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5 Mistakes to Never Make When Dating a Russian Lady Online

Dating a Russian Lady OnlineDating a Russian lady online is a very exciting venture. It could be a whole new chapter to your dating life because it’s different and Russian ladies are very special. Successfully dating Russian ladies online doesn’t require a lot of hard work too. Effort is required, of course, but it won’t feel like hard work if you’re truly interested in one Russian lady as your actions will feel natural. Among all that you do, however, there are a few mistakes that you absolutely should put in all effort to avoid. We’ve compiled 5 of them here:

Mistake #1: Showing off your financial capability

Lavish gifts and frequent gift giving does show that you can, indeed, support her in the long run but it doesn’t communicate your sincere intentions when dating a Russian lady online. It’s as if you’re dangling your wealth as bait. It’ll make her think that you don’t value you her a person and that you’re trying to buy her affections. It’s the same idea when you show off your financial capability in your profile – it doesn’t attract the right kind of Russian lady. Not all Russian ladies are attracted to wealth.

Mistake #2: Falling in love with an idea

Because most of your communication will happen virtually when dating a Russian lady online, it’s easy for your imagination to run wild and paint itself an image of how it interprets the lady you’re corresponding with. Don’t let your imagination run wild and fall for an idea. Stick to reality and really put in the effort of getting to know the person.

Mistake #3: Making quick decisions

This has a bit of a connection with the second mistake we mentioned. When you’ve fallen in love with an idea, it’s easy to make quick decisions about visiting her, sending her money or, worse, marrying her even if you haven’t met her yet. It’s decisions like this that will make you regret life, in general, so carefully look at where you’re walking and where you’re heading to. You might just end up lost.

Mistake #4: You don’t show your interest in her culture

Is it important to show interest in a Russian lady’s culture when dating online? Yes, it’s a paramount factor for her to determine your future together. Russian people are very proud of their culture and heritage so getting to know what these are is like getting to know a Russian person’s essence.

Mistake #5: You’re looking for a trophy wife or girlfriend

A trophy wife or a girlfriend is just someone who’s beautiful enough to be displayed to the people that surround you. Little to no emotional attachment is involved in this kind of relationship. If you’re looking for someone like this, you might just find her. You’ll be happy for a few months but trust us when we say that this kind of relationship will not work out in the long run nor will it be healthy. It’ll be toxic when no real love is involved.

These mistakes are easy enough to avoid if, again like what we mentioned earlier, you’re sincere in your intentions and if you truly like the person you’re corresponding with. See who you have real chemistry with and do the work in getting to know that person.

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5 Must-Know Tips to Letter Writing When Dating Online

when dating onlineThere are no set formulas when dating online but there are ideal ways on how you could go about your dating. Let’s talk about this in the aspect of letter writing. Most people don’t really know how to approach this because: A. they don’t have much experience and B. they have no clue about ideal situations and specific outcomes. With that said, we thought we’d do most of you a favor by revealing our 5 must-know tips to letter writing when dating online.

Tip #1: How many resumes do you send out?

What do resumes have to do with online dating? Nothing, really, but answer the question nonetheless: how many resumes do you send out before you get a job offer? We ask this because the same approach should be applied when writing a letter to women you’re interested in online. We’re going to give you a specific number later on. For now, really think about the concept and internalize it. This doesn’t mean that you have to send one letter every hour until someone replies. The concept just wants to emphasize that you need to be open to communicating to a lot of women in order to have better chances of getting replies.

Tip #2: Personalized – it’s way better

Trash those generic letters, please. Any lady who knows her way around the internet can spot a generic letter from a mile away. This means that you actually need to put in effort int reading her profile – know what her interests are and know who she’s looking for (and, of course, if you meet the criteria). If you’re genuinely interested, write her a letter based on what you read on her profile.

Tip #3: Sincerity and Simplicity

A letter can sometimes make you feel like you have to put your best foot forward. Ironically, first letters end up looking like resumes because men feel the need to include every achievement they’ve had since kindergarten. It’s an exaggeration but please know that you don’t need to color your first letter, or any letter, up like a Picasso painting. Be sincere, make it simple and go back to #2 tip.

Tip #4: 10 Letters a Day

Now here’s a specific number – 10. Replies are not guaranteed but when replies do come in, you’ll be able to manage responding in a timely manner. 20 is too much in one day because there’s a chance that you might get swamped with replies that you wouldn’t know where to begin. 10 is a good round number to start with and it won’t take you a lot of time to go through ten profiles and make personalized letters from them.

Tip #5: Filter

Nope, it’s not just Instagram that has filters. You should have your own filters when those replies come in. After a reply, the most likely event to happen next is a live chat. This is when you know if you have chemistry or compatibility with a woman when dating online. If you don’t, let her know in a nice way and then move on to the next. This is what we mean when we say filters. You don’t need to go to the next step with a woman if she doesn’t meet your requirements and vice versa (if you don’t meet her requirements).

That’s it for our 5 tips! We hope you’ve learned something and perhaps the most important take away from this is to be genuine and sincere with your letters.

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5 Tips on Sending Money to Your Dream Russian Woman

dream russian womanIn the topic of sending money to your dream Russian woman, should you do it or shouldn’t you? Aside from other debatable topics in dating Russian women, the topic of financial support has always been one that’s controversial. Is it ideal to send money or is it detrimental to the relationship in the long run? A lot of men also have the same questions as you do so we thought that we might do a bit of research on this topic and we came across 5 tips to help you decide if sending money is indeed a good idea or a bad one.

Before that, let’s talk about support. We define support as sending a certain amount of money every month as sort of an allowance. Now, let’s go to the tips.

Tip #1: Ask yourself a few questions first

First off, if your considering to send financial support, the main thing that you should be thinking of is the status of your relationship. Is your relationship mature enough or is it at the right stage for such an serious commitment? You should also be asking yourself if you’re comfortable doing so on a regular basis. Will your financial status allow it? And, perhaps, the most important question that you should be asking is: Am I allowing myself to be taken advantage of?

Tip #2: Type of woman

If your dream Russian woman asked for a regular allowance, you really have to consider this as a red flag because no respectable woman would ask for an allowance from someone they just met over the internet. Even if you’ve already met in person a few times, it’s still not very tasteful for a woman to ask for regular financial support from someone she’s in a relationship with unless it is her husband.

