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4 Top Tips When You Want to Date a Moldovan Woman

Date a Moldovan WomanMoldova is country that’s somewhat of a mystery to the rest of the world. It’s located between Ukraine and Romania and it’s considerably small. Despite this, hundreds of Moldovan beauties sign up to dating websites every year to see if they have any luck of the heart with foreign men half way across the world.

There isn’t much that people know about Moldova expect for one thing, all thanks to the dating websites mentioned earlier that allow Eastern European women to sign up – Moldovan women are very beautiful. You’ve already known this, for sure, and you may even have a Moldovan beauty on your contact list already. No one can blame you. They are captivating (especially the eyes).

Do you really want to date a Moldovan woman? If you’re set bent on dating one (and you probably really are) you absolutely have to know these 4 tips that will help you in your search for the Moldovan girl of your dreams.

1. Forget About the Age Gap Because it’ll be Easier

The truth is, age gaps cannot be avoided when you want to date a Moldovan woman. There are very young Moldovan women on dating sites (as young as 18) but you need to think twice before making your choice. The relationship simply cannot work if you’re with a woman who’s 20 years younger than you. You’ll have different priorities in life and you can bet on it.

Of course, we’re not saying that you need to avoid younger Moldovan women. The basic rule of thumb is not to exceed a gap of 15 years.

2. Learn More about Her

Now, there are a lot of processes involved in this. When we say that you need to learn more about her, we mean that you need to watch out for signs that tell you she’s not a keeper. What kinds of signs, you ask?

  • Refer to your list of online dating red flags. The biggest one is, of course, asking for money. Date a Moldovan woman who has never asked money from anyone through an online dating site. Get our drift?
  • Let’s talk about divorce because you have to know that this is not a sign that she’s a bad woman. There are a lot of women that are divorced (with one child) in Moldova and, frankly, you’ll have better chances with a serious relationship with these women.

3. Visit Her ASAP

Because your Moldovan beauty is a beauty, expect that she’ll be talking to a lot of gents online. This shouldn’t be offensive to you if you’re also talking to several women online but the main point is, since she’s talking to a lot of guys, you have to act as fast as you can to seal in your relationship (if you’re really serious about her). If you are, one sure fire way is to visit her in Moldova.

4. Don’t Let Her Make all the Plans

Once you do visit her, don’t allow her to make all the reservations. Do it yourself so you can show her that you can take the lead. Essentially, you could also consider this as a safety tip because you are going on a trip to a country you’ve never been before.

There are plenty of Moldovan beauties to date online. Just make sure that you follow all these 4 tips so you can make the most out of dating one. Check back in soon for more helpful posts and more dating tips from Anastasiadateladies.


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5 Myths to Bust about Romanian Women

So you’ve heard some things about Romanian women. Some good, some bad, some downright ridiculous. Is there a sliver of truth to these stereotypes and myths about these beautiful ladies? Here we will try to dissect a few of these so called myths, and find out for sure whether they are true or not.

Myth #1: Romanian women are easy.

In every society, there will always be women who are easy. May you be American, Asian, Latina, or what have you, there will always be a select few from your society that will be labelled as such. Romanian girls are no exception. There may be some percentage of the female populace who are easy, but this should not be taken as a generalization of all women there. Women from Romania are like any other nationalities who want to find true love, settle down and start a family.

Myth #2: They are after your wallet.

Sad to say, a lot of online dating sites are prowled by women who are indeed after your wallet. But fret not. This is not the norm in Romania. Romania is not a particularly rich country and a lot of its people are struggling to have a better life. This is what drives Romanian ladies to study and find good jobs to provide for themselves and their family. These ladies are independent and capable of taking care of themselves. There are just those who would rather have an easy buck than work for it.

Myth #3: They are vapid and shallow.

Just because they have the looks of a Barbie doll does not mean they are stupid. The same way blondes are usually discriminated against. Yes, these women care for their looks and their bodies, though this is only because they value beauty. They value intelligence in the same way. If you take a closer look on a Romanian girl’s life, you will see that she studies as hard as she works out. These women are intelligent and smart. They are just more blessed because they were given the bonus of good looks.

