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Sandra is a Sociable Girl

AnastasiaDate Lady SandraSandra from Belgrad, Serbia says she’s a sociable and friendly girl whose ideal partner is kind, loving, likes to discuss different topics and long walks. Does it sound like you? Say hi here:

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Are You the One for Suzanna?

AnastasiaDate Lady SuzannaSuzanna is a kind and passionate woman from Yerevan, Armenia who enjoys spending time in the nature. She hopes to meet a loving and caring partner to build a future with. Find out if you are the man she’s been looking for here:

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

3 Quaint and Interesting Greek Wedding Traditions

Greek WeddingA wedding is always an occasion to behold. It is the joyous event where a man and a woman finally decide to settle down and embark on a new journey as husband and wife. Everywhere in the world, these celebrations are planned with care and treated with the utmost importance. Such momentous events can sometimes give birth to superstitions, traditions and practices which all aim to wish the wedding couple the best in their new lives together. Every nation has their own good luck traditions. For now, we will be taking a quick peek into the quaint and most definitely interesting Greek wedding traditions.

The Krevati

The Krevati, or the “Bed Making” ceremony, is a practice usually done a few to a couple of days before the wedding ceremony. This is where a mattress, or krevati, is decorated and prepared for the couple to bless their new life together. Various items are then tossed on the bed to draw in good luck for the couple. The most common thing to be thrown on the bed is money to wish the couple prosperity. And another item tossed on the bed is a toddler, a girl or boy, depending on what gender the couple wishes their first child to be. This is believed to ensure the gender of the couple’s first born, as well as to ensure that they will have lots of kids.

A Plate of Honey

A mother-in-law can be a brides worst nightmare at times. Not so with the Greeks as they have a practice before the wedding to ensure a sweet beginning for the bride and her mother-in-law. This is how it goes: First, the bride visits her future mother-in-law before the wedding. Upon her arrival, she does not cross the threshold of the house just yet. She waits for her mother-in-law to hand her a plate of honey, symbolizing sweetness and closeness, where she dips her finger to make three crosses on the door frame.  This way, as she enters the house, she brings with her the sweetness of the honey thus cementing a solid start to in-law relationships.

The Wedding Dress, Ring and the Bride’s Shoe

Other than the world known practice of the bride not showing her dress to her groom, it seems the Greeks have another practices to make sure bad luck does not follow. The bride should never collect her wedding dress in the evening. In this case, the bridal gown should be collected from the couturier in broad daylight. Picking the gown up in the cover of night is a bad omen for the couple. As for the rings, the only time you should wear them is to have them sized and after the solemnizing officer tells you to. It is said to bring bad luck to wear your wedding rings before that. And it is also best you buy the engagement ring and wedding ring on separate dates. And lastly, the bride will always have a coin in her right shoe, to bring good luck with her as she embarks on the new journey with her groom.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 Heads-up Tips when Travelling to Moldova

Travelling to MoldovaMoldovan ladies are known for their beauty and many find their true love online and find themselves on their way travelling to Moldova. Moldova is a relatively young country and has only been on its own since 1991 and is still going through adolescence as a nation. As with any young nation, there are bumps on the road to encounter especially the first time you visit. Here are a few tips and heads-ups when travelling to Moldova.

Traveller Targeted Scams

Moldova is a country whose tourism culture is not as foreign-friendly just as of yet. Since tourists and travellers are not a common sight, people tend to think of foreigners as cash cows to be milked of their money. The underground criminal circles come up with scams to swindle money off tourists. In addition to that, there are also high tech crimes like skimming device rigged ATM machines. Just to be on the safe side, never, ever, use ATMs on the street. It is preferably safer to withdraw funds from ATMs located inside banks. Though try not to carry large amounts of money on your person as well.