Tip #3: The future is uncertain

Think about this scenario: you decided on giving in to your desire to support her thinking that it would make the relationship stronger. Maybe it did but what if she just suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth? There are scenarios, several in fact, where someone’s dream Russian woman just didn’t reply or hasn’t gone online for a long time until she disappeared. It’s scenarios like this that make giving regular financial support a big risk.

Tip #4: Show support in little things

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t send anything at all. It is actually a good idea to show your support in smaller ways like giving of gits, flowers and maybe the occasional paying of one or two bills but not on a regular basis. If you want to spoil your dream Russian woman, do so in this manner.

Tip #5: Wait for marriage

The best thing that you can do is to wait until you’re married before giving regular financial support. It is, after all, your duty as a husband to be the provider of the family but other than that, it would be ill-advised to send her money as an allowance.

Sending your dream Russian woman money will show that you are capable of supporting her, a trait often valued in the Russian culture, but it’s also a big risk on your part. The decision is up to you but remember that you can still show your financial capability in different ways that will not make you susceptible to being taken advantage of.


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Milica still believes in miracles

AnastasiaDate Milica

Milica described herself as a little bit naive as she still believes in miracles! She also believes in constant movement because it represents life itself. Find out more about this interesting lady here:

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Caroline is all about helping others in need

anastasia date caroline

Caroline from Portugal is all about helping other people. She thinks it’s a great quality every person should have. She’s terrified of one very scary thing! Ask her which one:

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Nina likes to watch comedy movies

Anastasiadate Nina

22-year old Nina from Serbia is a movie lover! Her favorite genre is comedy. How about you take her to a movie theater for a first date? Find out a little bit more about this beauty here:


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Meet the beautiful girl next door!

Anastasia Date Katarina

Katarina, an 18-year old girl from Serbia, is your typical girl next door. She’s kind, honest and full of understanding. She’s interested in kind and lovely men:

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Bojana is a mysterious woman

AnastasiaDate Bojana

Bojana didn’t reveal too much about herself on her AnastasiaDate’s profile but for a reason. She’s a mysterious woman and she would prefer a man like you to ask her to reveal a little bit more about herself:

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5 Major Mistakes When Dating Slavic Ladies Online

If you think that you can never make mistakes when dating Slavic ladies online or even just dating online in general, you have to think twice because you’re allowing yourself to be off guard if you think that you’re safe or secured the time. And, we’re not just talking about financial safety but also emotional safety. So, for your information, we’re providing you with a list of 5 major mistakes you can make when dating Slavic ladies online:dating slavic ladies online

Mistake #1: Saying “I Love You” even if you don’t mean it.

To a Slavic woman, these three little words mean something very serious. That’s the problem though, isn’t it? Most of us need to take these 3 little words more serious and we shouldn’t throw them around lightly. Only say it if you mean it because you don’t want the Slavic lady your corresponding with to string along. You wouldn’t want the same done to you, right?

Mistake #2: Assuming she likes you.

Here’s the thing. Most of the foreign men we talked to had the problem of their Slavic lady just disappearing on them and then, later on, they reemerge saying that they already have a boyfriend. You won’t be let down if you don’t assume anything. To avoid this, make sure that you talk to a Slavic lady about her details in a polite manner. Don’t just assume that she likes you because she’s nice to you and that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Mistake #3: Moving in too early.

When you have all these intense feelings boiling up inside you, it’s easy to make rash decisions about things. Usually, family and friends will tell you right off the bat that you’re moving too fast or that what you’re doing could be dangerous. This is a good sign that you actually are doing something too early or something dangerous. Stop and listen to the people who care for you. Take things slow and get to know the person first before making any major life choices like moving in.

Mistake #4: Sending money and a lot of it.

Haven;t you heard? This is probably the most popular no-no in the online dating world. It’s been a no-no ever since the online dating game started and it’s a no-no until today for the same reason. Never send money to someone you just met online. This person might be scamming you and you’re risking exposing your personal details. This is just a heartbreak waiting to happen so don’t do it.

Mistake #5: Misrepresenting yourself.

We’ve said this over a hundred times in our blog posts: never misrepresent yourself. You’re risking the trust in the relationship. Think about it because you don’t want things to go sour right before the relationship blossoms. Also, honesty is very important when dating Slavic ladies online and offline.

Avoid These Mistakes

We make the posts but it’s essentially up to you to implement what’s in the post. You’d have to exercise self-discipline, a lot of it, so you don’t get blinded by lies and deception. We don’t mean just from her either. Make sure to check yourself and your intentions before diving into something.

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7 Tips in Dating Slavic Ladies

dating slavic ladiesSlavic women are not a mystery anymore thanks to their popularization in the online dating world. Since the onset of their popularity, we’ve discovered how gorgeous and interesting they are. The goal, for most men, now is this: they have to snag a Slavic woman as a girlfriend or as a wife. It’s, however, easier said than done. These 7 tips might help though:

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Learn a few phrases at first and don’t stop learning

There are Slavic women who know how to speak English well and there are some who don’t. Whatever the case, it will be beneficial for you both to speak her native language. Eventually, when you do end up together, she will want your children to speak her language so you don’t want to be the one who’s left out. Besides, it will come in handy when meeting  her family and visiting her hometown.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Don’t move too fast

When you’re too emotionally caught up, you can’t make rational decisions. You cannot assess if things are moving too fast. As soon as someone close to you says that you may be moving too fast – you’re processing her visa only after a few months – take heed. They’re usually right. If you want the relationship to last, let the foundation grow.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Her friends are important

For Slavic women, friendship circles mean a lot. In order for you to impress her as well as impress her friends, you have to show interest to get to know the people she hangs out with. It’ll be big plus points if you do everything right on the day of meeting her friends.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Mingle with the locals

When you’re in her country, make sure that you mingle with the local people and not just the expats. This shows that your’re open to exploring her culture and that you haven’t closed yourself to the idea of immersing yourself in getting the know her roots.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip: Learn to love Slavic food

Slavic women are the type of women who truly believe in the importance of cooking dinner for their family every night. Now, how can you enjoy her cooking when you haven’t developed a love for Slavic cuisine? Early on in the relationship, it’s important that you try Slavic food as often as possible so you develop a taste for it.

Dating Slavic Ladies Tip:Explore!

Here’s one major perk when dating Slavic ladies: you get your own personal tour guide. Make sure that you go around her country when visiting. You’ll probably learn a thing or two and you might just end up falling in love with her country.

Love Her Country

What we’re basically saying is this: if you love her country, she will show love back. That’s the basic concept that we’re trying to introduce here so make sure that you do the work in doing so.

