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Margarita is willing to share everything with you

AnastasiaDate Lady Margarita20-year old Margarita from Ukraine is a very positive person with a good sense of humor. She has many interests but to find out which one is her favorite, you will have to ask her yourself:

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Would you like to be Marina’s running buddy?

AnastasiaDate Lady MarinaMarina is a 21-year old girl from Serbia who leads a healthy lifestyle. In fact, her favorite activity is running. Would you be willing to be her running buddy?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

4 Hot Tips for Serious Relationships with Romanian Women

Romanian womenWithout a doubt, Romanian women are indeed beautiful, stunning and sexy. Not only these, they are also hard working, fun loving, smart and are very loyal to their families. If you happen to be one of the lucky few to have met and started dating a beautiful Romanian girl, here are a few tips on how to grow the relationship the right way and eventually sealing the deal with a ring on her finger.

Learn the language

Okay, if you are dead set on catching a future Romanian wife, first thing you need to invest on is the language. Let’s face it, a pretty face is not enough to make a relationship grow. You will eventually need to talk about life, plans and the future. Provided that most Romanians understand English, wouldn’t it be fair for you to learn her language as well. After all, everyone expresses their thoughts better in their native tongue. By both being bilingual, the relationship is sure to progress more easily if you learn her mother tongue.

Enjoy cooking and learn to love Romanian food

Romanian women love cooking. And they are proud of their cooking skills. One way to deepen the connection is to have a cooking date. This is where you and your Romanian lady spend date night in the kitchen. You can alternate teaching each other dishes from your country. This is a win-win situation. You get to enjoy a home cooked meal, she gets to show off her kitchen prowess. On the subject of food, learn about the Romanian cuisine and learn to love it. Impress her on one of your dates by telling her little trivia about the food she is cooking for you. This will let her know that you did your research and that you are interested in being part of her world.

Get up close and personal, with her family

Romania is one of the nations in the world with tight knit family values. They are amongst those who value family above everything else. For you to show that you are in it for the long run, get to know her family. Not just that, try to win them over to your side. In the early stages of dating, always remember the custom of bringing a gift to your host/hostess. This should warm them up to you for starters. Family is very important to Romanians and you would do well to break into the inner circle.

Bring her home to meet your family

Even if you aren’t engaged yet, it would be nice to bring her home for vacations and visits. This way, she knows that you are as devoted to family as she is. This also makes her feel initiated to your inner circle. Pursuing a serious relationship with a Romanian lady means you share a part of who you are gradually as the relationship progresses. This way, she will be assured that you want a future with her and not just a good time.

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3 Serbian Stereotypes to Debunk

Ssrbian Stereotypes

People love to organize. They put things in boxes and label them for easy access. As for science, we classify things for better understanding. Unfortunately though, even nationalities are stereotyped and put in boxes. Might be from human nature of trying to make sense of everything. So here are a few Serbian stereotypes: which are true, and which do we debunk.

Stereotype #1: Serbs are Heavy Drinkers

Needless to say, there are several countries known for their ability to imbibe alcohol yet remain firmly rooted to the ground standing straight while most of us are already crawling our way to our beds. It seems that Serbians are one of those of the highest rankers. There is a sliver of truth to this since Serbians tend to throw amazing parties and enjoy merriment. Most times, alcohol is served and there are those who drink a lot. Serbians also make this homemade liquor that can knock the living daylights out of you, but only because it lacks the quality control of commercially sold ones. So sometimes they tend to be stronger than most. Anyway, Serbians love drinking but they are not, in general, heavy drinkers. There are just those who can hold higher doses of alcohol than most. So for this Serbian Stereotype, we say, possible.

Stereotype #2: Serbians are Womanizers

Again, before we begin, let us remember that womanizers can be found anywhere in the world, in any nation. There is just this stereotype floating around about Serbian men being womanizers. This stereotype stems from the history of the Serbians being under a Muslim rule for a time. And, in case you are unaware, in the Muslim law, it is legal for a man to have several wives, provided he can afford raising his family satisfactorily. With this, some men may commit adultery or cheat. But then again, this is not something to be generalized. There is no more adultery and cheating cases in Serbia than there is anywhere else in the world. So for this Stereotype: debunked.


Stereotype #3: They are overly Superstitious

Serbians have a long history behind them. They have been under several regimes and their culture has evolved with each. As with any culture, superstitions are always there, though surprisingly more with religious cultures. Serbian religion mainly comprises of three: Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims. There might be other religions present but these three are the most common. As with beliefs, people tend to feel strongly about superstitions and these are not taken lightly by the Serbs. They have very strong superstitions regarding bad luck and have counter rituals they perform to fight the string of bad luck that is sure to follow. Though upon close inspection, some superstitions have scientific merits, like when the old ones forbid you from cutting your nails at night. The scientific, or say, logical explanation would be: in the olden days, electricity is not available to everyone and at night people rely on lamps and candles for light. Cutting your nails at night, in low light situations, can result to injury by you cutting your own finger. So, for this Stereotype, yes, but not overly. They feel strongly for their beliefs and this is something everyone should respect.

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