Myth #4: Romanian = Gypsies

For some reason, when people hear the word Romania, they automatically equate it to gypsies. This is probably because gypsies are of the Romani people. Well, it is understandable seeing as the difference in spelling is just one letter in the end. But tread carefully as this is particularly annoying to Romanians.

Myth #5: Romanian women are submissive and characterized by strong gender roles

Although they are very feminine and they love being women, these women should never be thought of as the weaker sex. These women are highly educated, and work just as hard as any man in the work place. They are independent and have their own opinions. Yes they love their families very much so, but this does not mean that they are compelled to give up their career just to stay at home and be a home maker. Romanian women who stay at home do so only by their own decision, not because they are expected to.
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4 Ways to Attract Moldovan Women

moldovan womenMoldova is a nation located in between Romania and Ukraine. It is one of the Eastern European countries whose women are known for their beauty and are sought after by many foreign men as possible girlfriends, and eventually wives. These Moldovan women are not only attractive due to their physical beauty and attributes. They also have great personalities which make them all the more enticing to men worldwide. If you are looking to attract and impress these amazing ladies, here are a few tips for you.

#1. Learn about her culture.

Moldova is a relatively young nation. Learning about the history, depth and intricacies of their culture should help you adjust more easily to their way of life. This will require effort as you will be doing research on the way they do things, what is acceptable and what is not, and what should never be done. Though fret not, this effort will pay off as this will show that you are serious about pursuing a serious relationship with her. She will be glad that she is able to talk to you about her culture and that you are open to the differences. This will be the first step for you to catch her attention.

#2. Be sincere and genuinely get to know her.

Let’s face it. A lot of men are out there for conquests. And she is fully aware of this. Moldovan women are confident enough to know that they are indeed beautiful and attractive. Therefore, she gets a lot of attention from men, but there are some who only want her to have fun. Showing sincerity in getting to know her and showing that you truly are interested in knowing who she is as a person will be received positively. This shows her that you are in it for the long run and not just a roll in the hay.

#3. Good grooming goes a long way.

Moldovan women pay careful attention to their physical appearances. She works out to maintain her beautiful figure. She eats healthy to keep her skin glowing. And she dresses herself fashionably to top it all off. This kind of attention to detail should merit a man who is willing to do the same. A man who is fit, dresses nicely and takes care of his body will most definitely attract a Moldovan lady. Show her that you like to dress up as well, especially when going out with her.

#4. Be a Gentleman.

Women, anywhere in the world, like to be treated like ladies. In Moldova, women are treated with respect. Even sexually suggestive remarks may sometimes illicit negative reactions from locals as their women are seen as ladies. You would do well to do the same, and go the extra mile. Remember how men treat ladies of court? Hold the door open for her, seat her first before sitting yourself, take her coat, offer to help with her bags, rise as she enters the room, basically the almost forgotten code of chivalry. This should catch her attention and would pique her interest, thus launching you into a possibility of a serious rel

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Can Oksana Find Time for You?

Though Oksana is mostly busy with work, she tries to find time to read interesting books and spend time with the people she loves. Could you become one of them? Find out here:!AnastasiaDate Lady Oksana

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Do You Share Sofia’s Dream?

Sofia from Odessa, Ukraine doesn’t have any brothers and sisters, so she is dreaming of having a large family with many children. Do you share Sofia’s dream? Chat about your future through her profile: Lady Sofia

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4 Things to Remember when Dating a Serbian Woman

Hospitality is a word that comes to mind when we think of Serbia. A country where people openly welcome you to their homes with the warmth only associated with family for most western cultures. It is a tight knit community where certain customs perceived as normal here can be a bit overwhelming for outsiders. Here are a few pointers for anyone who wishes to go into dating a Serbian woman.