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4 Rules of Dating Foreign Women

dating foreign womenDating foreign women may look easy but it’s not. It revolves around a set of rules that you need to follow in order for you to date successfully. You won’t find these dating rules written anywhere (maybe except here) but generally, they are just based on common sense – sort of unwritten rules about dating women who are from other countries. You might just find these interesting if you want to date foreign women:

Rule #1: Women basically have the same subconscious

Whichever country your lady comes from, you basically have to treat her the same as every lady you’ve met. There are, of course, exceptions as most women don’t like overly cocky men. Women, however, respond to confidence. It won’t matter what her cultural background is or her societal background, when she sees you as someone confident, you’ll have her on the palm of your hands.

The next thing is their wants. Again, there are exceptions to this when dating foreign women but generally women want to settle down with someone who they can connect with. Even if a women will not admit to this, she cannot hide this want in the long run. This basically just tells you that women’s thinking have a pattern. Go with that pattern and you’ll do wonders in the foreign women dating scene.

Rule #2: Don’t bother asking her to teach you her language


The “please teach me your language bit” only works during the beginning of the relationship where lots of flirting take place. In the long run, it won’t really matter because you won’t learn anything. The reason why you won’t learn anything is because you’ll be focused on other things like impressing her or getting your relationship to the next level.

Rule #3: Long term or temporary?

Rule number 3 says that you have to decide whether you want your relationship to be long term or temporary. Yes, it’s a rule so you have to do it. The main reason is this: to avoid hurting the other party. You don’t want to mislead and neither do you want to be misled, right? So, early in the relationship, or maybe even before the relationship starts, make sure you both define what you want. Yes, it’s not only a rule for you, the man, but it’s also a rule for her.

Rule #4: Do make an effort to learn her culture

Now this is mandatory when you’re dating and it’s not only you who needs to make the effort. She needs to do it too because it would be beneficial for the both of you. You don;t have to go into a library. All you have to do is learn as you go along.

More Rules to Discover

There are actually more rules to discover but we just gave you the basic ones. The rest is up to you to figure out. Dating foreign women could be a fun experience but you need to understand certain rules in order for you to be successful at it. Good luck and we hope that you find the foreign love of your life!

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5 Truths You Need to Know About Dating

abut datingDespite us having ideal scenarios of how our dating life should go, we don’t always get what we want. It’s the sad truth, but no one ever realizes or focuses on these fundamentals that allow us to take control of our dating life and to gain a better perspective of it. We hate to burst your bubble, but you need to know the 5 harsh truths about dating that we’ve compiled on a short list:

Everyone thinks that they’re prince charming and princess damsel.

Have you ever thought about your dating skills? By dating skills here, we mean “game”. Be honest, how is it? The reason why we ask is this: most people in the dating scene, of course, think that they’re all that and then some. You should be asking yourself if you’re part of the “most” crowd because when dating, the expresions fake it until you make it doesn’t apply. Build your confidence up slowly instead of faking it half of the time.

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

It’s only natural that people have set standards of who they want to meet. That’s not a problem at all. It, however, becomes one if you’re too caught up on the list of perfect qualities you need in a partner that you forget to examine yourself and ask, “Am I ideal for the potential partners I’m making connections with?” Don’t forget to focus on self-improvement, is what we’re saying.

A slew of dating tips.

We’re sure that this is not the first website you’ve gone to for more tips on how to meet Europena women online and just women in general. No worries, we don’t mind, but you need to know that you can actually just pick out the dating tips or advice you trully need. See what works for you and what doesn’t. This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal.

A lot of preconceptions.

We know that you are the way you are because of the different expereiences you’ve gone through while you’re growing up. With these expreinces come preconceptions and we tend to take that with us into our relationships. Do you belive that a woman’s place is only in the kitchen? Do you belive that it’s a man’s job is to control the relationship? We’re sure that most, if not all, have very good reasons to them but, most of the time, these can do more harm than good in a blossoming relaitonship.

Change is inevitable.

There are people who do not like a change to even just the simplest of things. We have to accept, however, that change will be coming whether we like it or not. This is the moment that you need to prepare for because there will be great obstacles that will really test out what you’re made of. Take the first step by accepting that things will eventually change – for the better or for the worse.

Harsh but True!

We know that most of the things you read on the list were hard to read but trust us when we say that it will bring you a lot of benefits in the future, given of course that you’ve followed the reccommendations and have made your own recommndations as well.

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7 Surprising Dating Advice that Really Work

dating adviceHow many times have you heard the same dating advice repeated over and over again on the internet? Countless we bet. Some could be diamonds in the pile of charcoals, but others are merely recycled and, in fact, lack the essentiality that we all need from great advice about how we can handle our love lives.

In today’s blog post, we will be focusing on the opposite. We’re going to talk about surprising dating advice that actually work. We bet you that you’ll tell yourself, “I haven’t thought of it that way”. Without further ado, le’s go to the list:

Love the Single Life

Yeah. We know that this doesn’t sound right but hear us out. As someone who’s still looking for a partner, you should have at least tried to enjoy the life that you have as a single person. If you don’t you can come off as desperate and too needy or clingy when it’s time for you to date. For the meantime, while Ms. Right still hasn’t arrived yet, go travel, experience new things and just enjoy life.

Stop Comparing

While you’re having a blast with your single life, you may feel the urge to compare yourself with people who have already found a significant other. Stop it. You have to remember that everything has its perfect timing. The perfect time could have come with the couples that you’re seeing. Yours will come too if you’re patient enough to wait for it.

Don’t be Yourself

If being yourself hasn’t landed you a real date on over a year, it’s time to focus your efforts on self-improvement. The real you could just be hiding behind a boring facade you’ve created over the years. Be honest and assess yourself in a way that will be helpful to your development.

Take a Break

This is kind of similar to embracing your single life. Sometimes, even if we don’t feel like dating, we do it anyway for the sake not wasting time. This notion is totally false. When you don’t feel like it then take a break. You are not a dating robot. You’re allowed to focus on other things in your life other than dating.

Don’t be Afraid to Let Go

When we’re smitten, we usually don’t really see things objectively. This is especially true when the person we’re with is not good for us at all, but we choose to look the other way for fear of losing a “good thing“. The fact is, we shouldn’t be afraid of letting go of people who are unhealthy for us.