Another piece of advice on this department is regarding taxis and establishments like bars and restaurants. It is advisable to only use yellow taxis as these are the official taxis or rather the registered vehicles that are legally allowed to serve as taxis. Also, just as an added precaution, always settle with a fare before getting in. This way you avoid being charged over and above the normal rates. As for bars and restaurants, always ask for the menu where you will see the published prices of meals or cocktails. You can always leave generous tips if the service was satisfactory, but let that be something done voluntarily rather than being mooched off from you.

Manners Matter

In Moldova, politeness is something practiced by one and all. Being from a different land does not excuse you. Everyone acts politely and being rude is something that should definitely be avoided. Stick to the general rules of etiquette and chivalry such as holding the door open for a lady, offering to help an elderly up the stairs, especially those with bags, and in occasion that you might board public transport, offer your seat to a woman. This will actually help you gain points to impressing your lady friend.

When it comes to conversations, try to veer away from sensitive topics, such as politics most especially.  Moldovans tend to get a bit edgy when politics are discussed so to be on the safe side, it would be better to talk about sports or even asking your lady about her hobbies. Also, stay away from sexually suggestive language, especially regarding women. This stems from the respect Moldovans have for their women.

Beware of Harassment

This is never a pretty topic to touch but this should serve as a heads-up or a warning. Though the general Moldovan populace are friendly and hospitable, there are still those who dislike outsiders. Racism can still be a problem in some parts of Moldova and there are some instances where non-Caucasian travellers are barred entrance from certain establishments or are denied service due to their different race. This can even happen with the police. As a safety precaution, always have your identification papers with you. And a word of advice, when you are stopped by police, show them your IDs and passport, but as much as you can, avoid handing them over. Also, try to take note of their particulars such as name, badge number and rank/title. This is something that you will need in case you wish to report incidents to your embassy.

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4 Unique Polish Traditional Holidays Worth Seeing

Polish Traditional HolidayPoland is a very interesting country raised from nearly a thousand year history and the confluence with its equally interesting European nations. In case you are planning a trip to Poland either for a holiday or to meet your special someone for the first time, these unique Polish traditional holidays might be the right one to plan your trip around.

Drowning of Marzanna

Who is Marzanna? The details are a bit hazy as to where her name derives from, but Marzanna is a Slavic goddess representing death, winter and nightmares. This rite is a pagan practice predating Catholicism in Poland. The rites go like this: a rag/straw doll is made as an effigy or a representation of Marzanna. She is then burned (sometimes) symbolizing the melting of winter to give way to spring, rather like an invitation for spring to come forth. And to drive away death and illness, the ashes or whatever else is left of Marzanna is thrown in a river to drown her. This is indeed a pagan belief and Poland is a deeply Catholic nation, but this is one way for them to connect to their non-Catholic root.


Another Polish traditional holiday is the Juwenalia. It is believed that this supposedly started in the 50s, but history suggests that this has roots from the medieval ages. What is Juwenalia? It is basically a student carnival celebrating students. A spring break of sorts though this is celebrated late May or early June, the dates change each year. It comprises of parades, fairs, costumed people down the street and a lot of partying. This is the time for students to let loose and roam the city. It can be considered a festival and this is one exciting time to be visiting Poland.


This is another pre-Christianity pagan ritual still celebrated in Poland. Wianki is directly translated into English as wreaths. This is held every midsummer solstice. The people create handmade wreaths which are then floated down the river in honor of the goddess of harvest and love. Upon the arrival of Christianity in Poland, this was then related to the feast of St. John the Baptist though still retaining the love wreath floating affair. Since this is a ritual honouring love, this will be a nice holiday to visit Poland for.


This is another Polish traditional holiday, also known as St. Andrew’s eve. This has long roots in the past and is usually a night for superstitions and fortune telling. At one point in time, a Polish girl’s most important cause is to find a husband. So this was the eve they usually go through with their fortune telling rituals to predict their love life. Some rituals will help you tell who will be married next, or will describe what kind of man you will be marrying. This is a fun holiday to be in Poland for and if you are there to visit a girlfriend, this might be a fun way to spend a date. Just a side note, these predictions are rarely taken seriously these days but is still fun to do.

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