Meet and Greet

Similar to western culture, handshakes are the way to go when greeting someone you meet for the first time. When your lady friend is introduced to you for the first time, or she approaches you while you are seated, it will be best to rise to greet her. This is a gentlemanly practice that seems to be fading out slowly but you would do well to revive the practice. This makes you exude an air of a gentleman as well as chivalry. Whilst you talk, try as much as you can to maintain eye contact. Wandering eyes in a conversation can be perceived as rude and you wouldn’t want your date to feel unwanted.

Hospitality at Home

When dating a Serbian woman, there will come a time where you will be invited to her home to meet her family. Since Serbians are generally very hospitable, you can expect to be offered food and beverages. Among the offerings given will be a liquor called Rakia which often comes strong and can vary per home as it can be home made. If you are generally not a heavy drinker, it would be advisable to pass up the Rakia, just politely decline. Of course, to return the hospitality given, be ready with a gift for your host family. A western liquor like whiskey or brandy for the man of the house and a nice perfume, soap or a bouquet for the hostess. Chocolates are also welcome gifts.

Family Relationships

The hospitality that Serbia extends stems from tight knit family relationships. This means that family is a very important part of Serbian daily existence and should be treated with the respect they themselves exhibit. If you want to make a good impression on your Serbian lady friend, you should make an effort to win the family’s favour at the very least. She will appreciate the effort you extend to being on her family’s good side as well as cement the idea that you are serious with the relationship you are pursuing with her.


Everyone in the world appreciates respect for their culture. Each nation is created unique and special. Her culture is something she is proud of and you, being a man dating a Serbian woman, should respect. With the respect you show her culture should also be the effort to learn a little bit of the Serbian way.  This should impress her and her family too. A little bit of reading and research would not only improve your chances in acting appropriately in public, this should also tell her that you are willing to be part of her world as much as you would

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4 Reasons to Date a Greek Lady

Greece has always been a place of wonder and beauty. From its lands hailed great minds that changed the course of how things are done in the world. It has shaped how science, architecture, math and philosophy is viewed today. Greek women are, in their own way, are as wondrous and beautiful as the lands from where they come. Here are a few reasons why you should date a Greek lady.

Greek Lady

She hails from a rich culture of which she is proud.

The Greek culture is indeed one of the oldest and richest in the world. Many of the modern concepts of science, philosophy, math, and basically anything have stemmed from ancient Greece. A woman who hails from such a culture has a personality as colourful as the mythology stories we have been forced to read in school. There is bound to be no dull moments when you are with her, and you will be able to talk about anything under the sun. Remember, a Greek lady has been raised by an amazing culture, and that is exactly what she is, amazing.

She is a daughter of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty.  Greek women have, for centuries, enthralled men with their stunning beauty, thus inspiring the ancient writers to conceptualize the goddess Aphrodite. This makes your Greek lady a daughter of Aphrodite herself as she is a descendant of the women of the ancient times of which the historians write of. They are beautiful, charming, and they love being women. And not only this, Greek women are passionate and sensuous. After all, Aphrodite is the goddess of both love and beauty.

She is a descendant of Athena.

Not only is a Greek woman a daughter of the goddess of beauty, she is also a descendant of Athena. Greek women, despite of being feminine, are as strong as any man you meet down the street. They hold their own in the battlefield of the workplace. They are hard-working, confident, smart and talented. Women are traditionally the ones who stay at home and care for the children and the idea of women being equals of men is still relatively new. This makes these women fierce and willing to prove their worth.

She loves her family.

In the past, women in the Greek culture generally stay at home and care for her family. Very rare is a woman who is educated except those of nobility. Until in the recent decades, the woman has always been the homemaker, making the Greek woman very family oriented. In addition to that, Greeks have always been known to have very close relations with family, relatives and extended family. Even those who have migrated to different countries tend to be very close. They usually gather for special occasions making sure the whole family is there. This love and devotion she shows for her family is sure to be extended to you once you become a serious couple. She will be fiercely loyal and will care for you the same way she does her family.

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