Set Your Standards

Have you ever thought about what will be acceptable behavior to you and what you consider to be crossing the line? If you haven’t and you are active in the dating scene, make sure that you allow yourself enough time to think about these things. Early on, you have to set your standard so you know when you have a keeper.


Feedback on what? Feedback on you., of course. Usually, we think that something is going great when all of a sudden the other person drops you like a hot potato. Instead of just turning your back and walking the other way, why not get feedback on what you did wrong. It could get awkward but think about it as a learning experience and an opportunity to better yourself.

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Free Membership – Come See 1000’s of Anastasia Date’s Russian Hotties was one of the first companies to develop a platform designed to connect people from around the world and it remains at the forefront of its field, continually developing improved communication technologies that allow people to discover and enjoy the possibilities of an exciting, globally-interconnected future. The site now has over 20 million members, more than 80 million visitors annually and 1.5 million+ daily. Visit the main website and browse FREE.


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Tamara likes exercising

AnastasiaDate Tamara

Tamara described herself as a smart and gentle woman who joined in a hope to find a man of her dreams. He would have to be funny and kind. Could that be you?

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Saryuna is a confident woman

AnastasiaDate Saryuna

Saryuna is a gorgeous 22-year old woman from Spain who is strong willed and generous. She’s also very communicative person with a large number of friends. Find out more about this beauty here:

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Chat with Ruzica today!

AnastasiaDate Ruzica

Ruzica is an ambitious girl who loves traveling and partying. She likes tall, handsome men with dark hair. Are you her type?

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Vanja likes meeting new people

AnastasiaDate Vanja

Vanja is adventurous type of girl who likes excitement and above all – meeting new interesting people. Chat with her today and see if you stand a chance with this Serbian beauty:

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Jovana’s kindness shows in her eyes

AnastasiaDate Jovana

Jovana is positive, open minded and kind 24-year old girl from Serbia who is waiting to meet a man who will sweep her of her feet. If you’re funny, you can consider yourself lucky because that’s the trait she’s looking for:

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Slavica describes herself as witty and quick

AnastasiaDate Slavica

Slavica is an 18-year old girl from Serbia who enjoys various social activities. She loves cooking and hanging out with her friends. She would love to meet strong and smart man:

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Jana likes learning foreign languages

AnastasiaDate Jana

Jana is a sociable person who likes hanging out with positive people. She likes to be active most of her time so she fell in love with fitness and modeling. She’s hoping to meet a partner who’s main priority is family. Chat with Jana today here!

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5 Things a Russian Female Thinks of During Courtship

russian femaleA Russian female thinks of a lot of things during the courting stage of the relationship. You don’t have to necessarily know everything that she’s thinking of, but we figured that for you to succeed in impressing her and going to the next phase of the relationship, you need to know these 5 main things that she’s thinking of while you’re doing the courting.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about this word first: courting. When you ask Google about the meaning of this word, it’ll tell you this: “to be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying” (source: Though old fashioned to many, the Russian dating culture still very much embraces the principle, which brings us to the first of many…

Thoughts of a Russian Female: “This is a sign of his commitment.”

Courtship is to a Russian lady as dating is to you. In your culture, dating may be viewed as something that is not serious but, in the Russian culture, the opposite can be said. Courting itself is a sign of your commitment. This means that when you start courting a lady, you have the intention of going into a serious relationship with her and, eventually, marrying her.


“I have to look my absolute best.”

She wants to look her best and expects you to notice. Don’t complain when she takes too long to get ready. When she, finally, is ready, remember your compliments – both through words (not so much of this) and through actions (more of this during your dates).


“I am the only girl in the world.”

No, these are not lyrics to Rihanna’s song. When you court a Russian lady, she’s going to expect that you will treat her as your one and only princess. This means a lot of things:

  1. Treat her like a princess, if not a queen.
  2. You shouldn’t be courting anyone else.
  3. She has the right to expect things from you as a man.
  4. She understands that she is in a position of power because you’re trying to win her heart. Not the other way around.


“Let’s see what this guy is made of.”

A Russian female will test you in many ways to see if you’re really sincere. You must show your determination to be with her. This is why you can’t be shy when calling her first or making the first move. The same also goes during your dates – if you don’t start or engage in a conversation with her, you’re out, buddy.


“Zoom in on his character.”

Rather than looking at your interests or physical appearance, a Russian lady will look at your character. Well, not all Russian women do this but the ones who are really serious about finding a good man will. With this point said, you can’t really pretend to be someone you’re not becauseRussian ladies are good at peeling onions – they know how to peel off the layers to get to the core.


You’ll Have Better Luck When…

Most men won’t even take 5 minutes out of their time to read this, but the ones who do (or did) will definitely have better luck with the Russian ladies because they took the time to understand how a Russian female’s mind works. We’re hoping that you’re one of the few. Don’t forget to share this post!

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6 Tips for Meeting Local Hungarian Ladies

It’s common knowledge that women in Eastern Europe are among the most attractive but, the problem is, most foreign men venture only to places like Russia and Ukraine to find the love of their life. That’s not exactly a problem as there is an abundance of gorgeous women in both places, but these aren’t the only ones that you should be visiting.

If you go to Hungary, a place that’s not so popular with the online dating community, you might just add it to your list of places to go to for meeting beautiful women. If you are planning a trip to Budapest or any Hungarian city, you’re going to want to know these tips so you can successfully meet beautiful local Hungarian ladies:

Tip #1: Don’t Use Your Nationality

If you open with: “Do you speak English?” or “I’m __[insert your nationality here]__. I’d like to ask for directions.”, the Hungarian woman that you’re talking to will think that you’re using your nationality to impress her. You really need to drop your act and just be upfront and be yourself. Local Hungarian Ladies appreciate this more.

Tip #2: The Best Conversation Starter

So if you can’t ask for directions or if you can’t use the language card, what do you say? Perhaps the best line to open with a Hungarian lady is: “Hi”. Yes, that’s it. Use “Hi” or “Hello” as an opener and then let the conversation roll naturally.

Tip #3: A Great Style Tip for Going on Dates

When you do get a “yes” when you ask a Hungarian woman out, try to overdress. This is only applicable if you’re going out at night, of course as you cannot overdress for walks in the park. Night time dates, however, are different. You can be as stylish as you like. The more stylish you are the more points you get.

Tip #4: Say No to Drinking Early


I think it was on our last blog post that we mentioned about Hungarian women not liking foreign men who drink too much. When on a night out, it’s customary to drink but not too fast and not all at once. Take your time when drinking. The fun usually starts at 10:00 pm which is the supposed to be the “priming” stage. At this time, avoid shots. This gives you a chance to talk to more Hungarian girls without offending them because you’re too drunk and crazy.

