid certain topics might spark the jealousy in your Spanish lady. And, most importantly, avoid, at all costs, talking about your EX.

4. Good Arguer

With this said, it’s obvious that there’s a slim chance that you’re going to win in an argument with a Spanish girl. This doesn’t mean, however, that you, necessarily, have to be a push-over. You just have to know how to argue gracefully (if this is even an appropriate word) and prove your point with subtlety.

How will this help you?

If you even have a slight feeling of losing in an argument, all you have to do is agree with her. In the future, it’s a good idea to avoid arguments all together.

5. Traditional

Times may be changing and the “good old fashion ways” may be disappearing (slowly) but the opposite is true with Spanish women and dating. If you don’t woo her, wine and dine her and make her feel special, then you have no chance at winning her heart. Forget the Western style of dating women (playing hard to get with the ladies) because you cannot go anywhere with that when it comes to Spanish women.

How will this help you?

Don’t expect too much from her on the first date. If she doesn’t want to kiss you goodnight then she doesn’t want to kiss you goodnight!

Figuring Spanish Women Out

Interracial dating is all about understanding the other’s culture. Lucky for the women because the men, basically, have to do all the work (and the learning and understanding) at least on the first few stages of courtship because the man has to do the courting (not the woman). In any case, be a good student and do your research to impress her in every way.

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Can You Impress Marketa?

AnastasiaDate Lady Marketa20-year-old Marketa from Prague, Czech Republic is a happy and easy-going woman who appreciates a witty sense of humor and expects a good conversation on a first date. Do you have what it takes to impress her?

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tamara Wants to be Your Princess

AnastasiaDate Lady Tamara24-year-old Tamara from Mladenovac, Serbia wants to meet a man who is honest, loyal and gentle and who could make her feel like a real princess. Could you be the one for her?

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