Tip #5: Be a Gentleman and Pay

Paying for everything during dates is considered as a gentlemanly thing to do. Hungarian women, just like Russians and Ukrainians, are very independent, but it’s part of the dating culture of almost all Easter European countries – the man has to pay for most things.

Tip #6: Time Your Move

It may be tempting to go up to random Hungarian women every time you’re out, but it’s not a strategy that you’d want to apply when visiting any Hungarian city. Always time your moves. Know when to say Hello, know what type of situation is ok to walk up and introduce yourself to a Hungarian woman.

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5 Eastern European Women and Their Differences

Eastern European women are known to be very beautiful physically, this is a well-known fact. But, what most men don’t know is that these women have distinct differences from each other that make them unique. This is what we’re going to find out today. We’ve compiled a short list of 5 of the most attractive women in Eastern Europe and we’re telling you exactly what sets them apart from each other:

eastern european women

Slovakian Women

Slovakian women have the look part down. They have long legs and slim bodies, just like other Eastern European women. Here’s the difference: the have a natural ethereal charm. Let’s expound on that. Most women try to be beautiful – they wear makeup, dress a certain way and act a certain way. With Slovakian women, most of them don’t need to try because they have a natural instinct for it. They appear elegant, well mannered and yet humble. They don’t try to look like the models you see in magazines.

Ukrainian Women

Have you ever met a Ukrainian woman who’s under 5’7? If not, you’re not alone. Most people feel that Ukrainian women are tall, slim and have very striking features that make them attractive. What people don’t know, however, is that, as beautiful as they may be, they will appreciate a man more for his good company – if he treats a lady well, he’s good at making conversation, he has a quiet kind of confidence and is a gentleman in every way.

Russian Women

Russian women are arguably the most beautiful women in the world, as most people believe. It’s not only their physical beauty that makes them attractive. If you’ve been to Russia and have met a lot of Russian women, you’ll see that they’re very independent. Some even speak as many as 3 languages and have university degrees. Because of their education, Russian women can be stubborn but once you break the ice you’ll see that they’re sweet and warm on the inside.

Czech Women

Runway models – most Czech women get away with this look because they naturally have long legs, high cheekbones and slim figures. They’re unattracted to foreign guys who drink too much and deliberately get drunk when visiting their country, but they are intrigued and curious about guys who do the exact opposite – interesting, not a drunk, intellectual, well mannered and a gentleman.

Hungarian Women

Women from Hungary also possess a unique kind of beauty. Most foreign men are not aware of this, but Hungarian women dress modestly and speak modestly. They also like men with great personalities. Once a Hungarian woman gets to know you and vice versa, as long as she finds you interesting, you don’t have to do much to impress her.

Eastern European Women and Their Differences

5 Eastern European women that are distinctly different from each other – they’re differences make them unique and all the more attractive, don’t you think? No matter where in Eastern Europe you’d want to find the love of your life, you’re going to find women with beauty, brains and a great personality. That’s Eastern Europe for you!

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Friday, October 30, 2015

5 Basic Yet Essential Rules of Dating in Europe

dating in europeEach country in Europe has its own set of “dating in Europe” rules, but there are a few general things that foreign men might like to know. We thought so, so we’ve compiled 5 basic yet essential rules of dating in Europe. These rules are specifically for foreign men who want to date European women and we’ve broken them down stages or phase so they’re much easier to understand. Here we go:

Meeting and Making the First Move

Just like in most countries, men are expected to make the first move. There are, however, European countries where women do the approaching. Switzerland is a good example of this as men are more reserved. As for the meeting part, most Europeans don’t really go on dates with strangers. Most people who go on dates know each other from a friend or a friend of a friend. This is not to say, of course, that dating in Europe doesn’t involve going up to a random woman on the street and asking her out. It happens but not often for locals. A foreign man, however, might have better luck in that department.

Places to Date

Remember this because it’s important: dating in Europe is more casual. A date may involve walks in the park or walks from somewhere to a cafe. It could also involve trips to the cinema, an informal dinner and more walks. In some European countries, a potential couple may also go on hikes or go biking. The idea is to make things more casual so you have room to really get to know each other.

The Date

This may be the number one thing on your mind now: who pays? Well, the man offers to pay first but don’t be surprised if the woman thinks it better to go dutch. This is very common during the first date but never forget to offer first. Next up is the way you dress. When you’re not doing anything sporty, make sure that you dress up even a little bit. European women appreciate men wearing something snazzy. Think smart-casual. Now, during the date itself, you might find yourself bombarded with straight to the point banter. It’s natural. European women will tell you exactly what’s on their mind so get used to the idea.

After the Date

So after you’ve had a wonderful meeting and you’ve escorted your European lady to her doorstep, do you kiss or not? It could be a yes or a no. This depends on which country your European woman came from. If she’s from France then go ahead and pucker up, but you also need to remember the significance of a kiss. It could mean that you’re a couple already.

Calling/Texting the Day After


There’s much debate to this one. Too early and you might scare off the girl because you’re too clingy. Too late and the girl might just lose interest altogether. Dating in Europe, however, is different because it’s the norm for the man to text or call right away. As a matter of fact, most European men call and text the ladies that they’re interested in quite often.

There you have it. 5 Essential rules for dating in Europe. This doesn’t make you 100% ready for the real thing (the actual date) because there’s more to learn, but it helps in a small way – it gets you started. Apply the rules to your European lady and see if it gets you results.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

5 Differences Sited in the Ukrainian Culture

Every culture in the world is unique in its own. If you want to attract a woman coming from a certain culture, you really have to do your homework and learn as much as you can about it. Learning even small pieces of a certain culture will allow you to have better perspective at how people, coming from that culture, think. And, because we are all for finding love in FSU countries, we’re going to take a look at 5 differences people see in the Ukrainian culture:

Ukrainian cultureSmiles and Handshakes

Don’t take it personally when a Ukrainian doesn’t reciprocate your smile and your handshake. Just like the Russian culture, smiles are reserved for special occasions and friends, and handshakes are just not that customary (especially for Ukrainian women). Remember this next time you meet a Ukrainian lady.

The Guest of Honor and the Gift

When you’re a guest at a Ukrainian household, you can expect that you’ll be the center of attention. You’ll be well taken care of, well fed and well entertained. Great, right? As a form of thanks, well advance thanks, in this case, bring a gift for the keeper of the house or the host before actually staying at the house to show your advance gratitude for the accommodation and hospitality. This is the polite thing to do in the Ukrainian culture as well as in the Russian culture.

Superstition About Almost Everything

You’ve probably already heard this bit. Ukrainians and Russian are very superstitious. It seems like they have a superstitious belief about all the things in their life. Most Ukrainians may seem nonchalant about the whole thing, some may even joke about specific superstitions but, strangely enough, they still avoid whistling indoors and buying an even number of flowers as gifts.

Friend and Acquaintance

In most cultures, the term “friend” or “friends” is considered to have a more general meaning. For example, even if you’ve only known a person for a week, he or she can be considered a friend. It is very different in Ukraine. The term “friend” has a deeper meaning. A Ukrainian can have one or two friends and many acquaintances. You really have to put in a little effort and a whole lot of genuineness in order to become a Ukrainian’s friend, take note.

Educating Children

Most kids in the West have extracurricular activities. It’s the same in Ukraine, but the difference is this: kids have a lot of extracurricular activities. There’s a huge demand for private tutors especially for learning languages. Ukrainian parents tend to want the best education for their children hence they supplement the kids’ schedule with other activities aside from the ones in school. For example, dance, art, music and so on.

A Quick Insight

It might be a quick insight into the Ukranian culture, but it’s an insight nonetheless. If you have a Ukrainian friend, feel free to check on him or her if these are still accurate today. Cultures do evolve and change and that’s why you need to be informed and on your toes about it if you really want to impress and keep a lovely lady from Ukraine.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

5 Facts about the Russian Dating Culture

You have lesser chances of impressing a Russian woman when you have absolutely no clue of how the Russian dating culture is. You cannot apply how you normally date in your country unless you want the Russian woman you’re wooing to run for the hills. The good news, though, is that it’s not the complicated. Wrap your head around these 5 facts about the Russian dating culture for starters:

The Alpha Male Myth

This idea is pretty common to foreigners because a lot of Russian dating sites say so: alpha males rule the Russian dating scene. FALSE. Russian males can actually get away with outfit planning and crying without being perceived as feminine. So, this also applies to you. You don’t  have to pound and puff your chest up when dating a Russian lady. On the contrary, being puffed up, in the Russian dating culture, makes you seem pompous – a total turn off to the Russian ladies.

Gifts, Candles, and Poems

Here’s a good fact to remember! Most men may have gotten away with just watching movies at home or going on a nature hike as date ideas, but they won’t get away with doing these when dating Russian ladies. You see, the Russian dating culture involves gift-giving and a whole lot of romance. This is not to say that Russian women are only concerned about your wallet – NO. What we’re telling you is that Russian women appreciate a romantic gentleman who will take her to the beach to appreciate the sunset while enjoying a glass or two of fine wine. Think Giacomo Casanova but just leave the womanizing part out of it.

You are Expected to Pay

This may sound old-fashioned to you and maybe the idea is, but in the Russian dating culture it’s the norm. The man is expected to pay on dates. Don’t be mistaken, however. The Russian woman is more than capable of buying her own meal but let’s just say that it’s part of politeness and gentlemanliness so just do it.

A Regular Woman

Most men have this notion of Russian women being high-heel wearing, short-skirt donning Barbies. Some are but when you meet a Russian woman organically (or naturally), you’ll see that she’s just like every other girl in the world just with a really cute accent. She’s special in her own way, of course, but what we’re saying it that she’s not a generic Barbie who’s only after meeting men with money.

Don’t Aim to Impress

Ok, so we did say that you have to be suave and romantic to impress a Russian woman. It’s true, but you’d have to find a balance between doing this and trying not to impress her. In the Russian dating culture, most Russian men don’t appear to be overzealous or trying too hard in the initial stages of courtship. The best thing to do is to let thing happen naturally while still maintaining the romanticism. Ironic but you’ll find a way we’re sure of it.

Just these Five

The Russian dating culture is not that complicated, actually, but it’s always advantageous to learn things about it not because you want to get ahead in the game but because you’re genuinely interested to find someone special. If this is truly your goal, all you have to remember is to let things happen naturally.

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Independence When with an FSUW

with an FSUWOnline relationships can be testing because you have to find a balance between being together (corresponding online, through text or through phone calls) and maintaining your independence as a person. Don’t be surprised by the statement because having your independence will be good for you as well as for the relationship, believe it or not. It should come from both sides, of course. Here are 5 ways you can do this with an FSUW:

Don’t forget your down time.

And, you also shouldn’t forget that your FSUW also has her down time. The both of you do not need additional pressure and stress so make sure that you have some time apart. Maybe the better thing to say is: time part from your computers and phones to be with each other virtually. Take a break from time to time and don’t pressure each other to meet online 24/7.

Spend time with friends.

The both of you should let each other spend time with friends. There’s nothing more counterproductive than NOT allowing your significant other to hang out with friends (that he or she met before he or she met you, take note). The both of you should remember that your friends’ input will affect your relationship in a way so it’s important that the both of you show that you aren’t selfish with each other’s presence and time. Besides, you have your friends to turn to when times get rough so they shouldn’t be forgotten.

Don’t give up your dreams.

Ok so having someone you share your life with could change a few things but, ultimately, you shouldn’t give up what you really love and want to do for the sake of love. You shouldn’t give your goals up and neither does your FSUW. Being with an FSUW may change a few things especially when you really want to bring your relationship to the next level but your goals, as well as hers, should still be intact.

State your opinion.

Being with an FSUW will let you experience the brutality of being honest. Women from FSU countries don’t really sugar coat things because it is in their culture. If she doesn’t like something, she will tell you right away. You should be the same. The both of you should express how you feel about certain things. Though difficult to do it will help your relationship with an FSUW in the long run. Come on, be honest.

Let things happen naturally.

Schedules and set times cannot be avoided especially when you don’t have enough as in the case of one visiting the other. However difficult it may seem, try to leave room for things to happen naturally. Don’t force things, in short. Be free to do what you want and, at the same time, be free to do whatever the both of you want to do together. It’s less stressful. Really, it is.

The Key: Balance

There’s also such a thing as being too independent. You don’t want that from the other because you are in a relationship, after all. The key to everything that we just told you: balance. Don’t forget your goals, let the other pursue what he or she wants in life, allow the other to spend quality time with friends and family, be honest and let things fall into place. Remember that independence is a good thing because it will help deepen the quality of your connection.

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3 Ways to Flirt with an FSU Lady Online

Are your flirting techniques not working with an FSU lady online? You might not have that good of a “game” as you thought. We’re here to help, though, so don’t worry about it. There are 2 things that we can think about that you’re doing wrong: 1. you’re coming on too strong, as in you’re cocky, arrogant and you seem like Mr. Know-it-All or 2. you’re coming on too weak, as in you just sent your FSU lady online a simple “hi” or “hello”. Stop whatever you’re doing and read these 3 tips we have for you to improve your flirting game and get responses:

Stick to PG

Just in case you got confused, PG means Parental Guidance – just like in the movies. PG movies are suitable for all audiences, right? Your conversation and flirting should be the same. There’s a better way of getting the message across;  it doesn’t have to be sexual all the time. No woman likes that kind of approach. This applies to the way you address your FSU lady, to your jokes, and to the words you say (or type). On second thought, let’s apply the PG rule to everything you do with all the FSU ladies you meet online – at least for starters. There’s a right time to be nice and there’s a right time to be naughty.

Start with Something New


Remember when we said that being cocky is coming on too strong and saying a simple “hi” is too weak? Well, you have to be somewhere in between. Not only that but you have to be creative. Think of the not so usual way to open up a conversation. The easiest way for you to do that is to check out her profile Study it and see what sparks your interest. If she likes Korean pop music and you know a little something about it, you can open with that. Let’s say she like cooking Italian food, maybe you can open with something like: “Hi my name is ____. I read on your profile that you like cooking Italian food. What’s the best Italian dish you’ve ever cooked?”

Remember You’re Talking to Someone Real

When you’ve gotten a response to your opening, this is when you have a real conversation. The main thing to remember is that the FSU lady online is a real person so pretend like you’re having a conversation with someone face to face. Do away with whatever you saw in movies, the way people have conversations in the movies is, most of the time, far from what really happens. The aim is to learn more about her so go back to her profile and get your topics there. A man who shows genuine interest in learning more about a woman always gets plus points.

They Will Work if You do it Right

As long as you do it right, the combination of these 3 tips will get you responses that even you will have trouble responding to one by one. They are really effective if you’re sincere if you’re honest and if you’re yourself. The key word is genuine so you have to have a real interest in getting to know the FSU lady online.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Milana only looks for two things in a man

AnastasiaDate Milana

18-year old Milana from Serbia is quite a simple girl. In fact, she’s not demanding at all! Milana looks only for two things in a man – he has to be health oriented and funny! If you’re a match to her description, don’t be afraid to say a few words to her here:

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Guess what Tijana’s favorite food is

AnastasiaDate Tijana

22-year old Tijana from Serbia is responsible, serious and reliable type of woman. She’s hoping to meet an active guy who takes care of his body like she’s taking care of hers. Want to know more about her?

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Danijela wants to meet you

AnastasiaDate Danijela

Danijela from Serbia is quite a curious person who loves to learn something new and see new places so it’s not a wonder traveling is her favorite hobby. She’s looking for a man who is interested in music, movies and sport so she could have a lot of subjects to discuss with him.

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Mariana Filipa tries not to take life too seriously

AnastasiaDate Mariana Filipa

18-year old Maria Filipa tries to always have a smile on her face because she doesn’t want to take her life too seriously. She has always dreamed of a partner that will make her life happier and better. Would you like to give it a try?

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tania thinks love is wonderful

AnastasiaDate Tania

18-year old Tania from Serbia thinks love is simply wonderful! She believes in soul-mates and happily ever after. If you’re strong and wise, you might just be the perfect match for her:

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marija is a very sociable person

AnastasiaDate Marija

Marija from Portugal is a very sociable person who can find a common language with anyone. She dreams of finding a man with a good sense of humor. Is that you?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tamara is a dreamer

AnastasiaDate Lady Tamara

Tamara is a 23-year old woman from Serbia who described herself as a dreamer with a romantic soul. She stayed quite mysterious when asked about her ideal man, so maybe you could ask her couple of questions yourself:

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Milica knows exactly what she wants

AnastasiaDate Lady Milica

Milica is a decisive person who rarely gives up. That’s what makes her good at her favorite hobbies – judo and running. She’s looking for a man that will always be by her side. Ask her to tell you a little bit more about herself:

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Part 2: 6 Tips for Winter Traveling in Russia

winter traveling in russiaIn case you didn’t know, we already wrote a previous version of 6 Tips for Winter Traveling in Russia. Check it out to understand what Russia’s winter is like and to get even more useful tips when you tread the icy terrains of Mother Russia. This is Part 2 of the post so let’s get to it!

As you may already know, winters in Russia are not to be taken lightly. You should be prepared for the temperature drops, the travel hassles and a whole lot more. Here are 6 more tips that you really need to know when winter travelling in Russia:

  1. Bring an electric converter with you. Well, this is a more general traveling tip but it’s still worth the mentioning because, most of the time, people just assume that bringing along a converter is not needed (either the hotel already has one or plugging in the charger directly will work, NOT).
  2. Bring little packets of tissue. They will be your best friend in case of sudden calls of nature. The packets will also come in handy when the cold gets to you; sniffles, sneezes, a runny nose will be your worst enemies. What we’re basically saying is that a packet of tissue will have multiple uses during winter traveling in Russia. Maybe 4 or 5 packets will do, depending on how severe your allergies are when it’s cold.
  3. An extra copy of your passport and visa. This is probably the smartest tip that we can give you. When you’re winter traveling in Russia, it’s important that you keep a copy of your passport and visa somewhere near your person. This is in case you lose, wet, misplace, burn and crumble the original ones. If you’re a hardcore traveler, you know that these situations are highly likely to happen.
  4. Get some face cream or milk. Sounds girly, we know, but you’ll thank us later when your skin is exposed to the icy winds of Russia making it really dry and irritated. The cream or the milk has to be thick and, also, it has to be made from a country that actually has really cold winters (like Sweden or Germany). Check brands from these countries and see if the products are accessible to you.
  5. Bring along 3-5 paperback books for flight delays. It’s going to be snowy when winter traveling in Russia so flight delays, as well as other transportation delays, are to be expected. A good paperback book will keep you company will you wait.
  6. Thermal undies and ugg boots. Ok, let us explain. Thermal undergarments might sound new to you, but it’s a great way to keep warm. It’s the same with ugg boots. Don’t settle for boots that have synthetic fur they will now stand temperature drops.

Winter traveling in Russia can be fun as long as you follow these tips, as well as the ones on our Part 1 post. The main point is to be safe, to keep warm and to have a great time!If you have your own winter traveling tips, we would like to hear them! Don’t be shy to leave them as comments below and let’s get the conversation going.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jelena is a sociable person

AnastasiaDate Jelena

Jelena, 25-year old woman from Serbia, described herself as a reliable friend, attentive and faithful person. She is fond of many things that make life beautiful such as fashion, design and traveling. Ask her what destinations she has seen so far:

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Alexandra wants you in her life

AnastasiaDate Alexandra

Alexandra is a happy woman who enjoys everything she does in her life. She loves sports, good books and rock music. Ask her what her favorite band is:

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Elizaveta leads an active life

AnastasiaDate Elizaveta

Elizaveta from Czech Republic believes family is the most important thing in life to cherish. She is a very active girl who spends most of her spare time outdoors playing sports but she also likes the moments of silence while she’s reading a good book. Ask her which one would she recommend to you:

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Marina is unchangeably romantic

AnastasiaDate Marina

30-year old Marina from Lithuania is unchangeable romantic, idealist and altruist. “When I was a child I loved the story about a girl who was waiting for the ship with her prince and it seems to me that I didn’t grow from that age”, she said. Ask her what story is she talking about:

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Bojana loves long walks along the river

AnastasiaDate Bojana

Bojana, a 20-year old woman from Serbia, is talkative and funny person with an excellent sense of humor. She doesn’t like conflicts due to her easy temper. She’s looking for someone with whom she’ll wake up happy every morning. Could that be you?

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6 Suggestions when Waiting to be Together with Your FSU Girlfriend

with your fsu girlfriendThe waiting game is probably the hardest game you could play. It’s all the more difficult when you’re waiting to be with the person you love like let’s say your FSU girlfriend. When a couple meets and falls in love online, there will always be a “waiting phase” in the relationship but you can always cope with it, no matter how hard. We’ve gathered a few suggestions that might be able to ease the unpleasantness of waiting:

1. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber

These are all messenger apps, as you’ve noticed. You should have one or two of them so you can communicate anywhere and everywhere. Download Skype on your computer and then download one messenger app on your smartphone. There are loads of messenger apps to choose from. Our personal favorites include WhatsApp, VIBER and LINE. Once you’ve done this, communicate a lot. This is the only connection you have so you have to keep it consistent.

2. Help each other learn the language

There’s a bit of a disadvantage when you communicate a lot: running out of things to talk about. A great idea to avoid this is by tutoring each other with the language the other speaks. Think about it. Talking with your FSU girlfriend might prove to be difficult if she’s not fluent in English and vice versa. You can consider this as sort of a hobby for the both of you and since you’re teaching each other a language, you won’t run out of things to talk about. Great idea, right?

3. Email a lot

Skype, Whatsapp and Viber are great if you’re not tech-savvy, you may find it difficult to use them. A great alternative is emailing. You can email back and forth as many times during the day as you want. It also has that “old school letter” feel to it so it’s more romantic compared with instant messaging.

4. Try travelling

The idea may not sound like it’s connected to the topic but hear us out. Most of the time, longing to be with the person you love proves to be really difficult. If work or hobbies cannot stir your thoughts away, travelling is the answer. Of course, not everyone can travel just to get their mind off things. Before doing this, make sure that your budget allows it and that it isn’t a disruption in your life. You also have to consider that you need to communicate with your FSU girlfriend while travelling so find a way to do that.

5. Get back into shape

By now, you should’ve realized that this was on the list, right? While you’re waiting, why don’t you get back into shape. This way, when you see each other you won’t only look great on the outside, you’ll feel great on the inside which will make your FSU girlfriend feel more at ease, more comfortable and more familiar with you.

6. Guard your heart

This has to be the most important thing to do while waiting for your FSU girlfriend – guard your heart. Why? Because, there will be a lot of trials ahead. Who knows what’s going to happen while the both of you are waiting? You might meet someone, she might meet someone, both of you could have a big misunderstanding and so on. It is sort of dwelling on the negative, but this is just to show you the reality. Guard both of your hearts!

Like what was said earlier, the waiting game is the hardest game to play for lovers but if you really put your mind into it, the time and the distance will not mean much. If anything, the time you both spent waiting for each other will be a way to make your relationship stronger.


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Friday, September 18, 2015

Anastasia is a simple person

AnastasiaDate Lady Anastasia

Anastasia considers herself a simple person and a true woman – she’s feminine, passionate, caring and tender. She would like to meet a man who is respectful towards her. Could that be you?

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Nataliya is a very active lady

AnastasiaDate Lady Nataliya

Nataliya is a very active lady who tries to always be on the move. You’ll always see a smile on her face because she believes life is too short to be depressive or upset. Do you agree?

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Silviya is a woman of great determination

AnastasiaDate Lady Silviya

Silviya is a very positive girl who loves to laugh a lot. She believes that someone will fall in love with her beautiful smile someday. Do you like her smile?

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Sofiya is looking for her perfect match

AnastasiaDate Lady Sofya


Sofiya has a very easygoing and light character. That’s why she’s getting along with people easily. When asked about her ideal man she said she’s looking for her perfect match. Try your luck here, it might be you:

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Ivana is feeling curious

AnastasiaDate Lady Ivana

Ivana, a 20-year old woman from Serbia, is feeling curious and youthful, which is not a big surprise considering her age. She does have a certain type of man she likes – he has to be “careful and sensitive”. Are you the one she’s been looking for?

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Kristina is a happy woman!

AnastasiaDate Lady Kristina

18-year old Kristina from Serbia described herself as a carefree and funny person. When it comes to love, she’s still haven’t found what she’s looking for. Can you help her with that?

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Malika is a people’s person

AnastasiaDate Lady Malika

Malika loves being in the company of other people, but she also appreciates the moments of silence and peace. “It’s all about the balance”, she said. Would you agree with her?

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ekaterina loves surprises!

AnastasiaDate Lady Ektaterina

Ekaterina is a fun girl who loves surprises! She thinks that life without them would be boring. Do you agree with her?

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Tatyana is a frisky lady!

AnastasiaDate Lady Tatyana

22-year old Tatyana described herself as a combination of calmness and friskiness. She also said that her personality changes depending on with whom she’s in a relationship with. What do you think she would be like with you?

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